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  1. Date? On a 305 Dream Machine that smoked horribly, who knew that when it quit smoking is would blow up due to lack of oil.
  2. Jamul 2 Jasper 2018

    Nice, Nice bags too.I want some for the 990 but I didn't know they were so big. What model are those?
  3. Colorado ride

    I went off the edge in Mammoth only 15' or so, dam near had to call the insurance company and report the bike stolen. Turns out mountain bikers take no pity on a dirt biker who was on a trail that they consider theirs. Block and tackle, heck I wanted a helicopter. Bad thing was I was so winded and scared of going off again I hugged the bank to hard a swacked a hidden rock in a bush 40' later, dam near broke my foot, only went down 5'feet that time. Sum Beach Wench sounds good.
  4. Owners Manuals

    OK these are not motorcycle manuals but a discussion of such on another thread made me think of these. I know I could sell them but maybe somebody here could use them. They came from my deleted vehicles file at work and I just couldn't throw them out, and ebay is a hassle, so... 1.) GMC Handi-Van / Handi-Bus owners and drivers manual 1965 or so, pristine shape. 2.) 1975 Medium and Heavy duty truck owners and drivers manual, pristine shape. 3.) 1988 GM maintenance schedule book Chevrolet light duty, pristine also. 4.) 1974 Chevrolet Nova owners manual with "important operating, safety and maintenance instructions" , gotta love it. Still in the plastic holder. If no bites here no worries I'll take em to three day or somewhere.
  5. Zenosan - Happy Birthday !!

  6. Never really considered myself a Honda guy

    or registrations, eeekkk
  7. A Day at the Beach

    This could be fun on my poor little unused 230.
  8. Dam, Family party for 7 year old great nephews birthday party at noon or ride? Hmmmmmm
  9. 2019 CRF 450 L

    I would hate to buy one and have to replace a titanium tank with a desert tank for some range. I wonder what real range will be.
  10. Need a tech guy (remote access communicating/texting)

    I called a tech guy over from the tech department. He is researching whatever all that gobbledygook is that you wrote. It all made sense to him , he got all excited talking about relays and heat and... , he said he will get back with me. Sign me confused
  11. Broken levers then this

    .... not exactly the tool for Corral Canyon you were looking for
  12. Which campground just in case I'm up there and get thirsty?
  13. My excuse is I like to eat every day and live indoors, therefore I must work. Still an excuse.
  14. flatland racing radiator gaurd

    Alyeska, Please buy one of the new Honda L's, 3 months from then I will buy it from you because it'll be all tricked out and ready. Remember I'm tall so please keep that in mind when modding.
  15. Can my sidewalk be repaired!!!

    Once you're all practiced up I have a sidewalk area about 10 by 10 that needs replaced, that's about 3 projects out so you have some time. Good to see you out riding, lets do Campo Boulevard area in the next month or so before it gets hot. I would be scared of that tire myself, if you fix it carry some big zip tyes, they will hold it on the rim to get you back. I learned that trick from a girl, thanks DSFox.