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  1. Take the dirt road east of town, it tops out on a mesa. Deer etc. West of the town are indian low cliff dwellings, past the water processing plant. Don't buy one of those darn Kachina dolls,hideous. Have fun.
  2. Welcome We can help you all that lost, breaking stuff etc. :),
  3. I love my new to me 990, even offroad 2 up, geared a little high but that's OK. Do it!
  4. Schwinn I can't be there, sorry. Cool bike though. Stay tough.
  5. I was on the border road from Campo to Tecate (lunch) and back last Saturday. Smooth and a little slippery , no hassles from the BP. You could start from my house or unload in Campo down by the hardware store or VFW or.
  6. Beautiful blue, but man wouldn't that look good orange!
  7. That's for better cooling at race speeds, u guys don t no nuthin
  8. I hate it when the big white sparks jump out! By the way I learned turning off the switch does not kill the power, who'd a thunk. The light went out =no power, wrong. Live and learn, maybe.
  9. Bump, really not one response, OK whats a good price?
  10. HMMM the VFW, spent a lot of time at that one as a kid, hope to see you there. Thanks for your service,
  11. Well getting on the hijack, what about sleeping pads to go on my cot, I think I have a sleeping bag.
  12. Better call Allstate.
  13. Dos it have a heater, AC, chains, enclosed cab, heated seat, footwarmers?
  14. 640 KTM Adventure, runs great , dependable, I'm the second owner (Randy was the original owner). Its not a creampuff but its a nice bike. Has passenger pegs, everything works. Street legal. Only reason to sell I got a bigger bike $2500. Pretty firm.
  15. 2 up in that stuff, holy cow!