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  1. tvscum . points for style, i looked at that hill and its rough and steep , especially the line you were on. its nice seeing all those different color bikes harmonizing together, great job to who organized it.
  2. The puddles still there . If you want to make it thru get speed, hit it in the center, with the legs lifted up too keep your boots dry.
  3. Is it legal to go up HH/ Pinyon Drop? Edited by Adv Bum
  4. Cruising Diablo Drop to Christmas Circle. Wide & wet washes that twirl on and on . Meet up - plaster city / red feather. Lunch at Christmas Circle.
  5. In the dog house all this weekend , so I'm already out here. . Bridge is out( but still passable with truck and trailer). Sand is wetter than I've ever seen it. Gonna find a sand wash (91) and live there for a few days.
  6. Whats the best chain lube for these conditions? Awesome map, thanks
  7. 350thumper

    New Member - DangerDave

    cool name . welcome. some good trails in sd . dzrt ride this weekend
  8. 350thumper

    Red Feather

    Hey buddy long time no ride wit. Heard you came by while i was out tossing a dzrt salad. If Inko Pah to dez floats yur boat , i have no problem leading you into the Den.
  9. sweet , do you mainly stay on the mountain when your riding? nice bike.
  10. Roosted sand. Rode down this trail. Enjoyed solitude.
  11. 350thumper

    Step ups

    yeah get that knee fixed so i can watch you fly through the dzrt whoops at freeway speeds again, that was sweet. i too am riding around with chronic strains . bp. have fun in tecate enduro say hi to kenny. hope the wind stays down. uncle champ , the terrain here isnt novice but the riders certianly will be.
  12. 350thumper

    Step ups

    Do you see a line thru here? If so then your probably sick, but you should be ok in the terrain.
  13. Anybody ripping around this weekend that does rocks? Relaxed pace. Novice level. Plate required.