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  1. The Date is posted --look at first post for new infromation
  2. MX Bill Herold - passed away

    Beezzz have known some others that have passed after excerize. I would rather pass away that way than waisting away in a care facility. Get out and do it while you can.
  3. COBDR

    Great write up as usual . Pics also -best time of the year. !
  4. MX Bill Herold - passed away

    Bummer - Bought a string dampener from him when he gave up Dual sporting. I rode mtn bikes with him one time up in Laguna and was impressed when he said he rode up their 2-3-4 times a week on those trails. Loved smokers and single track to the fullest.
  5. All the joys of a Rekluse Clutch !!
  6. Dude -what a great find !
  7. Sprockets 500EXC-F

    14-48 I beat to a different drum
  8. XR650L versus 500 EXC-F

    What Ken S says !!!! ---Congrats on Drinking the Orange Kool Aid
  9. Something does not look right on your kickstand. Chain rubbed off a nut ?????
  10. Looking forward to the new hiking ,Mtn bike trail -- sorry guys !
  11. Wanted stock TKC 80,S that everyone takes off of their 17,18,19 KTM 500,s and Huskys. What you got?
  12. Garage clear out

    DMV ok on the 550?