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  1. What an awesome adventure. Thank you Kelly for sharing it with us.
  2. I am cancelling all my motorcycle magazine subscriptions. This is way more entertaining. Can’t wait for the next installment.
  3. IanT

    HAM Radio Class

    I have a GMRS license and radio, which has been useful in the past, especially if a channel is agreed and shared for communications during an event. No need to do a 9-hour class or back to school exams, but you do still need to pay a license fee to the FCC! HAM certainly has many advantages over GMRS, but for ease of communicating with others during an event, it’s a pretty good option for others to consider.
  4. @A 2 Alex it was great to meet you and thanks for passing on the DR seat, gas tank and horn. $50 donation on its way to SDAR 👍
  5. Hi Kelly, This app is pretty popular for iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/image-size/id670766542 I don’t use it myself as I downloaded a shortcut which I found easier. Here is the link I used to download a pre-made shortcut, although I did then edit mine a little. https://www.igeeksblog.com/how-to-reduce-photos-file-size-on-iphone-ipad/ I hope that helps? ps sounds like your collarbone is healing, which is great news.
  6. IanT

    Motorcycle Magazines

    Just sharing something I recently discovered… I don’t know about you but I miss many of the motorcycle magazines that I could browse through during evenings or these really hot days when I am too much of a woosie to ride… but mostly for entertainment when traveling, especially on flights which I have to do a lot of for work. Well I found an app called Magzter, which is like Netflix for magazines with a fixed monthly fee. The good part is that it features multiple motorcycling magazines, albeit mostly from Australia and the UK, and you can download them for offline reading. This would also be great if camping and you want some reading. Anyways I don’t watch TV, so no Netflix subscription, and this works much better for me.
  7. @tntmo I was able to try it out and clicking the black dot works a treat. I was looking at the wrong dots. Thank you 🙏
  8. Another way that can help with storage space is compressing images before attaching. You can download apps that will allow you to compress images to very small sizes without losing too much quality. I use an iPhone and have a shortcut set up that does that for me. This example was originally 3.3mb but a quick compress and I shrunk it to less than 300kb. I could have been less aggressive and the quality would be better, but simply wanted to illustrate the difference in file size. If someone wanted a hi-rez copy of a photo they could always reach out directly to the poster? thanks for everything you are doing @Hawkins
  9. Thanks @paulmbowers I was just trying to see if the forum allows us to choose? Many allow you to have the option sort newest to oldest which can be useful on a long thread. @tntmo let me try that as clicking n the right arrows takes me to the last page of the thread not the last post, which s normal behavior. This is not a biggie, I was just curious and @Hawkins is working on a lot so this would definitely be low down on the “things to do” list.
  10. @Hawkins is there an option to sort newest to oldest in the threads? I always use the “view new content” option but for longer threads it would be great to go (have the option to go) straight to the newest posts.
  11. IanT

    Newish Member in IB

    Sweet bike. Welcome 👋
  12. @johnymags I would be happy to take the DR650 parts, if they are still available? A donation to SDAR can follow
  13. IanT

    Total noob!

    Welcome @Angela it will be great to have you along on the rides. And thanks for supporting @Hawkins in all he is doing for this community.
  14. Sorry I missed it. Glad you all had fun 👍
  15. IanT

    New Member from Vista

    Welcome 👋

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