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  1. Tsilatipac

    Long distance ride

    Looks great. Wish I were heading out with you. Safe journey. Looks great. Wish I were heading out with you. Safe journey.
  2. Tsilatipac

    Long distance ride

    Looks great. Wish I were heading out with you. Safe journey.
  3. Tsilatipac

    Long distance ride

    Nice route. Did something similar a few years ago. Recommend you take the ferry across and come in to Quebec from north side. I found Quebec to be friendly. Stayed in a motel inside the walled city. Despite the many signs saying no motorcycles, I was ok just riding in to park at motel. Just don't tour around in the walled city. GoAdv day 23
  4. I'm thinking about trying to tackle Mojave trail this weekend on my 1150gs. Anybody interested friday-sunday? If anyone wants to go, I'll start researching current consitions.
  5. Anybody going to the HorizonsUnlimited event September 21-24? I'm thinking about riding up and camping on my R1150GS and would welcome company. http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/events/california-2017 Carl
  6. Tsilatipac

    Bike Maintenance help 6-1?

    I'm all the way in Fallbrookbut you are welcome to use my shop after 5:30 PM
  7. I plan on riding Baja this thurs through Sat. Crossing at Tecate riding south for two days then turning around. No other plans. Taking it easy on the 1150GS. Would explore more with company... Carl
  8. If the other offer didn't work out, I'm a n Fallbrook on Sleeping Indian. Just text me. 76O-583-9O41
  9. I'm thinking about taking off to Baja Thursday through Sunday. No plan yet. Thinking about crossing at tecate and making my way to San Filipe thurs. further South Fiiday, then making my way back. I'll be on my old r1150 GS. Anyone is welcome to join me.
  10. A couple of us are heading down to Baja 12/26 - 12/30. Others are welcome to join us. This will be a big bike ride; I'm on an old GS1150 and other guy is on Vstrom. Pace will be moderate to easy and we expect to be about 70% paved roads 30% dirt but, since we don't know where we're going you'll need to be prepared for anything. Expect to camp 1 or 2 nights otherwise we'll be in hotels. Route is not determined yet and we're intentionally keeping it loose. Basic concept: 12/26 Cross boarder at Tecate early in the morning riding south on Mex 3 to Encenada continuing further South on Mex 1. Sleep somewhere, ride, etc. Thinking about heading up east coast to San Filipe and crossing back in Mexicali or Mex 3 to Tecate. See this is really loose right now. Trying to figure out what to see and do. I don't plan on this trip being all riding, it's about sight seeing Baja. Home by evening 12/30.
  11. I'm heading out solo on a long ride for 2-8 weeks. Basically until I get tired of being away from home. I'll post a ride report when I return but, I'll be blogging as I go here: http://goadvblog.wordpress.com/ Plan is to make my way to Galveston, spend a week with the wife and run the 70.3 ironman then head up the East coast toward Quebec city across to Vancouver Island. Then it's North or South from there. If the weather sucks too bad, I may head South early and explore some of Mexico. It's all open since I'm travelling alone. The plan is also to camp unless the weather is too bad. I could use some virtual company. Carl
  12. Gearing up for a trip...
  13. Tsilatipac

    1927 farm truck project

    Very nice project! Great history too.
  14. Anybody bored and want to help me install Jesse bags? These directions are lacking. I cannot figure it out. Fallbrook... Carl