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  1. What's my moto worth?

    Shall we start bidding
  2. The next step (what moto to get)

    Dude, go check that bike out Mine is an 06 te510 (probably the same bike basically), go look, throw a leg over. I paid 2500 for mine and that was a while ago
  3. 2010 990

    Thanks, I'll check the levels, I also have a noise when going down the road, it is kind of a morph of the same noise. Sounds kind of like the same kinda noise, if you ever had a speedo cable go bad on an old car, its like that but changes with RPMs. Tic tic, click click, I'm twisting my face around at the same time I used to love to get people to describe noises to me when I had my auto shop.
  4. Giant loop heat shield

    Dstss, You are a stellar fella, I got the shield in yesterdays mail. Will put it to use this weekend. Thank you very much. I definitely owe you. Thanks again,
  5. 2010 990

    Anybody here know who has done timing chain work on a 990? Carguy and I were talking about the noise on mine and after googling and talking with Alan Fox in Alpine it seems my tensioner may be going away. No emergency but its a weird noise and I'm not really into learning on my own stuff. Yes I know I could do it but... Experience with this anyone?
  6. Birthdays and The Kug

    Sounds like a strange party area, sorry but I can't attend Happy birthday.
  7. The next step (what moto to get)

    Do you want to try a used CRF230, I have an old beat one that needs exercise. You won't want to use one as your all around rider. Fun little bike though. Not for sale though, "kids bike" in reserve.
  8. WTB - 72-250 spring for KTM 530, etc

    Get with Suspenders in Alpine.
  9. Giant loop heat shield

    Now I have a worker coming over in the morning, how late is "late breakfast"?
  10. The next step (what moto to get)

    OK now that you know what direction you are headed I will say I loved how my XR rode, after suspension tweaking. The young man I sold it to takes it everywhere and loves it, he replaced the carb and states starting is a non issue. Solid fun bike. Worlds better than the TW. I live close to you lets ride!
  11. The next step (what moto to get)

    XR 400 kick start ( mine was), don't get it upside down, then it's a real bear, funbike but ...oh kickstarting
  12. Giant loop heat shield

    Wow, are you going to want to do border road from Jacumba, maybe I'll meet and guide (maybe you know that area already). Not pushing just suggesting.
  13. Giant loop heat shield

    Not desperate at all, I can meet you at the Buckman Springs rest area or buy you lunch in Pine Valley or? Whatever works for you. Thank you very much.
  14. Giant loop heat shield

    Yes, its a long drive to Yuma though. How shall we do this?
  15. Hey folks , I bought some Giant Loop bags here but didn't get the heat shield. I could make something or buy one from Giant Loop for $30. Maybe someone here has one laying around that could be acquired inexpensively? Thanks,