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  1. Friday S1 stuff

    Purposed route : from pine valley's Noble Canyon, up onto abdsp staying top where its cool, adv some forgotten stuff at 5500ft. Theres really no proposed route just fumble around out there till single track up into . Thought i saw a trail by some bushes, gona check it out. Edit : expecting sum rain, shud help traction.
  2. Ride Friday morn. Stormy conditions . Gonna hit some old old trails just for fun . Easy pace . Slacker start ok. Can meet up at Sunrise Trailhead in Julian Ca. 7 am.
  3. That corner is notorious for that, theres some places out on the perimeter road that can realy get a rider in trouble . I try not to ride in the zone, both places at corral. The named trails get motorcycle/ quad head-ons alot also. Glad you made it out unscathed. More coffee please.
  4. Saturday 630

    Sweet. Ill take the offer. Julian is off the table. I can grab a mountain burger at frosty's afterward (with cheese).
  5. Rain in mountains

    The storm is secluded to the mountains . Was pouring buckets yesterday. Not so much today just lightning and thunder
  6. Saturday 630

    Ruff, I dont even think i can make it . Last time i went thru there i was on a 450. Thats why im inviting ... To get help if i dump my 650 over upsidedown.
  7. 630am low temps. Pine valley culdesac Dual sport S1 stuff also Warning - Route has a rough section of single track. Lunch in julian.
  8. Uh... I dont know where to start.
  9. Monsoon Watch

    Tstorm on the mounrain.
  10. Corral Canyon Sunday 7/1

    Awesome. I think i saw you guys under a tree(culd ben sumone else). I was up there with my 4x4 checking out the dispersed campsites. Took the 4x4 up thru cedar creek . Found some side shoots, my 4x4 was kickin up deep fine dust on a steep side area . Didnt make it all the way up that time but had a nice picnic at the bottom in the shade (out past 3 Sisters). Great day. Glad you guys had fun.
  11. Local

    Yes I will accept that offer. Of coarse you wont have to pay up until the year 2026.
  12. Local

    Collection huh?.... Ill swap ya sum. Trail fer trail.
  13. Local

    Ya mauler i could kick a few to ya if you keep it on the dL. Normally hit Julian beacause there are so many diferent dirt ways in and out of there plus they got gas and food. I enjoy riding solo alot now and when I do i always find new dirt cuts (or build them)from here to julian or julian to the dez.I ride with loppers and hand saw in my pack just in case an 'authorized' trail needs some attention Could do an early am down xxxxxxx now that summers heres..
  14. Corral Canyon Sunday 7/1

    Where is the ohv staging area? The sac? Or 4corners?
  15. Local

    Awe dang . Thats all that was holding you back! Well awesome solo ride. found some new ghost trails out by phantom. got myself into a couple spots . Dumb alone but fun.