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  1. IanT

    Better late than never!

    Welcome Jason. I am a new rider and the advice and support from this group has been nothing short of amazing.
  2. IanT

    Let Us Do a Radio Comm Thread

    That’s pretty much where I ended up. I paid for the license, for 10 years, and bought a slightly better GMRs radio than the shrink-wrap ones but can talk to anyone who has those. Will I use it much outside of campsites? Probably not, but as @Hawkins and @paulmbowers say, if you ain’t hurting anyone and having fun, then do whatever works for you and your buddies.
  3. IanT

    Let Us Do a Radio Comm Thread

    Thanks @paulmbowers That is definitely a licensed frequency, which is a blocker for some, as well as the higher cost of radios. Is there any reason that the more obtainable GMRS isn’t considered as an option? There are some good, inexpensive radios with 5 mile range and the ability to use repeaters. Please note: This is just a question out of curiosity and definitely not a criticism as I am really not very knowledgeable in this area.
  4. IanT

    Let Us Do a Radio Comm Thread

    When I used to ride with a Harley group they used GMRS radios for the road captains, with most comms between the lead and tail riders. It helped keep big group rides better organized. I initially thought it was unnecessary but definitely appreciated when there was any kind of incident. I went with GMRS as you simply pay a fee to the FCC and your whole family is licensed for 10 years. None of the hard work Ham radio users have to go through. Typically about a 3-5 mile range, which is plenty if the group doesn’t get split up too much. My gear is hardly used now because I no longer ride with any groups that use radios, but for reference: Originally used cheap Motorola GXT radios, which worked well on road and everyone could afford one as they are cheap, but the battery was not lasting, so… I now have the Wouxun KG-UV9G, which can monitor 2 channels. Potentially useful off-road , for example to also monitor channel 19 which the Jeep off-roaders use. I programmed all 50 of the Motorola channels into it, so it can work quickly and seamlessly with them. I also use it to listen to other frequencies for fun, such as the tower frequency at Romona airport when stopped for a rest break. To use it when riding I have the Sena SR10 Bluetooth 2-way radio adapter with PTT button I have a Cardo scalarider Q3 headset, that is connected and works well. I hope that helps someone? Out of curiosity, @Mr.JAJA what is the SDAR frequency?
  5. Breathtaking… I got vertigo just watching the bike get so close to the edge.
  6. IanT

    Plaster City to the Cove...ER

    @Bubbagums You are one cool cookie! Unbelievable. I hope you recover soon. Take care
  7. @Goofy Footer unfortunately we won’t be able to make 19th as we are hosting an event, but the CT90 would not be ready as I am waiting for some parts to arrive. However I love the family event as that might be the encouragement my wife needs. And you have an eagle eye on the DR. It’s a 1997, which I try to keep really clean and well maintained. I love the bike.
  8. I just bought one for my wife. A 1968 version and very cool. Needs some TLC but should be on a trail soon… if I can get her on one. She will need some encouragement.
  9. I truly love these write-ups. I know they take a great deal of effort, especially the videos, so thank you for taking the time. I am really looking forward to a first Baja trip.
  10. What an awesome adventure. Thank you Kelly for sharing it with us.
  11. I am cancelling all my motorcycle magazine subscriptions. This is way more entertaining. Can’t wait for the next installment.
  12. IanT

    HAM Radio Class

    I have a GMRS license and radio, which has been useful in the past, especially if a channel is agreed and shared for communications during an event. No need to do a 9-hour class or back to school exams, but you do still need to pay a license fee to the FCC! HAM certainly has many advantages over GMRS, but for ease of communicating with others during an event, it’s a pretty good option for others to consider.
  13. @A 2 Alex it was great to meet you and thanks for passing on the DR seat, gas tank and horn. $50 donation on its way to SDAR 👍
  14. Hi Kelly, This app is pretty popular for iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/image-size/id670766542 I don’t use it myself as I downloaded a shortcut which I found easier. Here is the link I used to download a pre-made shortcut, although I did then edit mine a little. https://www.igeeksblog.com/how-to-reduce-photos-file-size-on-iphone-ipad/ I hope that helps? ps sounds like your collarbone is healing, which is great news.
  15. IanT

    Motorcycle Magazines

    Just sharing something I recently discovered… I don’t know about you but I miss many of the motorcycle magazines that I could browse through during evenings or these really hot days when I am too much of a woosie to ride… but mostly for entertainment when traveling, especially on flights which I have to do a lot of for work. Well I found an app called Magzter, which is like Netflix for magazines with a fixed monthly fee. The good part is that it features multiple motorcycling magazines, albeit mostly from Australia and the UK, and you can download them for offline reading. This would also be great if camping and you want some reading. Anyways I don’t watch TV, so no Netflix subscription, and this works much better for me.

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