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    San Diego SX......does anybody know?

    That is the company line... they use regional dirt, and store it for reusing
  2. bikeslut

    tire changing

    Yeah... ...but then he would have to ride with somebody like me
  3. bikeslut

    tire changing

    Its really more fun (torture) with friends (hecklers) standing around helping (torturing) you in the wonderful (hot) outdoors. It really does get easier with practice.
  4. bikeslut

    Schwinn Pic...Anyone Know Where This Is ?

    Stonewall Peak? It's a guess, but I've been there
  5. bikeslut

    Tools, tubes and water

    That's what friends are for...
  6. bikeslut


    I am unable to join... big stuff going on at work. Take pictures
  7. bikeslut


    spyder... yeah... I may remember that trail; it does look as the one of my helicopter ride. I have visited that trail since (from the bottom) and the group stopped at the same place I stopped that day... but... we went in the morning... early... from the bottom. and turned around when we got stymied. Schwinn and pasta were having an annual pilgrimage of the trail on the dash weekend for a while.
  8. bikeslut


    gee... that looks inviting
  9. I woke up extra early to make sure my bike and body worked ok
  10. Corral or lark...7 am.. anybody riding?
  11. bikeslut

    Sunday Feb 4

    I can be at a meeting place at 8.... I'm leaning towards lark, just based on my terrible trail vision/reaction time...
  12. bikeslut

    Sunday Feb 4

    I'm going somewhere Sunday... at some time... lark or corral...6 ish
  13. bikeslut

    Sunday Feb 4

    FFS Kenny... that's a Saturday ride right? I can start another thread for Saturday if you'd like lmao... you're going to confuse everybody
  14. bikeslut

    Sunday Feb 4

    Is that for me or Rory?
  15. Saw the Saturday ride... can't attend that one, but looking for a ride somewhere in East County. intermediate level terrain and speed. Usual locations: Jacumba? Corral? Lark? Painted Gorge? OW? Superstition? SSS?
  16. Sorry for the delay...4 corners at 7 am
  17. Saturday Sweep? I'll sweep if Tom will go with me and fix my bike if necessary!
  18. reximus... I have some stuff going on with work, and can't commit until basically the last minute. I'll probably hit Lark or Corral and tool around for a bit. I am watching this thread, and will respond either way when I know for sure... sorry to keep you hanging
  19. Cool... I'm disappointingly slow and out of shape. Pick a ride! Tntmo...you go with us
  20. bikeslut

    Veys Powersports

    Saw Robert the other day, and he told me he also owns bikebandit.com Huh... who knew? He was on a plated smoker, and was taking a group of 5 on the original "Phantom Trail"...
  21. bikeslut

    Anyone lose a dirt biker?

    they are on their recovery hike today... last report had them not at the bikes yet, with only 3 hours of daylight left... current conspiracy theory is that the whole thing is a troll MAN DOWN
  22. Not sure if this is the right forum, but wanted to shout out to Allan Fox in Alpine. My often neglected and sometimes airlifted DRZ sat... for a long time. I had replaced the suck carb with the FCR, and jetted it per recommendations, but it never quite worked great. I called him up, and he said he would take a look. Since he was 1 mile from my house, and it was already loaded from the Otay non-ride, I ran it up there. He had it back in two days, and I told him I would report to the group if it worked... it was great! I've taken it to Lark twice now, and other than being a little cold-blooded, it runs VERY well, especially for a DRZ. I just order a short throw choke pull from TT, so assuming I can install that without calling in the big guns, the cold-blooded issue should be lessened too. (current tank interferes with the choke) Talked with Allan at length, and he was very knowledgeable about motors, and carbs (even moreso than me)...He told me to take it for a run, and call him back if it needed adjustment, but it is great. He doesn't always have time to work on the number of bikes in his garage, and he acknowledged that he may not always be able to get bikes back on a timeline you would want. But two days works for me...He pulled the stem on the tire doing the road test, so he swapped that out for me before he returned it. If you need engine or carb work, consider him Allan Fox 619-981-3263