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  1. Spaugh

    Hello whats new?

    Hello guys and gals. Good to hear from you all you too! I know we pretty much disappeard. 5 years ago we bought a large property near poway and started our family. Our son is almost 5 and daughter is almost 2. And I have started do some small farming here and started a rare fruit and plant collection. We have several hundred fruit trees and other exotic plants. This is a major hobby for me in place of riding dirtbikes. Its also a small income stream for us. Still have our bikes and we go riding around home occasionally. Theres some secret trails and whatnot but nothing special. My back and shoulder have issues so riding is pretty hard on the body so Ive really started taking it easier. Other than that not much is up. I will post some pics of our farm and family when I get a chance. Brad
  2. Spaugh

    Hello whats new?

    Been a while since I came here. Been too busy with my kids to ride motorcycles much. Just wanted to check in and say hello and see whats new? Brad
  3. Tntmo did you already replace your breakers with double circuit breakers?
  4. Spaugh

    FMF "turndown?"

    You need to remove the end cap. Use a drill to remove the rivets if its riveted.
  5. May as well just have Jerry Brown and Co ram through some new taxes and fees. Oh wait they already did that.
  6. Spaugh

    Moab Tire Choice

    Trials tire for moab. Dunlop 803 at 7psi with standard HD bridgestone tube.
  7. Spaugh

    cfr250x valves

    Unless the valve seals are beat to heck you can usually get by by lapping your kibblewhites in with a lapping compound. No need to recut the seafs unless they are trashed.
  8. Was out there this weekend. They have been bulldozing the place bare. Amazing they can just do that to the riding area.
  9. Spaugh

    What's your yard look like rite now?

    The storm really ripped me a new one. I will probably have the laborious task of moving many tons of rocks from far away to get a base in the trench so it doesn't go deeper.
  10. Spaugh

    Mud Bowl 2016

    The aftermarket acerbis fork guards clip up for easy removal. You can also order older fork guards that are only the front half. If you get ones for a 2007 bike they dont have the full wrap around.
  11. Spaugh

    Mud Bowl 2016

    When I saw the photo I thought we would be talking about fork seals next.
  12. Spaugh

    Pine Valley- Gate CLOSED 1/8/17

    I talked to a ranger at corral a week ago. He said they close the road because people like to go "mudding" and wreck the fire road which was already in need of some serious grading. He said they leave kernan open to bikes because theres no way they can even try to keep dirtbikes out.
  13. Spaugh

    Carb, rich or lean?

    4T? Bog on a 4T is usually a problem with the accelerator pump. Plug check is a good place to start though. You can certainly tune the fuel/screw and idle by whacking the throttle with bike in neutral. Buying a JD kit was good for the RFS bikes.

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