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  1. stroked 550

    KTM Carb & brake help

    I had the bike at a shop a few times within the last few months and they fixed the front brake issue there
  2. stroked 550

    KTM Carb & brake help

    thank you Oracle for that link thats a cool trick... I was excited to try it the piston on my bike does not push in at all when I tried that that would be great if you can help me out
  3. stroked 550

    KTM Carb & brake help

    hey guys Is anyone willing to help me fix my 07 450 exc? gas is leaking out of the overflow and the front brake lever has no pressure
  4. stroked 550

    Tracks to big Bear

    If you run a droid the Locus app with the John Thorn CA map is very helpful it shows all the USFS trails / forest roads
  5. stroked 550

    Brake locked up and need help

    I did check that and it looks like its clear of any blockage.... Oh wow thats crazy you set your rotor and caliper on fire..... The rear brake was definitely very hot when I noticed it Im glad I noticed it quickly it coulda been really bad
  6. stroked 550

    Brake locked up and need help

    Thank you I appreciate the help, Im going to order new brake pads and hardware... If I could swing over to your place that would be awesome
  7. stroked 550

    Brake locked up and need help

    When it happened a few a weeks ago, I didn't notice any debris but there were chunks missing from the pad.
  8. hey guys My rear brake locked up on me on a recent trip so I had to remove the rear brake pad which looked really bad to ride home. I have an 07 450 EXC I dont have any experience with the brake system Is anyone willing to to help me fix the problem?
  9. stroked 550

    Snow to desert dash

    haha Im glad my writing made you feel like you were there
  10. great pics thanks for sharing
  11. stroked 550

    Snow to desert dash

    you are welcome Im glad you enjoyed it, theres more to come
  12. stroked 550

    Snow to desert dash

    That looks like a great time
  13. stroked 550

    Snow to desert dash

    Thank you sir, I am always happy to help people...... that boulder just didn't want to budge so strange 😂
  14. stroked 550

    Snow to desert dash

    thats the million dollar question, maybe because he was able to adjust his mapping so he could feather the throttle? We both had extremely knobby tires D606s for me but I forget what his were ...haha yeah a snow tire thread would probably open up a can of worms yeah the help was necessary with it getting close to sunset the temps were dropping and I was sweating like crazy so it wasn't a good combo
  15. stroked 550

    Snow to desert dash

    Thanks guys I am glad you enjoyed the write up, Im not much of a writer so Im trying to work on it through ride reports. Yeah I dont think you would fare to well on the GSA but it was slick as snot, although my friend had a 701 and cruised through the snow without any issue his bike had way better traction. Im glad to hear the story brought back some memories for you. Yeah its definitely hard to read the snow compared to reading dirt. haha thanks we were committed from the start not to turn around. It was funny because some offroaders turned around and said the conditions were too bad to make it all the way to Angelus Oaks..... here we are made it all the way through on 2 wheels lol ..Im happy to hear you enjoyed the write up