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    The ride will start at Main Street Coffee in Ramona on Saturday, October 22nd. Address is: 680 Main St, Ramona, CA 92065 Ride will start at 2:00 PM....show up early to converse, etc. Arrive ready to go, fuel tanks full, water, snacks etc. There will be a stop less than ten miles from the campsite for gas/food/beverages/water/etc. Little to no cell phone service at the campground!! If you need to check in with your sweetie pie snookums, do it at the gas stop!! We will head out of town, turn onto Magnolia which shortly thereafter turns into Black Canyon Rd. This is a gravel road for about 11 miles. It has some narrow sections with blind curves and no guard rails but it's pretty basic stuff. At the end of Black Canyon Rd, we will turn left onto Mesa Grande to enjoy some twisty blacktop. No race, just relax. I saw a tree with a bunch of motorcycle parts nailed to it in a tight turn, so some people decided to go too fast! We will go past the Hideout, making all the HD people jealous of our awesome machines and then turn left onto Hwy 79 into Warner Springs. There is a gas station in WS that has several selections of cold beverages, ice, candy bars, chips, etc. We will stop here for beer! A couple miles past the gas station, right turn onto Lost Valley Road and seven miles to Indian Flats Campground. https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/cleveland/recarea/?recid=47550 The campground has a couple of toilets, picnic tables and fire rings in each space. NO RUNNING WATER. It's $12 per space + $5 per extra vehicle. I have camped with two motorcycles per space on all kinds of campgrounds and can't recall being charged an extra vehicle space, but it probably makes sense to try to get two adjoining spaces if available and give the forest service some money. It would be nice if everyone who comes along brings a five and a few ones, we can figure it out. 40 miles total from the coffee shop to the camp ground. It took me about 1.5 hours on the street bike, I stopped to take a few pictures and to talk to the people in the gas station and buy a beer to enjoy at the campsite. Sunset is just past 6:00 pm on the 22nd, group rides usually end up being a bit slower and pictures are always nice. I don't want anyone setting up in the dark, so probably a start time around 2:00 pm? Discussion thread:
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    A recent post has convinced me that we have some people unfamiliar with the "Pink Gate" area of Otay Truck Trail, so lets go ride a bit of it. I will try to go scout it out a bit before the ride, I was out there before the rains and there were some washed out areas and rocks/ruts. I'd say that it's "Noob Friendly" but if you're a new rider on a 600 pound bike you may not enjoy all of it. There are areas that are intermediate+ but I will do my best to avoid those during this ride, I don't have fun on them on my big dual sport but if you do feel free to explore on your own. Meet at the 7/11 gas station on Hwy 94 (By Brody's Burgers and Beer) around 0900 and be ready to roll at 0930. Expect a few hours, slower pace with stops to BS and take pictures if you want. I'm in no hurry, races are in the desert most Sundays if you want to go fast. 12918 Campo Rd, Jamul, CA 91935
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    Gates will open at 9am per the usual. Beware of dogs, they will be removed from the property before the gates open but DO NOT ENTER if you show up early for some reason and the gates are NOT OPEN.Ring the door bell. Since the website recently had to get all the stuff renewed that is a good chunk of change out of Randy's pocket. So would like to have people donate for what ever work is done on their bikes to the website (standard protocol for the work I do) There are 4 dealers close by (all the major brands including BMW) and the cycle gear is here too. Same rules as in the past, full workshop with all the tools (Mill, Lathe, Tig Welder) etc. will be made available, this is the time to get advice if needed on set up, we can do suspension sag etc. Ability to repair AL skid plates if needed is also an option, I am talking cracks, not building you one from scratch. If you use the tire changer plan to take your old tire away with you. Oil can be disposed of here. Based on headcount we will determine if there is enough interest to have the grill up and running. This is a good occasion for the new people to come out and meet old members (they like to hang out on these things <snerk> ) and put names to faces. @TwoDollarBill @Mike_and_his_tdubs @Caleb_Linden @OldDR350 @tntmo @Goofy Footer @tubebender @ECDave @padu @Oracle @racingrob @failedmusician @SirLancelot @KLanceR @simicrintz @shutterrev @Rjg967 @Motocrasher @alyeska @kkug
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    Gear try on day, bring what you got for others to try out different kind of gear and get some ideas on how to prep for different riding scenarios. This is for those that know what they are doing to share with those that have no clue. Mentoring or tormenting the N00Bs, it can go either way Location 925 Chardonney Way Escondido,Ca 92029 This is NOT a tech day do not show up expecting to work on your bike. You will be taunted and made fun of, and will have to do a poop patrol of the yard as penance. I have 2 dogs, that can be a lot of poop.
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    I did this clean up event last year and it was a well organized event and lots of great volunteers and sponsors. You get a T-shirt I believe, and lunch is served around noon with a huge raffle. This event is not really best suited to motorcycle riders but you could get it done....just team up with an idiot in a Lexus or something. I will be there in my Lexus. I plan to throw in the tent and some firewood and spend the night after cruising around the park during the day. So if you want to come for the clean up, cool. If you want to do the cleanup and camp, really cool. If you bring beer for me, you're awesome! Here's the deets: Highway 78 and Main Street in Ocotillo Wells, address actually says Borrego Springs, CA 92004 Sign-ups start at 8:00 where you will receive a wristband and event shirt while supplies last Clean-up will run from 8 am-Noon Lunch will be served from 11:30-1 pm The raffle will take place at 1 pm Clean-Dezert staff and volunteers will be camping the entire weekend. Bring out your toys and families to join in the fun. We will have a large bonfire on Friday and Saturday night, as well as play offroad movies on a large projector as weather permits. This will be a family fun event as we have raffles for both adults and kids. Trash grabbers will be available to use as long as they are returned, and we will have trash bags available.
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    Summer sunset ride up Black Mountain ride to watch the sunset and catch up with old friends Meet at Main Street Coffee 680 Main St, Ramona, CA 92065 at 5:30pm, KSU at 6:15PM, That gives us a little over 1hr 45mins to make it up. Should be plenty of time
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    Location 925 Chardonney Way Escondido Same rules as in the past, full workshop with all the tools (Mill, Lathe, Tig Welder) etc. will be made available, this is the time to get advice if needed on set up, we can do suspension sag etc.Ability to repair AL skid plates if needed is also an option, I am talking cracks, not building you one from scratch.If you use the tire changer plan to take your old tire away with you.Oil can be disposed of here.Based on headcount we will determine if there is enough interest to have the grill up and running.This is a good occasion for the new people to come out and meet old members (they like to hang out on these things <snerk> ) and put names to faces.
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    Majors Diner in Pine Valley is closing their doors. This iconic local spot will be quite missed due to the riding communities history here, so let's go and bid them good luck and farewell. Anyone wanting to meet and ride out, let's start at the 7-11 gas station in front of Brodies on 94 (Campo Road) and ride to Pine Valley via Honey Springs, etc. 32.728258795586775, -116.90887767875198 https://goo.gl/maps/qpnfeY2aVNXLm56y5 Kick stands up at 8:30. Should be at Major's by 9:30 for breakfast and/or coffee. Helmets on around 10:30 for a ride up Pine Creek Rd to Sunrise Hywy. Loop around to Lake Cuyamaca, Engineers Rd to Boulder creek and then home. Plated bikes only of course and should be able to ride at highway speeds (65mph). I'll be on the 1250 GS. There are several bail out points for those that need to be home before 2pm.
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    It might rain a bit tomorrow closer to the coast, oh well bikes work fine in the rain. The weather in the desert should be fine all day, I'd like to go wander around in the desert tomorrow and have a nice day, join me if you like. Meet spot: 8:15-8:30 Dunkin Donuts Ramona, wheels up shortly after. The ride: Plan is to head out to the desert . Depending on who is along for the ride and the appetites for off road we have plenty of options, and I think we can figure the dirt bits out before we leave Dunkin based on comfort levels, as I also put an open invite to members of the BMW club of San Diego. And so, if you have an adventure bike, dual sport, etc and want to wander around the desert tomorrow, paved and unpaved, have a nice lunch and wander back.... see you in the morning. Nick
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    Show time NLT 0830 to sign the waiver and get instructions. Spend a few hours trimming back vegetation and cleaning things up and then we can ride some trails. If you haven't ridden Corral Canyon, it has a bit of everything. Even big bikes could ride the perimeter road. The flyer says lunch is provided, as well. The last time this happened we didn't have too many people show up, I had to cancel last minute myself so I feel bad....will do what I can to be there and you should too! https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/cleveland/recreation/ohv/?cid=stelprdb5277155
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    see thread under "Informal Rides" email me @moto_rph, or text call 442 258-9161 Perry
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    Please come out and join us for our 17th Annual Dualsport ride that takes you through Anza Borrego and Ocotillo Wells. We are staging at a new RV park this year. We have also added an alternate route so that people who do not feel comfortable with the "Squeeze" and " Heart Attack Hill" can circumvent those obstacles. https://dualsport-sd.com/DesertDash2020.pdf
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    Our fearless founder KTMrad, Randy Lazar will be in town very soon, so it is a good opportunity for us to have a little get-together, and hear about his latest travels south of the border in mainland Mexico with his dog Doc Holliday and their motorcycle sidecar. Dinner and socializing starting at 6:00 pm at the usual place in Poway:https://www.kaminskisbbq.com/ Later in the evening, we will also be discussing the Mountain Dash plans also. So come on in and say howdy, and get together with your fellow SDAR club members.
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    Another lovely evening of BBQ and event planning with SDORC president Ed Stovin and I. The usual suspects and anybody else who would like to join us for a good meal. https://www.kaminskisbbq.com/
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    Ed Stovin will be back to talk about event permits, and some new ideas he has thought up. Same venue and time as the last, at Kaminski's in Poway, supper at 6:00 pm.. https://www.kaminskisbbq.com/
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