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  1. Dang solo riders, screwing around thru tunnels, going alone wherever. Great looking ride. Congrats.
  2. Looking like maybe I should cancel my plans in Idaho and come to this.
  3. Happy, Happy. Have fun, not to much though.
  4. I was there not long ago, it was flowing a couple inches deep but had been scrubbed, no moss
  5. I like their description "road and navigation lighting", now that's dual sport!
  6. Idaho, post falls, endless logging roads, even I can get turned around there.
  7. Congrats, and she likes bikes! Score!
  8. I have a couple (OK 9 ) trailers, I have a particular one in mind that would suit you quite well. I am in Campo, let know.
  9. If you change your tubes every time you put on a new tire, well I guess it depends on the price.
  10. RIP
  11. Len Zanni from Big Agnes called me this morning He is 1/3rd owner and is a dirt biker, KTM 300 etc. He was adamant that they do not support any sort of anti motorized movement. He wanted to set the record straight that their thing is products for people that want to sleep in the dirt. That encompasses a lot of groups, he has to walk a fine line between all of these groups, some more outspoken than others. Has his company contributed to special interest groups? Yes and they try to keep it even all around, and they do advertise in off road publications. After talking at length with him I would take them out of the "shutting down multi use land rights group." Questions, Len@BigAgnes.com He is the only one that has responded so far and is requesting pictures of riders using his products, Helinox chairs etc. That's one out of seven, interesting.
  12. I just wrote all 7 of those companies individually requesting clarification of their stance toward the offroad community, riding areas etc. We will see what if any responses I get.
  13. 2nd on Klim breathable pants and bandana, wicking shirts and shorts, carry a hat too, you might get off the bike and not want to wear your helmet. Sign me hair challenged
  14. Funny you mention the Yamaha colors, that was pointed out to me by Jerry Jones (an unfamous racer buddy) at Wildwoods birthday party yesterday. I thought of a school bus when I saw it ,so now I need a decal that says school bus on one side and Yamaha on the other side.
  15. Yes I will have him determine the proper tire pressure, and maybe I will put better foam in the seat:)