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  1. Brother in law is selling his bike. I think it's only got something like 70 hours on it. He doesn't ride it much. He is a big guy and the suspension was redone for him. If your interested I can give you his cell # Hey Jim, here's some new photos of bike and hour meter. Bike is a 2006 525xc. Lots of bolt on stuff. Have extra original large tank and 2 extra seats. Precision Concepts suspension front and back. Heavy white rear spring. Scott's stabilizer that was rebuilt 15 hours ago. New chain and guides. Tires are in great shape. Forgot price in orig post $4500
  2. Arrows? There were arrows?
  3. No swampyness. It was great !! I thought those green pasture areas might be wet too. But nope, just fine.
  4. Great Ride! Skeelo221, Ranger and myself rode Sat and Sun. The rains made for AWESOME dirt. Did all of Mammoth Loop Sat. Bodie loop Sun. We skipped the far eastern portion where you get into Nevada and shortcut on the easy way over to the Bodie railway. That is some really cool stuff. Really liked the old railway cut. I didn't get any pics. Skeelo221 took a bunch I hope he posts 'em up. Thanks Chris, Lisa, Jacob, Brian.
  5. I did this ride a few years ago. Awesome ride! VCMC does an excellent job. They have a bunch of routes to choose from which gets everyone spread out. We only saw a few other riders during the two days of riding. I don't remember it being too difficult. Woodcutter is this awesome single track trail that is like 30 miles long. It was technical but not "beat you up" difficult. I'm an intermediate rider, not expert, and had no problem. Do it! I would, but I'm riding the CORE Bar10 ride the weekend prior. Mrs Amgems would be upset if I didn't cut the grass for 2 weekends in a row.
  6. 1 xl for me please Thanks
  7. Related article:
  8. Hey Jon Cool idea From what I understand the Rockwood gate was actually in Mexico, the New River (now a polluted stream), and the Alamo River (I think) were formed when it failed. I ran across something of some minor historical significance out in the McCain area. Starting back in the 1920's the US Gov built a bunch of these "Beacons" to guide aircraft. Because there was no sophisticated navigation systems. These used searchlight type beacons and big cement arrows. There is one of these out at McCain. I've been in contact with some of the folks at these websites and sending them pics. This one was on the Tucson to San Diego route. Info and Links are below. Station Description Described by Coast and Geodetic Survey 1954 (LSB) Airway Beacon No. 5 is a standard beacon approximately 50 feet high, flashing white. It is located about 50 miles east of San Diego, 40 miles west of El Centro and 3-1/2 miles north-northeast of Live Oak Springs. The point observed upon was the revolving white light.
  9. Beatty in NV has gas, Olancha on the CA side has gas too. As a reference: did a big mostly dirt day loop out there a few years ago. gassed up in Ridgecrest, then Trona, Panamint Springs, Olancha, and then back to Ridgecrest. I did it on my 350 with a 3gal tank and was fine.
  10. We're at the 6 too! I'll PM you with details.
  11. I'm going. Always a ton of fun! The Blues Festival and Beer Tasting are very cool. Great venue. Crawdaddy always provides some great tracks with a lot of variety. Through the pines and out into the desert. It will just be me and my buddy Brian from Ridgecrest this year. If you need some riding partners lemme know.
  12. In. Sounds awesome ! Thanks !
  13. Air conditioned taverns.
  14. Cherry Picking.... Buffet.... All the right stuff. Bagstr I wanna ride with you.
  15. This guy is right here in my home town. On occasion, I've seen him cruising down the street on something cool.