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  1. How about make a kitty then drive down the street to stator bro,s to get everything we need ?
  2. Mabey we should have the Tech day in Idaho?
  3. Update --for any Bikepackers (Moto) I am probley going on a overnighter after the Tech day. I will have my camping set up on my bike so any new campers can see what it is all about .
  4. I got the jones to go and camp out on the eve of the 22nd. Probley ride out of Escondido to Anza or Blair Valley or to the top of Pinyon Mtn or Grapevine canyon. We can decide if I have any takers. Going to be simple.Ride back Sunday AM after stoping for breakfest somewhere. Any takers ?
  5. And to help answer any questions about the 2017 EXC 500 .
  6. And a stones throw from the Stone mothership !
  7. Kug is in to lurk and to brag about my new 500.
  8. Your dog won,t want to leave !!!
  9. It looks like a spacer they press into some type of plastic part -- side covers --Fender-- ????
  10. Order that part from Honda and see if it is the same . I guess is that is the part .
  11. Selling my beloved bike .! http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mcy/6210315371.html
  12. Thanks Bags !!!