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  1. Hot Lap! literally

    Oh man... Itchin. Waiting on a bearings. Otherwise id jump in.
  2. Interested in the Mesa grande near ramona trails, culd meet up if you guys would have me. Coming from Cedar Creek on a 650l. Edit. Scratch that. Im out.
  3. CNF 100

    Thanks everyone that cameout for the ADV .
  4. CNF 100

    Royboyz, yur welcome to join. You could meet us at either one. I live near the 'park and ride' at the descanso off ramp
  5. CNF 100

  6. CNF 100

    7:30 works..
  7. CNF 100

    Slacker start time is ok. What time can you be there? If your staging@ my house then be here Early.
  8. Saturday am forest ADV Can meet at the PV Gas station. Recreatiinal riding, Taking the XR 650. 100mi.
  9. 2019 CRF 450 L

    Was pounding my 12 yr old CRF 450R hard, till it pounded me.then sold it for more than i bought it for. Is anyone riding a 12 yr old ktm? Just kidding everyone knows theres no such thing. I wanted the new bike to be a 650r with inverted forks, e start , injected, with sick black wheels and anodized hubs. Wishful thinking. Doesnt matter i cant afford a 100000 bike.
  10. 2019 CRF 450 L

    I used the word spank and ktm came up.. I think you mean take business away from China . Cf moto, Chinas biggest reproduction plant has paired up with ktm to mass produce the ktms before being shipped to USA. Heres the pic. As long as it crosses the finish line first .
  11. 2019 CRF 450 L

    Plated and reliable. Honda quality proven off road race experiance from honda . Spank.
  12. Kitchen Creek- Sunday

    Thing valley was closed for sum strange reason. Ended up ripping thru campo slayed some sand hills.
  13. Kitchen Creek- Sunday

    Starts in pv ends up in julian via S2 . Must be plated dual sport.