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  1. Well we used to ride across the Border at Pinto Wash. Do they detain Senior,s anymore ?
  2. Is it possible that the Breakfast Club could ride over and check it out ?
  3. There is a lost ship fiberglass mold on the Bradshaw Trail .. Mabey that was the one .
  4. kkug

    Daily pics of good times

    Thanks guys - I can always count on a rewarding experence with you all . I am now in a funk that Chris is on the mend. I want to go on a Baja ride and Chris is not available ----I might have to sit tite for awhile . With retirement looming --I can see road trips out to Utah and Az to visit Bruce and Tracy .
  5. I got in See you soon.
  6. Because Beer is Bread !
  7. Dave I looked at their Menu - I don,t see any Food items LOL !
  8. I am also set up for the second show . Anyone want to meet up early for a beer ?
  9. kkug

    Fallen riders post

    It is so easy to forget these guys- Tree also -- Thanks for posting up .
  10. I think I am on the waitlist too .
  11. Wow I should have gotten one this morning -- waitlist already . Edit I think I got in -- try it .
  12. https://gathr.us/screening/32011
  13. Wednsday Jan 19 2022 -- Anyone going ??
  14. kkug


    Big Bore Kit in your future ?