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  1. It, s a rally for Suv, s and pickup, s
  2. Anyone use online training programs?

    Endurance Nation. Rich - Too Wheels Good rides with some of us sometime.
  3. Do i need to stand up like a BMW rider?
  4. " KUG,s" Free stuff

    I will bring the stuff that is asked for and not taken to the meeting. Grab all you want.
  5. We did one last fall ( I think ) -- That route will be nice and green in the spring . Don,t go after a rain -that route gets greasey. We had a rider slid off course into a barbed wire fence .
  6. Hi Phil --just got a 2017 KTM EXC 500 -- I am still working ( For Ten more years LOL ) -- This Sunday somewhere-- Next Sat might go to Core 4 Kids --Next Sunday no riding for me --Got to prep for a test ( Yes that test )
  7. I checked my valves tonight . All good enough for me the Exhaust both ,006 Intakes on the loose side one .006 the other one .007 So at least they are not tite so I am ready to ride it. Probley change some shims the next time I check em - Dhillr I took the breather hose off the air box- and replaced the clamp with a screw hose clamp. It will be real easy next time .
  8. Husaberg 570 vs KTM 500

    Aftermarket fuel tanks for the Berg ? Does anyone make one . A few choices for the KTM,s
  9. Sounds good --pending the gas and the civil unrest stuuation in Baja goes away. The last week was kind of tense down their .
  10. Carb, rich or lean?

    Your friend in my opinion has a bike that the previous owner set up real rich on the pilot jet. Mabey also has a rich clip position, and mabey a high float level. Also the fuel screw may be damaged or turned out to far. This also leads to excessive fuel compsumption. Symptoms include hard starting when hot and a rich feeling at off of idle. This bike may haul ass but needs to be inspected for correct carb jets and specs.
  11. Stoped their a few weeks back. Yes they are closed Sundays. I wanted something lite so I ordered Chicken Strips. OMG real chicken and i could not eat it all. Like !
  12. MacDuncan and I took a little spin today . A mix of little bit of everything,Roads,trails,whoops and more whoops ,sandwashes. Rode past Camachos and made our wat to El Centro for Mexican Breakfest, Back threw Superstion,the tressel ,Painted gorge .. No dirt naps ,no dust, 115 miles -- Brappp !
  13. Funny I also sold my dads saw for beer !
  14. Yes I am afraid to scuff it up. Just took it up Nate Harison. If no one told me it had emission equiptment on it I would never know . Runs good . Picks lines a lot better than my old bike . Feels broken in already at 50 miles