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    Besides riding, I like to fish for largemouth bass, panfish and an occasional trout, music, photography, oh and hiking....as long as I'm scouting for a motorcycle route. Who wants to use their feet for something other than standing on the pegs.

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  1. New Member - DangerDave

    Welcome to the forum.
  2. I enjoyed McCain Valley today also. Lots of moist dirt, fun trails and a few mud puddles to jump in.
  3. 2018 desert dash skill level

    Noobs would not like anything like the Squeeze or the Drop. That's for sure. Or some of the miles of deep sand. Just sayin'....
  4. Well, I have a Coats tire changer and a spin balancing machine, so I may as well not let that go to waste.
  5. 50 bucks?!!! Holy crudballs....I guess I'll keep changing my own tires.
  6. KLaiRemont

    Welcome to the forum.
  7. 1st ride in months

    Today was my first day back at McCain since I injured my ankle out there on Memorial day. I spent all these months in between either street riding or doing nice and easy dualsport rides. I didn't put too many miles in today, and I didn't even ride very well, but I did manage to stay off the ground and not re injure my ankle.
  8. Checking in

    Welcome to the forum. See you on the trails.
  9. A rider escapes the Camp fire

    Hmmmm. Works on my computer. Let me put it it somewhere else and try again. IMG_6 by Paris in the springtime, on Flickr
  10. A rider escapes the Camp fire

    This was just posted on another motorcycle website. They were lucky to be safe, but lost all... We lost everything from the F'! Camp fire. Here is what 4 Italian TE Husky's and 2 KTM Duke's look like now. We are so sad. We are thankful that we did make it out with the car, the cats, the laptop and a portable hard drive with years of photos. That is it.
  11. Nice...but it looks a little um....naughty.
  12. Who is voting?

    Nope. I don't see it either.
  13. The usual...Friday night registration.