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    Besides riding, I like to fish for largemouth bass, panfish and an occasional trout, music, photography, oh and hiking....as long as I'm scouting for a motorcycle route. Who wants to use their feet for something other than standing on the pegs.

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  1. When I was in high school, I loved all types and brands of motorcycles so much, that I wanted just about everything...but the Penton 125 was at the top of my list. Of course, I was mostly interested in racing motocross in those days, and the Penton...well this machine was way too rich for my blood. I haven't changed much over the years, except that maybe now I am a little less prone to want so many different machines, and I have no interest in entering an competition events. Also, with the way the world has changed and evolved, it's hard to say what I would be interested in today as a teenager, but the opportunities that presented themselves then were more numerous and different than they are now, so maybe I wouldn't even be interested in motorcycles. But if dropped into this scenario, I would say for dirt, I would want a Beta X Trainer and for street, I would want a Yamaha R3.
  2. Long distance ride

    Wow, cutting out a lot of good western states that you could be enjoying the beauty of on your way back!
  3. Beta X-Trainer

    I rode one at Lark Canyon. The guy had some mods, including what looked to be a Scalvini pipe on it. I was impressed that I could touch the ground pretty easily, and how nicely the bike handled. Yes, the power was smoother and softer than the power on my friends 300RR and my WR300. This would be my pick for my next trail bike.
  4. I haven't been up there since I was 13. Brings back lots of fond memories.
  5. DOT Rear Knobby

    Another vote for the Kenda Parker DT here.
  6. Weather looks delightful too. Nice and cool and damp.
  7. Conti take offs

    If I split the tires, the rear will be going for 40 dollars and the front for 30.
  8. Wanted: Spot tracker, maybe?

    Somebody gave me a Spot a while back. I decided that i don't want to use it, so I can pay it forward and give it to you if you want.
  9. Perimeter trails are your friend. Stay away from the ridgeline.
  10. Tribute to my KLR

    Don't worry. I may have just gotten a new bike, but i am thinning the herd too!
  11. Tribute to my KLR

  12. I am impressed with my FE501. Claimed a curb weight of just over 244. That's 12 pounds lighter than my old TE450. May not seem like much, but that and improved geometry and center of gravity, make the new bike seem like a little potato chip by comparison.
  13. Conti take offs

    Somebody who does a lot more pavement than I do will like them a lot.
  14. Conti take offs

    I have a set of Continental TKC 80s, 90/90X21 and 120/90X18 with less than 200 miles wear on them from my new FE501. 60 bucks takes the pair