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  1. I totally get that Mimi. It is a devastating event that happened to him and I don't have problems with him pointing out the hypocrisies of the catholic religion and their actions towards priest found to be perpetrators of the molestations that is why I didn't unfriend him on Facebook but to lump all Christianity into this mix I believe was misguided and to not forgive and move forward continues to give the upper hand to the molester. I don't want to comment on this any longer as it may be a distraction to the remembrance of a person that I thought had their heart in the right place but let previous experiences mis-guide him. As I mentioned I thought his heart was in the right place but I wish he would have seen a bigger picture for eternity. My thought and regret is more of missing this conversation with him on a one on one basis.
  2. I really admired his heart for Baja and his support for the area and kids. I friended him on Facebook and followed his adventures. I still believe it was a shame he seemed to have an atheist point of view and now he knows for sure what lies beyond this world. I know he was very anti catholic by his posts and I believed him to be anti religion in all areas but having never talked to him in person its speculation on my part. Sorry to hear of his passing at a relatively young age. I always hope that someone finds hope in an eternal existence before they pass but again that's just me. Sorry toall the people on the other side of this argument but maybe we can have a beer and talk about it in Baja.
  3. Tree

    Found Lost Rider in Mexico

    It did happen in Mexico but that doesn't mean it will happen to me. Not unlike a guy being killed in downtown San Diego, that does not keep me from going there but it makes me aware of the areas to stay away from. Like Crawdaddy, I am more worried about being injured away from any possible care. I have needed stitches in Mexico and incurred a broken a collar bone in both cases everything turned out fine but there definitely could have been different results based on the seriousness of the injury. I feel anyone going outside their door any day needs to be satisfied with how they have lived there life and be ready for it to end at anytime. If you have any fears you should not get on your bike no matter where you are going. 450 people a year die from falling out of bed. it comes down to what you accomplished and your regrets in your life because any day could be your last. I want to live like the Lee Brice song says, "I'd rather take years off my life than life off my years". I've had four serious eye opening close calls in Mexico but I've had many more in the states. When it's my time to go there will be no stopping that no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing. I guess it comes down to being at peace and relying on a higher power, for me at least.
  4. Definitely interested but not sure on T-day weekend yet. Deb #3 really? There are bigger problems if that is an issue.
  5. Tree

    Baja 500 accident

    This is funny to me because my buddy Javier came up to me this morning and said if you want to see a video of how you crashed in Baja when you broke your collar bone check out the crash from the Baja 500. He was behind me on the compadre trail when I apparently had the same kind of get off. All I remember was getting up off the ground.
  6. Nice I remember he was very fast in D38 so no surprise there.
  7. Tree

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    Forget spacolli show me Phoebe Cates
  8. Tree

    Tweek tweek

    I was one of the guys intrigued with the stove. It was cool and worked great during the demo. I'm planning on making one soon. Vic I have a rear tire in my garage with your name on it. PM me for the address and I promise to double check for accuracy before I send it out.
  9. Heal fast man. I need another Baja riding partner. Cabo 2015.
  10. Thanks for putting this on kkug. It was a great time with a great group. My first camping trip off the bike but it won't be my last.
  11. Tree

    RV Repairs and Parts

    I have a motor home that has an electrical issue (short). The wipers are stuck on last time I used it and in turn the engine shut off for no reason a couple times driving it home but it started right back up. If you get down to east county I could use your help. Either that or I need to take into county RV.
  12. Ok I'll have room in my pack for liquid refreshments. Right now I have a fanny pack stuffed in that I can wear when I need to replace it with barley pops.
  13. Might be big enough as it's a two person tent may have to sleep diagonal or in the fetal position but it will work. Was looking at the plus sized tents at REI but went cheap instead so we'll see how it works. Looks like I have beezzz and sicvic coming down with me so we the truck is full now.
  14. Ok picked up my tent and sleeping pad plus posted my plans for a weekend overnighter ride to Facebook. No looking back now I'm 100% in.