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  1. Dave I am still confuzed where this is is--- it where it says camping spot on the track
  2. This lurker is planning on riding from Escondido Saturday afternoon.
  3. Where is the Track ? I did not see one .Only pins .
  4. Oh I miss that Tecate single track in a green spring. I am out of the loop and just can,t find time to get back into it .
  5. The early flywheels had no Key as I remember. Some spun. Check on a new used flywheel before you dig into it. Mabey someone put locktite on it ?? Too bad it is striped !
  6. I met Lael and Nick when they were presenting the Baja Divide Route in Escondido last year. At New Years about 100 riders left downtown for Baja. It sure is a diferent lifesyle to do those Endurance rides. This weekend I rode the Stagecoach 400 from Idywild to Downtown SD -170 miles and called it . Others completed it and a pair rode around the Salton sea to do 500 miles . They finished this afternoon. I love Bikepacking and you just want to go further and further. I want to do parts of the Baja Divide but not the whole thing because I know how many miles their are between places from riding the Moto .
  7. kvans I thought I sent a message but I guess I did not .All infro is in the post.
  8. Dave I don,t know if I am going on this . Undecided .
  9. Here you go try this .Let me know if it works for you. I am not computer literete so you are on your own. Ride at your own risk, use comon sense, their may be changes , This may not be true to form . Study this be for useing this. Reference only. good luck. Enjoy your ride . Be safe , Stay to the right side. Watch for trafic at any spot on this ride Dana Ride.gdb