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  1. downs

    So long folks

    There's no riding here like there is in SOCAL or all of Cali for that matter. There are tons of fences. Very little public land. "ADV RIDING" Down here consists mostly of riding gravel county and state roads. And more and more of those get paved every year the closer to the city they are. Sam Houston Ntl Forest is probably the closest thing to free ride public land we have and it gets shut down a lot due to rain since it's around Houston. Big Bend is awesome to ride in and have dirt routes but is 600 miles from me and since it's a Ntl Park you have to pay for anything and everything. Thanks for all the well wishes folks I'm sure I'll see some of ya'll around at some point
  2. downs

    So long folks

    KTMRAD let me know when you pass though (I'm downs on ADV rider and a few other forums as well) and if we're in our house by then you've got a place to crash. Thanks for the well wishes everyone.
  3. downs

    So long folks

    Well due to high year tenure and two passes for promotion the Marine Corps has decided it no longer requires my services. It's been great getting to know some of ya'll and I wish I would have made more rides with the group but I have memories that I will carry with me forever. Everyone ride safe I'll be moving back to North Central Texas. Hope to see ya'll around
  4. downs

    Trailer SAFETY- Cautionary tale

    I try to be super cautious with trailers. When I latch the hitch I also put a lock on it to not only secure it from theft but to keep the latch from coming up on accident. I've got a pintle hitch for the Jeep I just need to get a Lunette ring on the trailer. It's way overkill for my tiny trailer but I built the trailer to pull behind the Jeep loaded with camping gear off road and want the extra flexibility.
  5. I didn't even know there were shooting areas up there. The last time I saw someone shooting they were shooting at the "bunkers" at like 10 feet away haha. Usually public shooting areas get closed due to garbage. people haul anything and everything out to them then leave it all there destroying the area and forcing them to close it off. The public area out in Ocotillo is like that. Tons of garbage people leave after they are done shooting. Every time we go out there we come back with a truck bed or Jeep full of other's garbage and don't even make a dent.
  6. For sure I made plenty of good friends on this site Shinko is still up for grabs folks. I'd hate to toss a perfectly good 705. Probably still has 10,000 miles left on it.
  7. Back to North Central Texas. I'll be up at Santa Rosa the weekend of the 6th but I'll be in my Jeep not the bike. Everyone who wants to join is invited. It'll be my last visit to the mtn before I leave
  8. Tire chock is gone. Filters and Plugs still available as well as the Shinko 705
  9. Local pickup only. I'm in the middle of packing for a move so traveling to drop this stuff off isn't really an option right now, if you want it PM me and I"ll send you my contact info. Pretty sure these go on a DR350. CR9EK plugs and HF136 filters. 6 pack of Fat Tire beer and it's yours. Harbor Freight Tire Chock. 6 pack of Hoegaarden or Blue Moon. Not pictured. Shinko 705 Front 110/80-19 off of my VSTOM. Probably has 75 or more percent life left on it. Swapped it way early to go to Shinko 804/805. 6 Pack of Hoegaarden or Fat Tire. Here's what Hoegaarden looks like Fat tire
  10. downs

    Weigh Scales

    Are there any weigh scales in the Lakeside area? Current plan is to go weigh it at the Mayflower place right outside of Miramar's North Gate but if there's a closer place I'd rather weigh here.
  11. downs

    SD BMW Swap meet

    Showed up for 20 mins or so. Didn't find anything I wanted but had a decent variety for a first go
  12. downs

    Good Time with Motoventuring Ladies

    Pretty cool. I've been following their youtube channel since episode 1
  13. downs

    Competitive shooting

    Local pistol match
  14. Talking about Bonzi Becky?
  15. One of my favorite taken during an SDAR noob/big bike ride On my way back from a Strugis trip with my dad. This is outside of Provo, Ut. Setup camp and went exploring the ATV trails in the area. My dad had split off and headed back for Texas the day prior. Black Mail box outside of Rachel, Nv. I'll have to do some more digging and find some from previous trips.