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  1. Good times with Schwinn as always. We all did a lot of chatting and I think no one took a picture. No pictures but it did happen !!
  2. Thats about ultralite as you can get !
  3. IN
  4. Are you going to get a plate for it ? Looks good !
  5. I think it is only at the visitor center. The had major trafic jam last year with the bloom. Easy way to make $$ . But what is next ???
  6. I am posting this for Hacksaw Pete .. Somehow he is a suporting member and can not access this thread . PM Him https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mpo/d/h20-out-motorcycle-jacket/6371046860.html
  7. Where is the Arnie Ride Thread Located ? Lost it can,t find it , Any thing new on it ?
  8. Remember in a few years you will be looking for one pound expensive tents. I just got this. Expensive, impractical, not free standing. Poles and pegs are the same weight as the tent. A bit less than 2 pounds complete. I love it! Gossamer Gear one.
  9. Are you in contact with Todd Whiteside - They were planing on doing something
  10. We should have celebrated Saturday nite!!
  11. Jim thanks for posting and writing about the ride. I am a little slow on posting up. Good times indeed , Great crew and lots of laughs. HMberg -Homer realy hauls ass on his 700 Honda. Great rider and put the fancy equiptment to shame. We had a nice ride . Good to see the Hideout is getting rebuilt. Sad to see Indian Flats campground and area burned to a chrisp. Good to see and smell Pot farming is realy taking off in Anza. Kind of a lot of different characters out their . Fun to have Jim take all the pictures .Lots of deer hunters up on top of the Mtn. Best part is when Wayne fills his Hot water bottle with his XR exhaust -- classic . Found a few good campsites for future trips. Still so much to explore on the ride up their . Got to plan a SDAR Bikepacking weekend in Spring with plenty of notice so all camper can come !!!!