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  1. Dash is 23-25, possible in 16-19
  2. Big bike? It won't get dirty will it?
  3. On the way to the airport this morning I kind wished I was on a bike due to traffic. The daughter and the 47 lb suitcase may have presented a problem though. Reminded me of riding to high school everyday when I had no car but my Honda 305 Dreammachine started and ran rain or shine. Kudos for making it thru the rain.
  4. take a check..friend???
  5. I plan on drinking less beer and more Makers Mark. from what I hear that's a maturity and weight loss plan rolled into one. Oh yea ride the new to me 990 as much as possible.
  6. Bongiavannis Pizza, Flinn Springs, big room, bar, dual sport rider brothers owned from way back. Good place, the best pizza, cold beer. I can check availability let me know.
  7. I received a Baja no pinch, less whining now.
  8. Very nice, merry christmas to you all too.
  9. Sold, cheap, down the road. On to bigger and better things.
  10. I'll take the stove and cup Good luck on the sale ,purty bike.
  11. Nice, welcome. Mexico you say....
  12. PM'd BSon 2or4, destickering -no additional charge, price going down every day
  13. Sidi crossfires, or Gaerne, don't know prices though
  14. Hey look at the KTM 640 for sale on CL San Diego, 2 or best
  15. OH great, now I'm guilty of false advertising...