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dirt dame

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    World's laziest trail rider
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    Besides riding, I like to fish for largemouth bass, panfish and an occasional trout, music, photography, oh and hiking....as long as I'm scouting for a motorcycle route. Who wants to use their feet for something other than standing on the pegs.

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  1. And a fine looking time it appears to have been.
  2. Had a day off from work, and the weather seemed promising, so I took the green slug up to Fobes Ranch to stage my ride up to Toro peak. Nice and cold out there, and quite cold up on the mountain. Went as far as I could go, since the gate to the very peak has been closed for years now. Poked around on a few side trails too. Had to stop at the spring and check to see if water was flowing. It's been a few years since I have been up that way, and the last time I went up, there was no water at the spring. This time, there was. Very appropriate weather for this time of year, for sure.
  3. I'd like to try to make this gathering.
  4. Welcome to the forum.
  5. Gotta get the paperwork first. I have another interested party that has spoken for the machine via PM. If that falls through,, you are second in line.
  6. Unfortunately, no. But by now, the bike is going for almost what has been put into it in parts cost to get it running, so not able to go any lower.
  7. This little bike was originally going to be going to a coworker who no longer is employed where I work. It needs to find a home, so that it isn't sitting around in the way at work. The engine was blown, and has been replaced with a low mileage one that is in very good condition. Tires are not very worn. Bike has a new drive chain, air cleaner, battery and cables. Had been running good after a carb clean, but has sat too long since then and will be needing another cleaning. Really just needs cosmetic overhaul and some TLC. 700 bucks takes it. PM me, or call Eagle Mike.
  8. Team Dimbulb.
  9. Was out there on Sunday. Lots of trimming could be used on several trails, including trail #4 and Ranger.
  10. Me too.
  11. Meh....I've had more close calls in my cars and truck in the last 7 months, commuting on the freeway, than I have in all the rest of my life either with bikes or cars anywhere else. I'll stick to cars for the freeway driving, thanks.
  12. I try to just limit my street riding to back country highway stuff. I try not to ride in town and avoid freeways as much as possible. I love the freedom of bikes, but not as much as I love the security of enclosed vehicles. Like others have mentioned, dirt is the best place to be on two wheels.
  13. Welcome to the forum.