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  1. Basic DC circuit theory is "sort of" like plumbing. The electrons flow like water. Here is a tutorial on DC theory I Googled up, There are tons of 'em on the internet. https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/dccircuits/dcp_1.html It's interesting how this thread morphed into a discussion on electrical theory. With the bikes these days we do need to know a bit more about the sparky stuff.
  2. "when used properly" Now you tell me....
  3. PBR for PMB on his B-Day?

    PMB, Happy belated Bee-Day ! I like that. "Back to School" PBR.
  4. Well, the important thing is that she is doing better. I'll make a full report.
  5. Ah, that was you guys! I pulled out to head home right after you guys got back to the tree. I don't have a cool video from my ride, but I do have one snap shot. It looked real easy, but those rocks can be slippery. Always lots of fun at McCain.
  6. I was kind of surprised to read this in the article: After that you get into a gray area that varies state by state, but in most cases motor modification will make these bikes into closed-course competition vehicles. If you go down that road, both bikes could benefit from a piggyback fuel modifier like the one from JD Jetting, particularly the Beta. I was under the impression that the Beta's didn't need JD Tuners, modified ECU's, remapping. I thought they didn't need that kind of thing because of the relaxed restrictions on the Beta's. Maybe just the new ones? Any of the Beta fuel injected folks here had to do tuners or ECU mods? And of course ....if you did...the bike would ONLY be ridden on a closed course.
  7. Nice to hear from the Beta riders. I've considered a Beta as my next bike. I've seen a few of the fuel injected bikes with the same kind of failure as Mimi describes. Instantaneous, intermittent, over bumps or in turns. The ones that I have seen were just a wire. Either loose and rubbing on the frame or broken. Usually, behind the headlight. Otherwise these new FI bikes are reliable. There are just so many wires! My 2012 KTM had horrible wire harness routing. My brother in law has a 2018 KTM EXC and the wiring/routing is neater but still not great. I re-did some of the wiring on my bike and added lots of wire ties to secure things. Haven't really had a chance to check out the Beta wiring and routing scheme.
  8. This is coming up in a few weeks. If any of you guys are still gonna go and need someone to ride with, you can ride with me and my buddy Brian from Ridgecrest. We aren't very fast but we are mostly reliable. I think it just us two in our group. I just received the info sheet. They have a lot of riding to pick from. Friday warmup ride. Saturday long (150) and short loops (135). Sunday long (150) and short (127). And a Monday 75 mile single track loop.
  9. Beta is in a very different situation. The U.S. government allows small companies to comply to more relaxed standards, so the 500RR isn’t that different from a full-blooded dirt bike. It still has all the proper equipment, reduced emissions, and it’s still very quiet. However, the concessions aren’t as dramatic as those that Husqvarna faces. I've wondered about this. I've even asked the Beta people, and never got a straight answer. So, if this is true. KTM (or other big volume manufacturers) need to spin off or start up a new company. Say every 5 years or so. A small one. Just make a few bikes. So they can sell bikes that aren't all choked up. With these forward thinking ideas, I really should be the head guy at KTM.
  10. Absolutely. Let me know if you want to test your pressure. Takes about 5 minutes.
  11. I made a fuel pressure tester using a Harbor Freight gauge, some fuel injection hose, and some cheap ebay quick disconnects. Whole thing was maybe $50. Just plug it inline and start the bike. There is a trick to get the fittings into the holes in the tank. Tie a piece of thin safety wire onto the fitting and fish it thru the hole and then pull the fitting right into the hole.
  12. Next week sounds good. let me check my schedule....... Nothing...... I'm in.
  13. Since I've now got some free time during the week....I'm going to take a little ride tomorrow. My "plan" is to park at the cul-de-sac at Pine Valley Rd. and ride an easy loop from there, up through Corral Canyon off road area, Maybe hit some other trails up there, Espinosa Trail, and then back to the truck. Nothing set in stone, so far as the route. Maybe 40ish miles. I was thinking of starting at 9am. Please let me know if you wanna go. I have to be back home in the early afternoon
  14. SPOT-X

    Just guessing, but sounds like maybe they rushed the product to market for the Summer season with out sufficient testing. They are now competing with InReach. Not a good practice for a company that produces devices that lives may depend on. I used to be involved in a Design Verification Testing team (Back when I was working ). My boss would always say "We need to break this thing before the customer breaks it". Bad news for any product to fail like this in the consumers hands. Thanks for the updates.