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  1. "the upcoming KTM 790 looks just right". Well said.
  2. What is up? Sure is a lot of tools involved.
  3. great photos. how is the bike doing?
  4. looks great and good photos. I sense a retail market for this one. I have found only hydraulic lift versions or custom builds like this one on the internet. Thanks.
  5. "The off the shelf receiver style bike haulers all have a 3000# limit on towing behind them. In their case they are supporting the bike on the hitch." Wow! Custom built then? Where? Joe Hauler? Any El Cajon builders you recommend? CID, have you figured this out for your similar needs?
  6. pbdblue, Brikman, tntmo, Thanks for your posts and links.
  7. Bags, What setup is this? Yours? What a great response from the group!!! The first hand experience sharing has been terrific and important. The RV centers and myself have been concerned about the extra "leverage" from the extensions affecting tongue weight specifications and RV driving performance (the straight tracking of the RV). Any comments regarding "RV tracking" with a 26' class A and tail whip/sway? Anyone have an extra setup they no longer need? Thanks.
  8. Link: What is the most stable way to haul a 2 door jeep and a 250 lb. mx bike or a 450 lb adventure bike at the same time with a class A 26' "shorty" RV? (Fleetwood Flair RV) Should I mount them on the tail of RV or tail of Jeep. If mounted on the RV tail, can you make turns O.K. without the bike hitting the Jeep. Is the turning radius of the RV limited? Seems like it would be. Anyone have any experience with this?
  9. coolio, bags. exploration day. when i catch up with work, i will join you.
  10. way to go "world traveler". keep us posted.
  11. bike looks like it is suspended well. anyone, thoughts?
  12. the greatest twisty's await you. take a few photos and take your time.
  13. nice post. cheers to TREE.