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  1. and its never been scratched, stuck or airborne.
  2. Sorry Texas A@M against Ole Miss, in Texas with the kid this weekend.
  3. wood splitter

    Before I bought a splitter off CL cheap (which you don't want to borrow, for a variety of reasons) , I would rent a splitter, $100 bucks, use it all weekend , if it breaks you don't care, take it back ,done. Orrrr I have a maul and wedges which I will watch you use while I drink.
  4. Smokers Rule

    Dam I bought chainsaws and I already had bikes.
  5. I think so, it was a big older bike and he struggled a bit. BS saved the day though.
  6. Yes I can't get the picture bigger but it looks like you did it. Bikeslut led a newbeish ride thru that route, what fun. Right at that bad spot a guy blew a tire ,what fun.
  7. Dang , steeper in that section than I remember, hope you didn't scratch your bike. So nice your buddy moved one rock though.
  8. Did you do the whole Stagecoach loop?
  9. Last flat races tomorrow, Campo, last one for year.
  10. BikeSlut is leaving.

    Darn, he is fun to be hassled by and learn from.
  11. So no well stocked camper at the destination with steaks, libations, lanterns etc. Hmmmm that's pretty rough.
  12. Local Area

    Sorry work dam work
  13. Hmmm, how about an auction? Somebody pays you for the pleasure of riding a free bike back to you. Could be a little chilly this time of year though.
  14. Peaked out too early

    There is welded railroad track steel welded across as a gate. Bummer I used to go to Tecate that way, sketchy but fun. Not illegal as long as you come back through a port of entry.
  15. Sweet, I see by your video clip that you found a trail I wasn't going to tell you about good job! Railroad tracks, lake, you guys done good!