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  1. I see my old bike - Dave Morton is the new owner. Said he went on a ride but did not know it was the Klim ride . Cool !!!
  2. MRP Tire Station

    I got one too but no bead breaker.. Also just got the Baja no pinch tool. Then I went Tubeless. Whats next ?
  3. New Adventure Pass 2017

    Do you still them. I thought they need to offer a service at the location.??
  4. From Cycle News Crash footage from helicopter: https://www.facebook.com/taylorrobert3333/videos/1418011394910052/ “I was rushed from King of the Motos to the hospital. My initial prognosis was small tears in my liver and kidney, along with two broken ribs and fractures in my sacrum, L2, L3, L4 and L5 vertebrae. [Editor’s note: Robert confirmed that he has full range of motion and no spinal cord damage from the broken vertebrae.] “After being in the hospital for two days I was having intense stomach pains and had another CT scan that showed a tear in my intestines. I was rushed into emergency surgery around midnight. Surgery didn’t go as easily as they had hoped so I was sedated on a ventilator, with my abdomen open for two days before doing another operation. “I finally moved out of ICU yesterday (Saturday, February 11) and am on my way to making some progress toward recovery. I want to thank my fiancé and mom for staying by my side this whole time. I also want to thank all my friends who stopped to check on me out on the track. “Luckily though all of this I don’t have any head injuries and they think I passed out from my lungs collapsing and pain. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me and I will start working on getting back to everyone ASAP.”
  5. I have been watching Coltons Blog-- This is scary and good stuff
  6. Happy Birthday CID!

    Happy Birthday Chris !!
  7. I hope to be their and will be bringing my "Free stuff from the giveaway fourm "
  8. It, s a rally for Suv, s and pickup, s
  9. Anyone use online training programs?

    Endurance Nation. Rich - Too Wheels Good rides with some of us sometime.
  10. Do i need to stand up like a BMW rider?
  11. " KUG,s" Free stuff

    I will bring the stuff that is asked for and not taken to the meeting. Grab all you want.
  12. We did one last fall ( I think ) -- That route will be nice and green in the spring . Don,t go after a rain -that route gets greasey. We had a rider slid off course into a barbed wire fence .
  13. Hi Phil --just got a 2017 KTM EXC 500 -- I am still working ( For Ten more years LOL ) -- This Sunday somewhere-- Next Sat might go to Core 4 Kids --Next Sunday no riding for me --Got to prep for a test ( Yes that test )
  14. I checked my valves tonight . All good enough for me the Exhaust both ,006 Intakes on the loose side one .006 the other one .007 So at least they are not tite so I am ready to ride it. Probley change some shims the next time I check em - Dhillr I took the breather hose off the air box- and replaced the clamp with a screw hose clamp. It will be real easy next time .