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  1. Was nice when i was out there monday . Wont be disapointed in the conditions or the weather. Heading back down to Fish creek Fri. Enjoy the meal at kendalls . Wurkin that day.
  2. anybody need some dez action today? . dropping in from the area later on today after i get my air filter cleaned up at the shop. temps are down, trying to take weekday advantage of it. hit me up if yur ridin, maxima air filter oil if yur wondering...
  3. Slight chance of drizzle so you might get a light sprinkle. Waz gonna go hit this, From Pine Valley and back. Trying to get to Diablo drop. Fri wurkz. :sat wuldnt kill me either just raining that day on top. Meet up in Pine Valley or or PM for discreet meet up locatio En route. Plz feel free to text your tire choices and motor oil preferences , or what bike youd rather be riding, in the comment space below....
  4. R U Kidding Me!

    The kenda k270 is a good rear for the price . Does well in deep sand street legal. In my high performance and high maintenance and expensive ktm i use heavy duty diesl truck motor oil Delo 400 from Rotella thats what the isle worker recommened at Wal mart.
  5. hell ya. headed towards fish creek if im lucky ill be out there tonight and tommorow. camping out by little blair . where you at ? just gotta finish welding the tie down strap into the floor of my trailer in pv.
  6. October 7 Weekend Ride

    Out. Dez is calling.
  7. October 7 Weekend Ride

    I may be able to hit palomar divide with you. Id want to eat at paradise cafe then head out to ghomas mountain afterwards solo if necesary.. Maybe i can stage up there at a day park and find a place to stay the night up there with my moto camping trailer.
  8. AIMEXPO Americas largest motorcycle expo on saturday is an awesome display of the latest technologies. It is very informative and a worthwhile venue. Are you going to ride any dirt roads transitioning to ADV on your way back from the AIMEXPO ?
  9. Bag selection seems like a good place to start. (refer to lesson 1). Sandals seemed to be popular on the ride also.
  10. Staged at Oak grove Campground lots of shade there and good spot to rest. Real nice views on this ride. The sky was really blue. Was suprized how steep the side of the mountain was. Enjoyed the little town of Anza down below to get drinks or burritos. Obviously y'all have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to off bike camping. Real impressed with how you guys pack it all on and still have room for beer.
  11. I like how this ride keeps going for days.
  12. Hey. intersted. In friday. I could Check back in when confirmed.
  13. The trees are bright green up on the mountain. Anybody putting around up towards S1 and Julian tommorow? Later start would be ok. Cooler temps shud make thins nice to do some tree observing and trail. Could meet at sunrise trailhead or skyline truck trail.