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  1. AlphaOgre

    Otay Truck Trail / Pink Gate Ride - Noob Friendly

    I'm looking to make it if I don't have to be on call for work, Sunday is more likely to be open for me...
  2. I'll be set to leave Friday morning and I have never camped at the Cove either, I'll be in an 05 silver ram 2500 long bed and pulling a small white toybox. This will be my first trip of the season, I cant wait to meet everyone and get riding!
  3. I'd like to join for sure, I can bring the XR650 or the F800 depending on how many people bring what...
  4. AlphaOgre

    We need another ride!

    Ive been itching to make it out to Oco since I have not been yet this season, Ill look into that for sure!
  5. AlphaOgre

    We need another ride!

    I'm out of town for the Rally and missed the last overnight ride, but I'm definitely down for the Romona to Big Bear. I would think it needs to happen soon though or wait till spring. That route seems to hit roads a few times so if people are getting tired or falling behind, there could be a turnback and head home via the roads. With the desert season coming up, there can be some big loop rides leaving Ocotillo to the Salton Sea and through split mountain through to San Felipe Wash too. It could be good to set up training/practice rides of sand or tighter trail loops too. 'm planning to take the BMW out a few times this season over the XR for exactly that purpose.
  6. If the meeting time is at 5:30, when would kick stands be up to head up the hill? Trying to see if I can make the timing work since I would be leaving the office in Carlsbad.
  7. This is a great little ride! I cant wait to try it, how long did it take? Curious about the timing, could you make it up and back within a day?
  8. AlphaOgre

    New Member from Vista

    Hi @tubebender Nice to e-see you again. Thanks for the welcome all!
  9. AlphaOgre

    New to Forum. North County SD

    I'm out of North County and new as well... There are some good trails not far from NC as well! Welcome!
  10. Hi all, 👋 👋 👋 I grew up locally in the North County area, Carlsbad, and am currently in Vista. I currently have an F800GS with Touratech Front / Rear progressive spring upgrade. The second bike is an XR650L which has been updated with the Baja tank, Taller ProTaper Bars, suspension upgrades front and back from Race Tech, and all the usual upgrades to make that pig go just a bit quicker! I have to bring the bikes up to ogre standards being 6'7" and 265 lbs. I've been riding for the past 16/17 years or so, and have ridden everything from bobbers and cafe bikes I've built to Harleys and sport/street bikes. I started with dirt bikes out in the desert, so I've always loved the dirt, which is why I've settled in on the bikes I Have now. I love exploring and hitting all the trails San Diego has to offer, haven't ridden any of the ones down in east county yet, but soon! During the desert season, I love to go out and camp while exploring all of Borrego. Some pics of my rides are below. If you'd like to follow along and are on IG you can always follow @alphaogre. I ride weekends mostly since I'm far from retirement and work 9-5. Other than that, I cant wait to meet some other riders out on the trails and explore!

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