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  1. Found oil

    As I said before ,When has anyone have a oil related faliure ?
  2. Stuck My Hand

    Stop tinkering with your bike!
  3. CID Birthday?

    Facebook says so. Or is it fake news.?? Happy birthday Chris!!
  4. I think our group ( like at the meeting Van ,Tracy, Kug, ) are still commited to sweeping .
  5. My new ride

    KUG says JD tuner ! Make shure you have a solid ground and a spare fuel pump in a year or two.
  6. Pros & cons KTM 500 Xc-w lowering

    Dito--- Suspension 101 is the go to guy. I love my bike.
  7. Roasty -- I have your jumper cables . I will PM you.
  8. Noob moment - - my bike doesn't start. Not prepared da! Have a good ride.
  9. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Desert Dash is the 24 th.
  10. Does anyone know if their is a place to park a SUV and trailer near Pio Pico ? Or at the car wash ?