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  1. Just a quick note I found the Klim helmet that I got from Oracle allows me to put the face shield down with goggles on, sweet... My Arai did not, not sweet...
  2. Troy Corser races 1939 BMW

    Man talk about juevos.
  3. Cosmo and Dirt Dame - HBD

    Happy BDay Kids.
  4. Jump starter

    Wildwood gave me one ( don't know the brand ), didn't use it forever, one day the diesel tractor wouldn't start, I thought "not a chance " . Just for fun checked the voltage on jumper and it was 11.75 volts, still started the tractor, amazing. Get one ,I may forget mine one day.
  5. Now wait a minute, I could swear Wierdrider had a big duffel bag, if he got all that stuff in those little bags I'm shopping wherever he shops. My list is getting longer, I felt like I had WAY to much stuff, just not the cool stuff.
  6. allright, allright, I'll come up late in the afternoon. dont worry about food for me I;ll be self contained. If you dont see me though dont worry there is an issue with the big bike and I'm working on it now.
  7. CRF450L first crash test

    I wonder who I could contact to buy a "predisastered" demo bike.
  8. Wow, pretty sad that I don't think I could do that on my littlest dual sport.
  9. SDAR Club meeting at Veys EL Cajjon - 9/12/18

    Thank you much, good crowd, good food, nice venue too.
  10. New Member from Lakeside

    Welcome, nice bike. Theres a meeting at Veys in El Cajon tonight. Come on by.
  11. New Member Intro

    Man I was really stupid when I was a young and dumb 48 year old, uhhhh, was that supposed to change in the following decade or so?
  12. New Member Intro

    Another orange bike, welcome.
  13. Maybe, will there be room service?
  14. Alaska Throwback

    Yep, ain't it purty