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Wanted: the perfect desert upper body armor

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I’ve always been an ADV suit kind of guy. Touring through endless climate zones. Think Klim Badlands or Carlsbad jacket and pant. 
I just finished a 2 week tour to / through Colorado (BDR) with Mosko’s new Woodsman pant. I am now sold on the wearing separate armor style of clothing and protection. 
Mosko has been out of stock on the Forcefield chest protector and I haven’t found it elsewhere due to supply chain issues like many items. But I’m not sure that’s the best answer for upper body anyway. 
So I thought I’d  ping the group here as you folks have about a thousand years of combined experience!

Here’s what I have… forcefield knee armor under Mosko Woodsman pants. This works for me for touring. I am pretty sure I’ll want a Baja /Mojave/Borrego specific pant for local riding on 100* days though. 

My immediate need is for an upper armor system that fits the following Hot weather need. 
I stand and walk for hours coaching in Borrego October thru April, wearing a light long sleeve shirt, hopping on the bike occasionally to demo a ride drill. I want a quality armor vest/top that I can throw on quickly and take off quickly for short or long trail rides between the drills. Airflow is paramount. Quick easy on and off is important. I can and will usually carry an abrasion resistant shell for when it turns cool. 
I really like the Forcefield knee pads and am planning to buy them for elbows too. The chest pad I’m told is top quality and function for protection and comfort. Im thinking TekVest might be too much (heavy and bulk). 
So from the folks that have lived and ridden here most of there lives… what is your preferred system and product for upper body?

By the way, I wear a 2L water bladder at all times  All tools are on the bike though where I prefer they stay. I usually wear a Leatt neck brace as well. 

Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. 

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I have the short sleeve version of this one and wear it under a jacket. I just ordered the long sleeve one for the added lower arm protection and to wear without a jacket on hot weather rides when little or no pavement is involved. The padding is not as substatial as the CE rated stuff, but under an armoured jacket I feel protected. It is a pullover, so idk if I'd want to be taking it on and off several times a day.


Here is another option I was looking at. Zippered, but probably quite a bit hotter.


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9 hours ago, Van said:

Thor Sentry XP Body Protector (2XL-3XL) has been discontinued and will not be returning

Rats-missed that!

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