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  1. Having a good attitude is important My last day at work is tomorrow. Turn in my badge and go home. So, now, I'll be available for rides just about any time.
  2. Last minute decision this morning while having coffee. Looked at the temperature in Ocotillo Wells and had to go! 78 degrees at 9:30am did a 40 mile loop into the park and back near the Blu-Inn by 11:30 86 degrees
  3. FOD

    Back a few years ago, when they first started putting the clutch dampers in the KTM's (EXC., XCW., etc.) there was some discussion by an esteemed panel of "experts" on KTM Talk. From what I remember, the conclusion was that the clutch dampers help a little bit. Better than no damping. The clutch dampers are a way to get some damping into the drive line without adding a lot of weight. It seems to me (non-expert), that the hub damping is a better way to cushion the whole drive line, and that is why street bikes do it that way, at the expense of a bit more weight. A friend had an old '03 EXC (no dampers) with lots of miles on it. I think it was about 10k - 12k and he destroyed the splines on the c-shaft. My 2012 EXC (with clutch dampers) has about 11,000 miles with no wear on those splines. A good general practice for splined shafts that see heavy shock loads is to use high pressure grease between the shaft and the gear or sprocket. It helps eliminate the fretting that eats up the splines. Any grease will help, but the high pressure stuff will stay there longer.
  4. FOD

    Homemade? Reminds me of the sprocket I had on my Taco 22 Mini Bike.
  5. Is the gas turned on?....Oh wait....not a motorcycle. Maybe the Moxa had a software update that wasn't installed or was installed and changed some settings? Or maybe the device (or devices) that the Moxa interfaces with has a similar issue (update)? Maybe there are some support pages on the Moxa or the other device web pages that has some FAQ's or some other help pages?
  6. KTM Manufacturing in China / India

    Quality can be had from China, but it takes an intense amount of quality control and constant monitoring. In some cases, so much, that it is cost prohibitive to manufacture there. That is, if the company cares. The corruption and dishonesty in Chinese manufacturing is unbelievable. They will put forth an amazing effort to pull the wool over their customers eyes. We have had products made in China. They would send us a run of first articles. These were always absolutely perfect. Then we would get into production. A whole different story. Hardware, parts, components that we specified were swapped out for cheap Chinese knockoffs. It is hard to detect this when you are in production. Can't do the in depth inspection and testing that you can when accepting first articles. These Chinese were amazing. They would make exact copies of components with illeagal trademarks and logos on them. The only way we would find out they were fakes was when they caught fire. Most mobile phones are made in China, and the inspection and quality control are extreme so they can get a good yield.
  7. SPOT-X

    Please post that link
  8. Good stuff. See...again...another learning experience.
  9. SPOT-X

    See..... this is why I hang out here. I learn something new every time I log on. I didn't know that cool feature was available. Thanks for letting us know about this !
  10. SPOT-X

    That's a very good in depth comparison. Thanks
  11. SPOT-X

    I'm pretty sure the Gen 3 doesn't send a message like you describe Mark. It will stop sending tracking info after some period of time when you stop moving. That is a good thing, cause if you do crash and can't press any buttons your last known point will show up on your tracking page and show that you have been there for a while. Hopefully that last transmitted point is where you are actually located. Likely it is. Could help someone find you if you are out cold. Not an expert but just don't want you to trust a feature that may not be there. Because of old age and forgetfulness, I left my Gen 3 on for 2 weeks. It never sent any messages, but did start tracking again when I moved it. Those batteries last.
  12. I was talking to some of the guys last night about this. A couple of other guys and myself are signed up. Here is the link: http://www.colorado2day.com/home/images/Flyer 2018 Xroads Final.pdf http://www.coloradodualsport.com/home/