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  1. Flat Tire - Search and Repair

    Clearly, this is a message from the gods of damp sand. They are telling you not to rush to repair or head out. Now you have time to fix it correctly. Maybe you can get 'er fixed by...... Sunday?
  2. I'm still interested. I'm flexible on route, date, time, etc......You call it.
  3. The experts say you are not "pushing the limits" if you don't drop it now and then.
  4. poway Ktm

    No problems for me with Poway KTM. I go there for parts often. It's right around the corner for me so very convenient. Used to have to drive to NCY or Ramona. The parts department has been good. For parts not stocked they have ordered it and most times they get it in 2 days. Was going to buy my 500 from them. We had an excellent deal worked out and written up. But, by the time I had the cash to buy it, they were out of 2018's. I shoulda left a deposit. They offered me a 2019 at a good price, but GP still had a 2018 left. They whined a bit, but they matched the Poway price. Poway even did some warranty work on the bike purchased at GP. No problems. Back when Poway opened they sent me a card that gives 15% off aftermarket parts, 17% OEM parts, and 25% off Yoshimira exhaust KTM software upgrades and Oakley. I guess just because of my good looks. Naw, not really. I think they sent it because I gave 'em my address and email. Not promoting these guys, just saying my experience has been pretty good. Good experiences at GP and NCY as well.
  5. Radios or Bluetooth?

    Learn how to use your Rugged or Baofeng Radio: Monthly "Communicator Gateway" Workshop - Saturday, 12/8/18 - at Sharp Spectrum in Kearny Mesa THE 12/8/18 WORKSHOP IS AT SHARP SPECTRUM (KEARNY MESA), NOT AT SCRIPPS LA JOLLA. To unsubscribe from monthly Communicator Gateway announcements, please reply to k6rjf.rob@gmail.com. -------------------- Monthly "Communicator Gateway" Workshop Date: Saturday, December 8, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Location: Sharp Spectrum, 8520 Tech Way, CA 92123 Map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/8520+Tech+Way,+San+Diego,+CA+92123/ Entrance location: https://w3w.co/seats.units.spends Parking: Park in free visitor parking, then look for people wearing yellow shirts. ------------------------ ATTENTION people of all ages interested in Ham Radio (licensed, not licensed, or out of practice)! San Diego Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) will conduct another FREE monthly workshop to help participants "Get On The Air" (GOTA). Everyone is welcome regardless of club or organization affiliation! This two-hour workshop is intended for anyone getting started (or struggling) with a handheld "HT" radio. If you attended in the past, you are welcome to return for another workshop to hone your skills. If you have an earlier edition of the free workbook, please bring it with you to this workshop. The workshop starts with basics, such as how to turn on the radio, and then progresses to operating in simplex and repeater mode. This is a hands-on workshop in small groups led by Elmers (instructors), not a lecture. Participants receive a free workbook to guide their progress. What to bring: 1. A handheld radio, if you have one or can borrow one. Elmers will have a few loaners available. We recommend a dual band 2m/70cm (VHF/UHF) handheld transceiver (HT). 2. The operating manual for your radio. Please bring the entire manual - either paper copy or on a tablet. 3. A pen, and a few paper clips or stickies to tab pages in your operating manual during the workshop. 4. If your HT is the Baofeng UV-5R (or other model Baofeng), please visit the web site www.miklor.com, print, and then bring to class copies of the document, "On the Fly Keyboard Programming." This workshop follows the regularly-scheduled ARES meeting. If you plan to attend the workshop, please RSVP to k6rjf.rob@gmail.com so we know how many study guides to produce, or if you have a specific interest or question. When you RSVP, please tell us which radio you will bring, and please include your call sign (if you have a call sign). The most common radios (HTs) brought to this workshop are: Yaesu FT-60 and Baofeng UV-5R. Occasionally students bring the Yaesu FT-65, Yaesu FT-1, Yaesu FT-2, Wouxun, Kenwood, Icom, and Baofeng models other than the UV-5R. We teach each model radio in a different group and use your RSVP to arrange the workshop seating. Thank you. . . . Rob K6RJF Assistant Section Manager (Training) P.S. If you changed your call sign or email address, please send updated contact info to k6rjf.rob@gmail.com. To unsubscribe from monthly Communicator Gateway announcements, please reply to k6rjf.rob@gmail.com.
  6. https://magazine.cyclenews.com/i/1056041-cycle-news-issue-47-november-27/72?m4=
  7. Waterproof Baofeng BF-A58

    In the time since i originally posted this, i did find that this radio does use the same connectors and antenna as the uv-5.
  8. Jump starter

    That costco unit looks pretty good. Are they all about the same size? Small size is probably most important to me. Seems like even the cheap ones will work for a few cycles anyway. Any idea what would be the min specs for a motorcycle? i see some are 200 amp start current some are 800?
  9. Great ride guys. Thanks for setting this up! When I got to Ocotillo Wells my bike wouldn't start. Battery was very dead. Wouldn't even kick start. Ken saved the day with his cool little battery booster thing. She fired right up. Don't be like me.....Make sure to turn off the GPS when it is hardwired to the bike. Nice ride and beautiful scenery all the way out. On the way back after a gorgeous sunrise we stopped at Chuckwalla Raceway. Cool guy at the gate let us in for free after signing the waiver. Got to see a bunch of sports cars turning money into noise. Very cool. I think some of the other guys got some pics from there.
  10. My friend still has one of those bikes. He replaced the shaft when they were available. Apparently there are still some out there. Some guys snatched them up before stock ran out. They can also be welded, re-machined, and case hardened. Not sure about the sequence of that fix. A machinist, maybe CID, would know about that. If it is do-able, or not. Using high pressure grease on the splines at assembly may help preserve them too. Maybe you could throw some tubes in there for this ride. Or just carry a spare or two. Cshaft info: https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1270209-cross-reference-part-numbers-for-same-part-use-on-multiple-models/
  11. Can't make this ride. Kug's ride uses up my coupon for desert trips this week.
  12. I got a firelog. Whether or not it will still be on the bike when we reach our secret destination is yet to be seen. Also will have a radio.
  13. FCC proposed fine to Baofeng / Amcrest

    I used a mirror mount. I think it was from a Honda?
  14. FCC proposed fine to Baofeng / Amcrest

    On the PCI Race Radios https://www.pciraceradios.com/ website they say you can obtain a licence for $345 https://fcclicense.org/fit/. My guess is, that, this is a business band licence. If anyone was concerned about illegal use of the radio in the amateur bands, that might be an option. PCI has some very nice products. I use their perch mount PTT https://www.pciraceradios.com/collections/motorcycle-quad/products/motorcycle-ptt-bolt-on-race