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    It wasn’t too tough to get that shock out of there, glad I didn’t read that silly manual or it would have taken three times as long. Nice hanging out with y’all and nice to meet Alex. Happy trails, my friends…until we meet again!
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    I’m in SD after a long Canadá/Alaska ride. TNTMo stopped by and removed a blown front shock from my big, fat GSA. While we were relaxing at DSM8’s place, new SDAR member Alex (A2) stopped by. Good times, great peeps.
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    Ed Stovin of San Diego Off Road Coalition paid for 1 full year of our website Linode server hosting costs. This cost was actually a little more than half of the profit we were to receive from the ride. Many thanks to Ed Stovin and SDORC !
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    Thanks Randy for keeping the members updated .
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    I hit it earlier and was home by 4:30. The entrances on the prison side keeps getting tougher to find.
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    Just did Otay today from 5pm to 8pm on my 2 stroke. I usually enjoy with my big bike as well. I like wednesdays and fridays afternoons for a nice dirt stroll. Sometimes stopping at Novo Brazil at the Otay Ranch mall for some well deserved hidration at the end of the ride.
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    Hi Kelly, This app is pretty popular for iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/image-size/id670766542 I don’t use it myself as I downloaded a shortcut which I found easier. Here is the link I used to download a pre-made shortcut, although I did then edit mine a little. https://www.igeeksblog.com/how-to-reduce-photos-file-size-on-iphone-ipad/ I hope that helps? ps sounds like your collarbone is healing, which is great news.
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    That's my "go-to" lunch stop. Love that place. But ..... no dirt for me as that constitutes a violation of my parole. Since a couple pieces of the clavicle are still floating around trying to "attach", I've promised myself, wife and surgeon that I'll stay on high traction environments. Wouldn't want to screw up my first day outside the big house.
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    Welcome back! I'm not far from you and Otay is my go to for a little fun and still being home (read that as responsible adult) before noon. I'm newish to ADV life, but I've been motocamping for years and love it. If you ever want a riding buddy post up on the forum and we'll be there with you!
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    The recent follow up on the 2fer Tuesday ride is a great example of overlooking rules and letting the inmates run free. Great ride. Great follow up pics and commentary. A lot of participation and good mojo in that thread. Should have created a seperate thread under ride reports instead of continuing on a planned ride thread per the forum protocol. Was glad to see that admin didn’t throw a flag on it and slow down participation. Just my opinion and not a very strong one at that. I’m just happy to be here.
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    I agree with your assessment Paul I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that heavy handed admin rules “tend” to choke participation. And a willingness of the members and admin to overlook some party fouls along the way gives everyone more room to breathe and enjoy the site.
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    Hi all, 👋 👋 👋 I grew up locally in the North County area, Carlsbad, and am currently in Vista. I currently have an F800GS with Touratech Front / Rear progressive spring upgrade. The second bike is an XR650L which has been updated with the Baja tank, Taller ProTaper Bars, suspension upgrades front and back from Race Tech, and all the usual upgrades to make that pig go just a bit quicker! I have to bring the bikes up to ogre standards being 6'7" and 265 lbs. I've been riding for the past 16/17 years or so, and have ridden everything from bobbers and cafe bikes I've built to Harleys and sport/street bikes. I started with dirt bikes out in the desert, so I've always loved the dirt, which is why I've settled in on the bikes I Have now. I love exploring and hitting all the trails San Diego has to offer, haven't ridden any of the ones down in east county yet, but soon! During the desert season, I love to go out and camp while exploring all of Borrego. Some pics of my rides are below. If you'd like to follow along and are on IG you can always follow @alphaogre. I ride weekends mostly since I'm far from retirement and work 9-5. Other than that, I cant wait to meet some other riders out on the trails and explore!
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    Dude! How long are you in town? Long enough to grab a few beers?
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