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  1. Beezzz

    My SPOT Renewal

    Thanks Bowers. It was $230/year and became $85.
  2. Beezzz

    KTM 790 Adventure

    your next bike?
  3. Beezzz

    Life is fragile!

    Jim, my sincerest condolences.
  4. Per Bill Herold's wife Janet, Please join us in celebrating a life well lived. If you have a picture of a favorite memory please bring a copy. Feel free to share the news, all are welcome. RSVP to Jessica at (619)672-1454 or mrsjschreiber@gmail.com Flinn Springs County Park 14787 Olde Hwy 80 Sunday November 4th @ 1:30 pm ALL ARE WELCOME. LINK: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bill.herold.35?__tn__=%2CdlC-R-R&eid=ARDdCHOo8k2ehM3TyL4v9tr3UKNi2-N-I6WQG_v2dYBCV0kZHjcEGwCxJ-E5bJnjASOhhdexOfyeU3Ss&hc_ref=ARS5IXDoxNQShieyYz7nk-8-QwMfcP9A2O37bpMMwMMA6EpJUMrzak8BYZN0tkg8Pmc
  5. Beezzz

    S1 Stuff

    calling Riggerdan! Here you go.
  6. we need Utah photos!!!

    1. PbdBlue


      Working on it. Just rolled back into town yesterday after 30 days on the road. Man I'm beat:)

    2. Beezzz


      O.K., O.K.   I get it.  Don't forget to post up!

  7. Thanks Rigger for a perfect day. Until next time.
  8. Rigger, Are you planning on purchasing lunch in Campo or snack on trail.
  9. IN. Bringing the white f800gs.
  10. Beezzz

    MX Bill Herold - passed away

    Please post memorial services as they are known. The day before he died, he was mountain biking at 11,000 feet. Any correlation to his heart stress and his passing the next day? Any medical professionals out there? In an unrelated event, a 55 year old male family friend had a heart attack and died while running a marathon. He was in excellent shape from appearances. Is exercise killing people? How common is it?
  11. FYI who knew him. On Facebook. A long time SDAR member and avid mountain biker. He was mountain biking on 10-3-18 in Utah, next day 10-4-18 dead with heart issue (aortic aneurysm). Wow! He will be missed. A terrific guy. I am grieving his passing. Post any photos you want to share. Bill Herold October 6 at 3:22 PM · Hello everyone, We are so shocked and sad to let you know that Bill suffered what we think was an aortic aneurysm this past Thursday afternoon. He leaves behind his loving family and friends, who are too numerous to possibly list here. We are thankful that his last week was filled with his favorite things - Utah bike trip with friends and lots of family time. So many of you have reached out to express your sympathy for us and appreciation for the man who has been a friend, confidant, and fellow adventurer that could always be relied upon. Thank you - it all helps while we deal with the loss. - Jan He is going to be missed so much! (with his dog in photo) Some shots from 2010 Utah trip.
  12. Beezzz

    XR650L versus 500 EXC-F

    Consider an aftermarket seat. Comfort (standard, low, tall, etc.)