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  1. Really wanted to help, but with the red flag warning now being extended until Sunday I have fire watch duty at the corrals where Mrs Amgems keeps her horse. Next time
  2. The seal lips will wear grooves into the spacers. When they get the grooves they can be quite difficult to remove There are aftermarket spacers available with hardened bushings so they don't get the grooves. You should be able to get at the back side of them? Maybe No need for blind puller?
  3. I can help. start time? Where do we meet? one of the campgrounds? 4 corners? Do we need to bring tools only for clearing brush, or do we need shovels too? PM on the way with contact info.
  4. Can I be the Road Captain?
  6. We were talking about this in the Avi parking lot. Actually many of the worlds problems were solved in the Avi parking lot. This is the link to subscribe to Cycle News online edition. Click on the box that sez "get the magazine". fill out the info and every week you will get an email with the online edition. I like it a lot. My employer spends lot's of money on me as I while away the hours checking out the articles, photos, videos, etc. The content is excellent and the photos and videos are always very good.
  7. Super ride !! Super group of riders !! I had SO MUCH FUN !!!! Bags and Rigga' described it perfectly. Great photos too. Thanks Crawdaddy, and to all my riding partners, especially the ones who helped lift up that damned KTM once or twice.
  8. This discussion should probably incorporate a cold malt beverage. See ya at the Avi.
  9. Agree with Bum. Current wording in The Antiquities Act of 1906 allows the President solely to designate land as a national monument. He does not need ANY other government body, or basically anybody at all, to approve the designation. This is not about doing away with national monuments. It is just to improve and modernize the process in which they are designated.
  10. H.R. 3990 would amend the Antiquities Act of 1906 by reducing the size of future National Monument designations and creating a formal process for reductions of existing monuments. Please click the link to tell your congressman you support this legislation. The Antiquities Act of 1906 is outdated. This bill will give more visibility and input to public land users before national monuments are created.
  11. Glad you got the correct info from the smart guys. I have the powered cradle, and had it mounted on a RAM mount. It stuck up way too far and I was always bumping into it, and was vulnerable in a crash. So I also bought one of these I just swapped out the unpowered cradle for the powered cradle and clamped it to the bars. Got rid of the RAM arms and balls. It tucks in real nice and tight between the handlebar clamps. It has held up for many miles.
  12. Hi Carlos Don't have mine here, so can't verify 100%, but....I think, If you plug in the 600 when it has the factory battery in it, it will try to charge it. I believe if you press the power button to turn the unit on, after you plug it in, it will work fine. It will always try to charge the factory battery when plugged in, whether it is on or off. Could drain your bike battery if you don't disconnect it. I use the AA batteries so this won't happen.
  13. Some pics from the awesome BAR 10 ride
  14. I ride there a lot and would like to help, but it's kinda short notice. Can't make it tomorrow, but in the future, with some notice would love to help out.