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  1. And tntmo stopped by on his bagger to take a ride with us. No real crashes... no mechanicals... no flats! Enzo may need some minor bike repairs. Nice to see you out there Robert!
  2. KennyS, paul m Bowers, George, enzo, Courtney? Another Paul, and Brian. Kenny led us on a nice route of singletrack. I was trailing so didn't get many pictures
  3. Did a short ride in the dark them watched a beautiful sunset
  4. I woke up extra early to make sure my bike and body worked ok
  5. George- riding out, or trucking? I'm loading up my truck tonight and driving out o dark thirty ptka and blong... hope to see you there. I'll be in a red 150 with a black DRZ in the back
  6. I can't commit the time to sweep but can help with registration
  7. Low intermediate... if some noobs show up we could probably accommodate them. A little bit of sand and some singletrack. Nobody left behind
  8. see updated post Jason
  9. Meeting at the Oak Tree about 7... intermediate terrain/pace. Not sure how long I can hang, but I'll be there. Probably earlier to shake out the cobwebs
  10. Lol... I'm out ... next week? You have lots of stories to share! Join us at Otay and tell us tall tales
  11. oops... I missed all this. uh... I posted a different ride... rick, paul, tom are welcome to coerce me to change my mind
  12. Sorry... false alarm. Jason... join us at otay