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  1. I reposted on craigslist.
  2. Oriflamme area down to Blair,Pynyon,or Grapevine canyon.
  3. Ok -- I am looking for a 2009- 20011 Nissan Frontier crew cab 4x4 Pro X .
  4. Thanks guys. I am thinking of going to a midsized 4x4 pickup and a pop up camper-glamper( four wheel camper). I will be getting in touch with you soon.
  5. Anyone here a used car broker or now of someone reliable?
  6. Toast a few at Muley Point for me!
  7. I miss his smile
  8. What time do you think you will be in Laguna?
  9. Good times --Thanks for posting !!!
  10. Great -- The new 500 nimble enough for that stuff. ???
  11. Braaaaaaapp !!!!
  12. Happy Birthday !!!!!
  13. Thanks MR. JAJA for having your get togeather. Awesome food and venue. Realy got to see the other side of the world.