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  1. I went for A short notice ride Saturday . It was quiet in the staging area at 8 am . Lots of people there when I left at 11 am. This was the first time I saw the area for 1.5 years or so . Power lines and wind farms are different for sure . Riding here only a few times before it was still fun to check out lesser known trails. There was lots of rattle snakes out.
  2. I might buy the tool pack . Where could I see it ?
  3. Thanks for posting Paul . The pics are very nice.
  4. I have A hauler you could use. I am in Chula Vista.
  5. DOT Rear Knobby

    Thanks for the info Brian and LB
  6. DOT Rear Knobby

    I went for A local ride from my house yesterday with the brand new motoz hybrid tires . Some street, fire roads, rocky single track and loose hill climbs. I was happy with the overall performance . The traction was great when I lowered the psi to 8 lbs front and 6 lbs rear . One question I had was if I ride street after dirt to get home do I need to air up to 15 front and 12 rear ? I am running tubliss.
  7. SPOT-X

    Thanks Mark . I have the Gen 3 and I did not have the movement alert enabled . Now I do.
  8. Klim Jacket

    Klim Overland jacket size XL Black $250 OBO
  9. DOT Rear Knobby

    I have used the Desert IT many times and I have no complaints. I will be trying A trials hybrid now . It is DOT.
  10. Helmet thread, not oil,not tires

    I have shopped for new helmets recently. I tried on A few dozen before deciding. It seemed like every shop I tried would price match. I am still looking for A different street helmet. I did not find any modular , "flip up" ,type that fit good.
  11. poway Ktm

    Good to know . Why are you doing re-build ?
  12. The next step (what moto to get)

    Agree . The WR and XR are reasonably priced and could be resold if they don't seem right without losing much money. The 97 XR 400R was A great bike for me. I was getting older and wanted to get A magic button otherwise I would still have it.
  13. Mission valley rider

    The Husky looks nice also. Where have gone riding on it ?
  14. I just went to SB motorsports. New owners , lots of different employees. Lots of sales guys are new. Does anyone have experience with Del Amo ? There are some other locations.
  15. First ride with a Recluse

    My 2014 500 exc also performs like this. No problems.