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    Besides riding, I like to fish for largemouth bass, panfish and an occasional trout, music, photography, oh and hiking....as long as I'm scouting for a motorcycle route. Who wants to use their feet for something other than standing on the pegs.

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  1. I bought a brand new Reese locking hitch pin, and double checked it before hitting the road. I thought that it would be a step up from the old ratty, rusty Harbor Freight locking pins that I had been using for so many years. I went right over to Harbor Freight and bought another one of theirs, since I have never had any problems with them.
  2. I haven't been up to Troy Meadows for about four years due to many factors, but this year would be different and I have always wanted to take my 32 year old plated KDX up there at least once, so this was the time to do it. I was supposed to meet up with a couple groups of friends, but the first group which included Tdub Lady didn't wind up at the planned campground which was Fish Creek overflow, and with cell service out of reach, I couldn't call to find out where they ended up. My friend Thomas from the second group found me on Saturday evening. He had ridden over from Troy Meadows to find me. The following morning, I pulled up stakes so to speak, and headed over to where he and the gang were. Our group consisted of about a half dozen riders and we had a good day on Mahogany and Rattlesnake trails, but my bike was a bit doggy on power coming up the connector to the afternoon trail, so I headed back to camp on jeep and paved roads. When I got back to camp, I found that my toyhauler battery was just about dead. Not sure if it was because I accidentally left one pee-ant sized overhead light on all day, or if the battery is just old and not holding a charge very well. At any rate, I didn't bother to lug my generator along on this trip because I never had to use it before, so of course..... Because of this, I decided to pull out the following morning, what with a funky engine problem on my old bike and no power to run the water pump and furnace fan....sigh. At least my brand new truck was a great joy to haul with....even though when I got home and went to disconnect, the hitch pin was nowhere to be found! And it was brand new one, too. The hitch was right where it was supposed to be though, hadn't backed off even a millimeter. A quick check of the KDX power valve, back in the garage showed that it was gummed up and not opening fully and that was what was causing the bike to lose power. The little machine was overdue for a fresh top end anyway, so it got degunked and a fresh piston kit. I'll probably make one more trip up to the plateau before autumn sets in, and will most likely take the WR125 next time around.
  3. I was just up on the Kern Plateau a couple of weeks ago. It was very nice up there. I like to spend time in the San Bernardino mountains for closer riding venues.
  4. I use Flickr. I think you have to have Gmail account, and it's free.
  5. I'd like to make it for the slide show.
  6. Kudos to Uncle Cameron.
  7. I drive by there almost every day. It didn't take too long for me to guess who was moving in!
  8. Looks wonderful! Gonna fix my Super Rat and make that ride one day!
  9. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Nice report. It's been a long time since I have been up there.
  11. Okay! Thanks!