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  1. Condition is like new. $25 OBO
  2. Giant loop or Wolfman

    Those look awesome. Higher price but they look like they are worth the cost.
  3. Giant loop or Wolfman

    Thanks for the replies. Has anyone seen either for sale locally
  4. I am looking to purchase new or used small saddlebags to mount on my 500. Is there much difference between these 2 brands?
  5. Motoz Desert H/T rear tire

    I am using motoz hybrid front and rear on my 500. Tubliss . They work really well in loose rocky hill climbs. 6 psi rear 9 psi front.
  6. I will be staying near Bass lake next month. Where can I get trail maps for this area?
  7. It is not really asphalt . Just rocks and sticky oil or something.
  8. This does not fit me quite right. It is white I paid over $500 at FBC I will sell here for $375. Only used it for A couple rides. No scratches.
  9. I think it is the same work they did A few years back. It did get chunked up pretty fast last time.There is A lot of LEO traffic out there.
  10. The dirt road from doghouse to the prison is almost paved.FYI
  11. Jamul 2 Jasper 2018

    Thought it looked like A view from Otay area looking west.
  12. What bike to buy?

    That gold wing looks awesome.
  13. I had the Rd 350 when I was 17
  14. Jamul 2 Jasper 2018

    Looks like you will be putting some serious miles in . Good luck.