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  1. My buddy is selling his sons bike since he just got a new one this past weekend. The bike for sale is 2007 Honda CRF 250r. It has a new top end and rebuilt carb. Runs great. If anyone is interested pm me . Bike is located in Ramona and is priced at $2000
  2. StealthDingo

    San Diego to Alaska

    What.... they dont sell PBR in Canada?? Looks like a beautiful ride buddy
  3. StealthDingo

    A Day at the Beach

    Definitely interested. Coming from OB Im always down for blast thru the beach towns. Staying tuned...
  4. StealthDingo

    Corral Canyon Sunday 7/1

    Yup that was probably us! We were under a tree for a bit airing up tires and adjusting my clutch cable. Dropped the bike and I think it popped loose when it hit the ground. Atleast we found some shade out there!
  5. StealthDingo

    Corral Canyon Sunday 7/1

    Sorry I forgot my laptop at work friday so I didnt have access to the site and didnt see anyones responses that were posted Saturday. We ended up parking at the PV cul de sac and went down into Pine Creek rd. Rode the dirt section and some off shoots. Then came back and rode out thru deer park rd. Came back to Pine Creek rd and took that out to Sunrise Hwy for some twisties and lunch. Fun ride but hot out there.
  6. I will be heading out to Corral on Sunday 7/1 for a morning ride with 2 buddies. Probably going to start with exploring the easier trails since one buddy is fairly new to the dirt bike world and see where it goes from there. We will be at the OHV staging area about 9 am on Sunday in a Silver F-150 with a Black Kawi and 2 Yamahas. Just throwing it up here to see if any one you rascals will be in the area and want to join in on some fun.
  7. Busy this weekend but Im down for a North County ride another weekend day. I recently moved to Carlsbad so Im not sure where closest dirt would be from here
  8. I also have a hauler you can borrow - In Carlsbad
  9. StealthDingo

    I rode twice this week.

    Agreed! That one next to the river looks exactly like my last trip to MOAB. Drove out along the river to Onion Creek. I was in my jeep but wish I would've been on a bike!
  10. StealthDingo

    I rode twice this week.

    WOW! Great photos. Looks like an awesome trip
  11. StealthDingo

    WTB 2 bike hauler

    I have a 1 bike hitch hauler you can borrow if it helps. Sounds like it wont but thought I would offer it anyway
  12. any word on if the boots have sold?
  13. 10-4. Thanks . Lemme know either way
  14. StealthDingo

    SDAR Meeting

  15. StealthDingo

    Surprise Otay Ride Sat 5.19

    Oh Yea... Thanks to you for bringing her back to life! He loves it. I may have convinced him to join SDAR for some fun after he finishes EMT school.