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  1. 87 miles on my odometer. Here is A pic from Sandstone Canyon. Great day out there.
  2. Adv Bum sent me A PM that diablo drop is one way down only  . I don't think that it is A one way hill.

  3. I ride in the afternoons around Otay mountains sometimes after work. Let me know if you have 2 or 3 hours to ride starting around 3 pm or so next week.
  4. Friday ? Lurking if it moves to Friday
  5. Ogio flight vest

    Can you get the Klim vest ?
  6. S1

    What is salt creek ? Is that the Phantom Trail ?
  7. viewing ads

    I see the ads
  8. Jump starter

    Thank for all the input. The Antigravity products look like A good choice.
  9. Jump starter

    Does anyone have A small jump starter that you carry with you on rides.? I have one for my car but it is too big / heavy. I am looking to purchase A smaller one . Thanks.
  10. My new ride

    I added the recluse and am glad I did.
  11. Pros & cons KTM 500 Xc-w lowering

    Suspenders lowered the suspension on my 500 EXC . I do not have any complaints.
  12. Spot Tracker

    I got the wavier when I called.
  13. Now I am seeing better.