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  1. Spyder


    I was trying to pull Bikeslut out on this. It should look familiar to him as it does to me. Although he may have had an aerial view of the trail in question... I can't find the pics, so it never really happened..... Ride report pics please.
  2. Spyder


    Do you mean familiar?
  3. I guess I missed the memo. http://www.pe.com/2017/11/03/anza-borrego-desert-visitor-center-gets-10-fee-fridays-through-sundays-and-holidays/ https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=638 I am not sure how this works. I am assuming the fee must be paid at the Visitor Center, but the park has many Entrances and Exits. Anyone have any more information on this? This does not affect Bagster's Rides midweek. S
  4. Spyder

    Retirement ceremony

    Congratulations Tom!
  5. Spyder

    Paging the Guy in the Pink Tutu

    Yes, I was hoping to draw Steve out with this. Have not seen him in a long time and was thinking about him. You are absolutely correct , he could ride that back tire. Fun to watch. S
  6. This could the the start of your awesome YouTube career! https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/mcy/d/need-to-learn-how-to-wheelie/6362284188.html Hello!! I have a beautiful 1989 XT350 and I have had my M1 license for over year now. I am looking for someone to teach me how to do a wheelie. There is a great dirt road down the street from my house to learn. Though I could learn on the internet, I find it much more effective learning one on one, especially in this situation. (I have already tried once and proved unsuccessful). I, of course, will not accuse of any injuries as I am the only one riding the bike. It would be fun to have you ride along with me though, however, I could let you ride my bike. I would rather be contacted through call or text! My name is Max and my number is xxxxxxxxxx. I am also going to film the process for a fun youtube edit!! I am excited to hear some responses!
  7. May I add that Firewood Restrictions in California make it difficult to enjoy a Good Wood campfire anymore. What is camping without a Campfire? Suggestions to buy wood locally do not work always in our desert areas because it is suggested to transport wood no further than fifty miles. Personally I burn propane when fire restrictions are in effect and Pellets when I absolutely have no other choice. (Yes, there is a Pellet burning Campfire Pit and it works great!) Otherwise ....... give me a good 'ole wood burning Campfire! The tree devastation in the Sierra National Forest has many factors besides the beetle. Forest Management, Fire Policies, etc. But Pests still damage so many types of trees needlessly by the carelessness of others. Hopefully we learn from mistakes of the past policies and the forests will survive and thrive. http://www.firewood.ca.gov/research.html Really....... Dammit, I sound like a tree hugger....... S Side note. I am looking for a log splitter....... to rent if anyone has one.
  8. Spyder

    Strega ties the knot......moves to Idaho

    Congrats to you both. Roger and Leah, wishing you the best on your new start! S
  9. Fun little video. Bump the speed up to 1.5. Vid My favorite comment: The biggest Cycle Mills are run out in Portland . Disgusting lean-tos everywhere ,crammed full of mistreated and,disfigured Motos. The conditions are disgraceful . Poor little things. S Sorry if you have seen it before as it has been around for a while.
  10. As they say...... "Satisfactory"
  11. Haha. It is more like Alice's Mirror for me... Good Thread. Being a Clamper, I like to find out more about the locations we visit and make a point of visiting the Clamper Plaques in that area. Here is a little interesting tidbit on Borego. Don't fall in too far. http://www.sandiegohistory.org/journal/1997/january/borrego/ S
  12. I rebuilt an FCR MX Carb on the SXC. Left the Pilot screw at the setting it was originally. It's off. I cannot get in to make an adjustment even if it had the after market thumb screw. Rather than completely start over thought maybe some one here might have one of these or similar to adjust the Keihin Carb. Motion Pro makes one and I cannot find one locally. I may have to order it for future use, but was hoping to get on the bike again after a long downtime and I am not for sure even this tool is small enough to get in there. I am anxious to get back on the bike again. Bike has it's power back and runs much better but it's not quite in there...... So if anyone has one handy and would like to loan it out for just a few mins or a day max....... Please let me know. Thanks, S
  13. Nuked, Wrong Day. Have a great ride.