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  1. hoss314

    Ktm Exc supermoto

    Fit a '12 500EXC?
  2. Should be some great traction out there if the forecasted rain pulls through. I will be working on the property....stop by for a cold beer on your way out.
  3. hmmm....Thinking I may be down for this. Need to flush the old gas through the bike and beer is always tempting. Long as I get back in town at a good time....i'm in Too bad the thunderstorms are scheduled for Wednesday. Would be an awesome site to see lightning up there. (as long as fires weren't started)
  4. hoss314

    African Twin

    If only it would be a great commuter bike
  5. hoss314

    African Twin

    If only sold in the U.S.
  6. hoss314

    African Twin

    Went to FBC in Kearny Mesa after work yesterday and looked at their one bike in stock. Very nice! Just can't do silver. Found out that the U.S. will have silver and red. Europe gets the tri color and Canada gets the black. Would be all over the black if available here in a heartbeat.
  7. hoss314

    African Twin

    Where up north?
  8. hoss314

    African Twin

    Price probably high due to the earthquake that happened in Japan. Lots of damage and no date when they will be shipping again. http://www.africatwinforum.com/forum/97-crf1000l-africa-twin-news/6666-honda-africa-twin-delays-may-continue-after-earthquake.html
  9. hoss314

    CORE 4 Kids

    First time to this event without my bike. We had a birthday party with friends in Jeeps and a Razor. Excellent time had by all! We arrived Thursday afternoon and waited on the others to arrive before relaxing in the mineral pools. Fun night of drinks and laughter! Friday we headed out to the usual stops. Shoe tree, Oasis, bat caves and surrounding areas. Saturday was a much longer ride and awesome! Headed out to Bradshaw trail, train trestle, Red Canyon, Amy's wash etc. Around 80 miles of beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, most of my pictures from Saturday are not uploading, but here are a few. Red Canyon The boyz at the trestle: Girlz at the trestle: When ya gotta go....ya gotta go! Sunday was Funday.....headed out to see the Salvation Mountain and meet some weirdo's. Great time and cool stuff to see. We had planned on being back early enough to head over to the slabs to watch the bands etc at "The Range" Saturday night. No such luck...but we saw the stage Sunday. Made it over to East Jesus street and looked at lots of "art" Very fun teeter totter Big thanks to our other tour guide Good times! cant wait to go back.
  10. Like Schwinn said...the ONLY way to start a big bore bike is TDC! Otherwise you end up with pictures like Slut's....of your own extremities. Miss my CR500 (buddy broke his back riding my bike, sold the possible bad omen).....may end up on the shopping list soon.
  11. hmmm...sounds like this may be fun for me to come from the other end of Fish Creek and meet up with you guys at the bottom of HAR. I will have the camera ready if I make it out there.

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