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  1. FOD

    I worry more about the transmission teeth than the spline wearing.
  2. FOD

    http://www.cushdrive.com/ Looks funky - one pound heavier - I don't care I am hopeing it's all good in long run to save my drive train.
  3. FOD

    No one questioned my funky looking sprocket!
  4. FOD

    Don't try mounting a tire after a few beer's with CID. What's that funny noise?
  5. Sent you a PM in the wee AM
  6. What bp619 said with Gen 1
  7. Baja Noob Ride 2.0

    You wing it or get someone's tracks?
  8. Wheel lacing

    What you got Chris. Mabey I can do it.
  9. SDAR Meeting

    I stared this one to drive up enthusiasm for the meeting and in case you could not navigate to the other one.
  10. Supension 101 is the go to guy for lowering. You can check out my bike if you want !
  11. My new ride

    Yehh !!! Good for you .
  12. SDAR Meeting

    For the new inmates their will be a SDAR meeting this Wed. I noticed it is not posted up in Upcoming events . Quote -- So we will have he meeting at Moto Forza on Wed May 23. We will be eating from 6-7 then have the meeting. A local brewery might be supplying some beverages. Moto Forza - New shop 1220 W Washington Ave, Escondido, CA 92029 Please chime in so we will get a rough ideal of how many are coming . It is a good chance for new members to meet the old folks .
  13. Thanks Randy for the Update --- work gerrrrr !