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  1. Now I see this.... I'll check with Mike Thanks
  2. Signatures, Avatars, etc.

    I took my http://amgems.whereamiriding.com out of my sig and added it to my profile under website
  3. I sent in my donation a few months ago, but never received any acknowledgment of receipt. Is there any way to verify?
  4. I did the Penguins ride many years ago. Before they had the teeter totter. Before the TT they had one really deep water crossing with big hidden rocks and giant holes. There were guys standing in the water pointing to the lines you had to take. If you did exactly what they said you were ok, if you deviated just a bit you were a submarine. Some guys thought they were smarter than the pointers....they weren't. They had a second water crossing that wasn't as deep, it was pretty deep, but not too bad. But It was really long, seemed like maybe 50 yards. One of the best dual sport rides I've ever done. Very easy stuff, even the hard ways, but beautiful scenery and the most awesome lunch on the trail. BBQ tri tip under the oaks. I've talked to a few guys that have done the TT. They said the trick is to hit it in first or second gear, not to fast, slip the clutch if needed, look only at the far end of the ramp at all times, and most important, never stop moving.
  5. Nice ride !! Sure is a nice surprise when those "mysterious" support vehicles show up in the dry, thirsty desert.
  6. Awesome camp out! Wouda been in those great pics if bike was running. Still waiting to get my cylinder back...
  7. Would like to, but just can't swing it this time. Is Paul holding a kitten? So sweet.
  8. Nice Camping Accesory

    Yeah, you're right. 22oz is kinda wimpy.
  9. I received the 12oz bottle keeper for Christmas. It works great. Keeps the beer cold for at least an hour. That was the extent of my testing. I think the 22oz model would be great for camping. Hit the last store right before camp. Stick your bomber in there and you've got cold beer for camp. https://www.bottlekeeper.com/
  10. I would really like to attend, especially because of the dancing, and the fact that it will be catered. But bike will still be in pieces. Installing 390 big bore kit and parts won't be back in time. Next one.
  11. I sent an email to my State Senator Joel Anderson a few weeks ago. I like him. He sent me a hand written reply stating that he will support continuation of the OHV program. Get those emails and letters out. The green sticker money doesn't just go into off road parks like Ocotillo Wells. The BLM, USFS, etc. get some too. If that program goes away, some good dual sport and adventure riding could too.
  12. Happy Birthday Crawdaddy!

    Happy Birthday to you!
  13. Machine shop for XR crank

    Another good shop: http://www.racersmachine.com/
  14. More from the D37 website (all the usual internet disclaimers apply), This pertains to emissions related time of use restrictions (red sticker vs. green sticker vs. plated) only. Does not cover mirrors, tires, lights, etc.: "If you have a 49 state emissions vehicle with a plate from one of the 49 other states, you can operate in CA without any time of use restrictions. Motorcycle, car, truck, SUV, etc, even if they don't have CA emissions equipment, they can enter and operate in CA anytime. They can even be registered in CA as long as they have been registered in another state and have at least 7500 miles on them."