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  1. Today
  2. That is some Crazy,,,
  3. Wow! That looks like a great turn out and sounds like a fun ride. Thank you for sharing pictures.
  4. Kiwi Wayne

    Toni Bou stays at home !

    I did see a pussy!
  5. Kiwi Wayne

    Toni Bou stays at home !

    Nothing but Awesomeness.
  6. simicrintz

    Toni Bou stays at home !

    Tony Bou obviously does not have a wife or he would not be allowed to do that!!!
  7. Here are a few of my pix....
  8. Great to meet you all this weekend...Solid Ride, can’t wait for the next one! Here’s a few pics from the day:
  9. Found this new riding gear to protect me in those less than desirable situations.
  10. It looks like there is more focus on the FaceBook page than here. 4-5 rider called in and 19 showed up. A rather large group to keep rolling and together. I thing we had one Bike nap without any injury. Every one made it to Mesa Grand, where Doc and Randy bailed out. That's a other story. 18 Bikes went on the Palomar divide, some went to the lookout, some big bikes went down to the RV ground and wait for the rest in the shade. All in all, a nice ride with new faces.
  11. Yesterday
  12. I’ve boiled fuel in Big Bear and Mammoth when it was over 100 at on stupid crazy steep climbs.
  13. Ahhhhhh...thanks BP...bummer for Reed, he was having a good day on the new bike. Never heard of "fuel boiling" before but, then again, I don't ride fast enough to boil an egg...
  14. https://mxvice.com/amp/133318/updates-chad-reed
  15. Did anyone get a scoop on why Chad Reed rode off the track "half way" through the main? He didn't crash, he didn't seem to have a major mechanical, he just causally rode off under his own power. Maybe he was "gassed" but, not like those guys to just "bail out" like that and collect a DNF.
  16. I was 8800 and now 10k something...boo
  17. 44 points, I’m still in the top 20 (thousand).
  18. Agreed, weird. I only got 51 points yesterday a d fell almost 2000 positions in the standing..lol
  19. Where is the ride report and pictures? Or you all too busy riding?
  20. It was kind of eerie seeing the empty stands, but once the racing started it wasn't too noticeable. Glad to see some sort of a solution was proposed and actually approved for the SuperCross season. This too, shall pass.
  21. Great ride today guys!! Thanks Randy for putting it together and Thanks Mr. Jaja for leading the way! Looking forward to the next one...👍 Chris
  22. Track was a bit dusty and they could really slide the tire around. Great racing in the beginning of the 450 main.
  23. bboyle9

    GPS Phone APP's Android or iPhone for 2020

    Just bought a Kyocera. I am very familiar with OnX hunting as GPS app on my Iphone. Has anyone tried OnX offroad?
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