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  1. New bike - ALTA EXR

    I see it is street legal . For the off road ones do you have to get a Green Sticker or are you exempt ?
  2. If you do Grapevine you might see me on my bicycle !
  3. Me and Van enjoyed the Lark zoo today.I am still trying to warm up.
  4. I am going to pass -- need to do bike maintance .
  5. Anyone interested in going to this. I might be. https://www.cyclenews.com/2018/11/article/sixth-annual-kurt-caselli-ride-day-saturday-december-1-2018/
  6. Glad to know Jaun. We just never get up to his neck of the woods to go riding. He should be a Hugh Howser replacement.
  7. I only have a small bike. Big bike riders could take some of the many roads that run close to a offroady route.
  8. Don,t worry their will be others. No secret on the next one .I want to ride to Lake Isabella from Cajon Pass. Probley motel it .
  9. Time for another tech day?

    If we have a doctor in the house my right shoulder needs a looking at . It is crunchy .
  10. Yes indeed . We found a sand pit where someone got stuck. No problem for Pattons Tanks !
  11. The cat was out of the bag. We are going to Pattons Cabin ( Kind of ) The Team
  12. LOL we need to ride sometime togeather - With the bicycle of course LOL. I think I put more miles on bikes this year than moto,s !