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  1. Upcoming SDAR meeting 2017???

    Let's try the festa Island picnic again and try to get more families to attend.
  2. Thanks for posting up. I never got around to say anything about this ride --. mabey later .
  3. Nicky Hayden

    Sad to hear this.
  4. Rick,s Motorsport ==== for stators --google it
  5. Happy Birthday KUG!

    Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes ! Meet and Great at a Brewery soon.
  6. Happy Birthday KUG!

  7. Randy your two wheel drive all done to attend? How is it?
  8. Alas we were waiting for Rigger to show up . Next Time ?
  9. P.S. Got the Firelog and Metal State Park container all figured out .
  10. Ok so the old farts camping Meet Up was a sucess. A lot of laughs. Kiwi Wayne does not hold back while bike camping. It started out with a Tuperware Bowl of Blue Cheese and olives . Of course all sorts of Booze. Then the Main course. I never saw a chunk of Moto Meat like that . Followed with a head of lettuce and a full bottle of dressing.Trust me we were all jealous after eating our Ramen. Wayne you can come to any campout with us !!
  11. See you guys at the campsite. Heading out from Esco.about 2 PM
  12. Dave I am still confuzed where this is is--- it where it says camping spot on the track