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  1. Endruo shop in oceanside is gone!!

    Strange --The Facebook page does not talk about this . If that means anything ?
  2. KUG is in --Randy you got your stickers ??
  3. Kug here -- might be interested in your Goggles and helmet. I am in Escondido . Lazy this morning and might be leaving later today.  So mabey monday. We will keep in touch .


    1. Socal_350exc


      Sure hit me up we can link up after work maybe 760-215-2894

  4. I might be interested in the goggles .. Mabey helmet too .
  5. F800GS BMW 2009

    It is still for sale - new add on craigslist.
  6. Find Mikey

    I saw a ADV Bum look alike on Orange is the New Black as a prison guard in a womens prison --
  7. 500 Exc - 2017

    Can that be fixed or modified??
  8. 500 Exc - 2017

    From my KTM dealer source the forks are not air forks. ???
  9. 500 Exc - 2017

    I don,t know anything about the new forks -- where did you get your information ? I like the ideal of compresion on one side and rebound on the other .
  10. 500 Exc - 2017

    The Christmas present will come around november december !
  11. Sorry to disapoint. I did fix my flat on the KTM from the mystery ride. And the bike started. Sorry folks been riding my bicycles ( I now have four) But I have been getting around a lot in the last few months. Bikepacking at Lauguna Hanson Baja. Kurt Casselli Fundraiser Crustys back yard in Escondido Hiking at Dixon Lake Racing ( riding ) Prescott Az PS if I ever sell my BMW a new 500 EXC is in the future !!
  12. 390 Duke Riding Club

    You got one of them Dave ? Going back to the Dark Side ?