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  1. This guy is right here in my home town. On occasion, I've seen him cruising down the street on something cool.
  2. I'm tough (or stupid). Heading up from Poway in about 15 minutes.
  3. Did this ride a few years ago and have been itchin' to get back. This year it's happening. All signed up and have a RV camp site at the Elks. Still waiting on a commitment from my usual riding partner Ralphy. If he can't make it I may need to beg to be a tag along with anybody who will take me. I remember the water crossings being deep during a dry year.
  4. It might be appropriate. Riding it on a busy weekend could drive someone to drink.
  5. Really? Why him?
  6. Who is the Kernan cycle trail named after?
  7. Please let me know who is good and who is bad. I want to install a satellite radio system in the new Camry. It doesn’t look like it would be too difficult to DIY, but if I goof up some interior pieces I will be in big trouble. Looking at the type of add on satellite radio that is all hidden behind the dash (no dash mounted tuner) and integrates with the cars system via hardwire, Bluetooth, or USB. Thanks Jim
  8. Now I see this.... I'll check with Mike Thanks
  9. I took my out of my sig and added it to my profile under website
  10. I sent in my donation a few months ago, but never received any acknowledgment of receipt. Is there any way to verify?
  11. I did the Penguins ride many years ago. Before they had the teeter totter. Before the TT they had one really deep water crossing with big hidden rocks and giant holes. There were guys standing in the water pointing to the lines you had to take. If you did exactly what they said you were ok, if you deviated just a bit you were a submarine. Some guys thought they were smarter than the pointers....they weren't. They had a second water crossing that wasn't as deep, it was pretty deep, but not too bad. But It was really long, seemed like maybe 50 yards. One of the best dual sport rides I've ever done. Very easy stuff, even the hard ways, but beautiful scenery and the most awesome lunch on the trail. BBQ tri tip under the oaks. I've talked to a few guys that have done the TT. They said the trick is to hit it in first or second gear, not to fast, slip the clutch if needed, look only at the far end of the ramp at all times, and most important, never stop moving.
  12. Nice ride !! Sure is a nice surprise when those "mysterious" support vehicles show up in the dry, thirsty desert.