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  1. HBD WeirdRider

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!
  2. SDAR club meeting 10-18-2016

    I hope to make it.
  3. Trouble with my inReachSE

    Thanks --I have to remember that !
  4. Stay with the tried and true conecting links and change once in awhile . The screw type seems shady.
  5. UTBDR

    Ok so we made it to Moab finialy . Kind of a days riding longer than I thought it should have taken. The weather was changing. After we were east of Moab we put on our rain gear. It was sprinkling on and off. Looked nasty. . It sprinkled and we sat in our tents at our camp in Fisher Valley. The weather called for nasty up north in a day or two. We were headed that way. When we got to Green River we pulled the plug. We are a week lot . Sorry to disapoint you but we would have been out in the middle of nowhere for days with no chase truck close to us at all. We decided to live anouther day so we can come back and ride Utah again . It did not take much to twist our arms . LOL ! Chris had selfinflected bike problems . Camping in the rain in Fisher Valley -- We are lucky - it did not rain that much ! We made it to the place for everyone. Ok guys cary on with the story !
  6. UTBDR

    Moving on --more Pics. Abajo Mtn,s west of Monticello. Site of Bagsters bathroom break ! More Lockart !
  7. UTBDR

    Mexican Hat ! Our camping spot ! Moonrise ! Sunrise !
  8. UTBDR

    Hot Preping the bikes in Tuba City
  9. La Mesa Meet n Greet

    I was going to the beach after work but might go to this instead.
  10. SOLD ----F800GS BMW 2009

    My beloved 800 is sold to a cool guy in El Cajon. I think we may see him on one of our rides someday. !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Happy B-Day Dirt Dame and Cosmo!

    Tracy is on his way to do some riding too -See you on the trail -Happy Birthday guys !
  12. Adventure Gear

    Mmm mabey time for another Bikepacking show and tell !!!!!!!!!
  13. Do they have a Adventure Bike Class ?
  14. I want to go but will be riding in Utah .. Good times -- Fun event !!