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  1. No way he said we had another 3 years till he retired. What BS. Dam people quitting to have fun.
  2. I had one of those, quite capable bike, nice smooth ride, no magic button though. Floods when upside down and you will cry trying to restart it.
  3. I don't know what a lot of those tool names are but I have quite a few broken bolt getter outer tools from snap-on etc. if you want to come up I bet we could make something happen.
  4. So sorry, I will be traveling that day. There in spirit though.
  5. Cool, that's a well rounded street day. Happy late Bday
  6. I know people who know people, what do you have in mind? I actually had the first sled lot in Campo and then in Alpine. Still have some connections.
  7. That's funny, it happens to me too. I dread getting all my gear out and prepping the bike etc., then putting on my boots I get that feeling and cant wait to twist for roost.
  8. I can use that, sending PM
  9. But wait he was still young, dam , at least he was doing what he loved. RIP
  10. I would like to thank everyone for showing. What a good group, no supermen trying to impress, no bikes that broke due to lack of maintenance, just a good group of friendly folks. To the big bikes I did not know the road was as rough as it was but it wasn't terrible, even if I had prerun it the day before I probably would have still gone that way. The post ride at my house was good too, cold beverages, getting to know new people. Just a great day, again thanks for coming everyone. Charlie
  11. Guessing 9:30
  12. Bump, tomorrow. Have a few riders coming. Weather should be nice.
  13. Saturday morning, check out campo newbiesh ride
  14. Cool, and yes Campo, within sight of the border.