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  1. wow great pics awesome
  2. Season dictates night rides start happening again soon. Sand is loose and the hills still have creeks in them. Log section over past the hair pin on bear valley with different size logs to practice on near the fallen tree. may be intrrrsted in the Death valley noob convention.
  3. 6 pm ride the loop. novice pace monday march 20
  4. 3-18 Lake Dominguez easy pm ride

    there's a creek that is still feeding it from under the fence of Mexico. care ful if you head that way via border border road. huge rut crosses the road.
  5. Were you able to keep your spot in the D38 race? was there alot of traffic at CC?
  6. my wrist got jacked yesterday or Id be there .
  7. 3-18 Lake Dominguez easy pm ride

    the lakes made for a nice easy ride. The catering wasn't too bad either.
  8. 3-18 Lake Dominguez easy pm ride

    it maybe Domingo. ya real easy ride via dirt border roads, maybe a little picnic catered action. wildwood does your wife ride or mostly jeep?
  9. riding to lake D with the gf . she's on a 225xt I'm on a spare bike. if there's any other couples or family riders out there, your welcome to join. smooth easy pace. novice level . stage in Campo on my ranch 5 acres. drop dead leave time after 2pm.
  10. Pine Valley Sunset

    catered ? dang , im gonna have to step up my game.
  11. good seeing you out there on the way to my ride. great night to be riding
  12. got the clutch fixed on the spare . anybodynwanna cut it Loose on some deep sand .tonight? uphill sand climbs and sand washes at dusk. green sticky ok
  13. is this a good place to ask : what are the best grips for riding trails? I prefer pillowtop