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  1. COBDR

    Nice stuff !, There is a reason they call them the "Rocky" Mountains. Tracy looks so very grateful for your help. What sprocket combo were you running on this trip Chris?
  2. Wow, that is cool! What are the odds? Two guys out riding in the desert meet up with two important personalities in the motorcycling world. Imagine meeting the famous Bagstr and Mule in the middle of no where like that! Those guys are probably still awestruck.
  3. SPOT-X

    The SPOT subscription price hikes are legendary. Do you Delorme / Garmin / InReach guys see the same thing from your service provider?
  4. Sprockets 500EXC-F

    Thanks guys. I haven't got one yet. Pretty soon....
  5. Can't make it Wednesday. I request a full report.
  6. Sprockets 500EXC-F

    Asking for a friend
  7. What sprocket combo are you guys running on your 500 EXC-F Thanks
  8. Yes, would like to go. Any of those dates are OK. Contingent on truck and bike ...
  9. GPS maps

    If you are talking about dualsportmaps.com I've had a hard time trying to figure out how to download anything from that site. Probably me. A good map to start with is City Navigator North America NT. You get it from Garmin and I believe they tell you how to load it. It shows a lot of dirt roads, and some trails. As mentioned, Cal Trail Map is also very good and super detailed. I usually load them into Base Camp and then into my device. There may be a way to load maps directly to the GPS unit too?? Someone will know. I have downloaded tracks from http://www.gpsxchange.com/ Again, onto Base Camp and then into the unit. Pretty easy to work with gpsxchange. Keep trying stuff and practicing with the new toy, you'll figure it out.
  10. Sumbody say food? In!
  11. Lemon Law Attorney

    I have shared my story with others on a few GM / Chevy truck forums and many of the responses are the same as these comments. I have a large portfolio of documentation, emails, service records, etc. None of the posts I have read have lost, once they hit the attorney button. Some have even received damages above and beyond the value of the vehicle. I just have one more step to take with the dealership, kind of a formality, and then I'll start the process. I like the fact that Mr Sohn has a good track record and will likely call him. But ya never know...A miracle could happen and I'll get a call from GM Monday morning, "Mr Martin we have your new engine waiting for you, come on it and we'll drop it in for you". Yeah right? The weirdest part of this so far has been the GM Customer Service guy. It is unbelievable how freaking bad this guy is. I can't figure out if they train them to act the way they do, or if he is completely incompetent, and was hired because of that. Very strange process.
  12. Lemon Law Attorney

    You're right Bagstr......I'm just a bully, picking on poor little GM.
  13. Lemon Law Attorney

    Engine mechanical issues. 2018 Chevy 2500HD bought in Feb. In for major engine issues 3 times. I told them I wanted a new engine 2nd time it was in. Dealer and Service Rep at Jimmie Johnson Chevy agreed. GM would not allow it. The 3rd time (oil pump) it dies on me in Colorado. Stuck there for 6 days. Started case with GM "Customer Service" for engine replacement or buy back. No action. I've read up a bit on the lemon laws and they say to try to take it as far as you can with the manufacturer and do not mention you will take it to a lemon law attorney. I've been doing that, but see no resolution anytime soon. They say the letter from the attorney showing up without warning has a better effect than if they were expecting it. 1st time - Failed lifter and broken rocker arm 3/28/18 - 678 miles 2nd time - Multiple bent push rods, broken rocker arms, failed lifters - 4/17/18 - 976 miles 3rd time - Oil Pump Failure, Metal found in oil pump - 8/16/18 - 3408 miles Thanks for the recommendations guys!
  14. Lemon Law Attorney

    GM Customer Service (an oxymoron) has been pretty much useless. Can anybody recommend a good local Lemon Law Attorney? Thanks
  15. Digital Handheld Radios

    That TYT model is a 10 watt unit. Single band UHF. Rugged is 5 watt but dual band VHF and UHF. Those Baofeng radios have a pretty good track record. The particular one referenced by Paul is also dual band and 5 watts. Lots of choices out there. The Baofeng are generally well supported with software from third parties like CHIRP. Interested to see the results of testing the digital vs. analog Baofeng