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  1. Your welcome to join. Dress in layers 3400 ft descent. PM Sent.
  2. Great question Bags. Im not that far in the know (i stay in the whos riding section now days). I do know theres a Salton Sea route option on the free ride day, and this route does go thru to Salton. bikeslut prolly knows the answer to that one.
  3. We should be at Butterfield around 10 shud anybody want to take advantage of the 'free ride day' at the Dash and explore pinyon mountain with us. Be at the Butterfield store at 10:05 ish.
  4. ABDSP 2/21

    Nice terrain . Sunday im gonna ride out there. Looks fun. Glad everyone made it safe.
  5. Just make sure your own bike is running BEFORE you bring it over, last time i had to jump start your new KTM because you left the key on all night.
  6. Ill be at the Dash on sat. This ride is for Sun.
  7. Any body riding this weekend ? She said i can go if i could talk somebody into doing it with me. This ride offers a quick adventure with high speed sand straights, canyon views, and a little bit of treacherous canyon action to keep you on your pegs, near the popular ride destination "the Squeeze" (other side of s2) , with enough obsicles to keep the days outing interesting. Sunday. Staging along side of CNF (near 79 highway). Taking Rodriguez Trail or Oriflame up to Ramona for gas.
  8. S1

    Id do it on an adventure bike once. If you have a 650 you should be fine. Just have someone with you. I may do it again next weekend if you interested in it.
  9. S1

    Ha ha #1. Good meeting you Brian. Corey Rory Kenny thanks guys.
  10. S1

    It's warmer this morning, then it has been here on the side of the mountain.
  11. S1

    Awesome SoCal.. See ya out there butterfield. Im gonna pm you and send you my number . Bags theres no gates where i enter and exit. Your welcome to come check it..bring bikeslut V-Dog hope to see ya sun with yur crew
  12. S1

    Rory, leave my place around 8-830, be down at Butterfield 930-ish find SOCALMULE and hit sum single track to Julian like V-dog was sayin. Then go ballistic(ride safely) after fueling up on the way back down to the dez flor....sunday.
  13. S1

    SOCALMULE- hey was up . it would be great to meet up how about at butterfield store , or banner store parking lot.
  14. S1

    And to think Fireroad Kenny is goona try and ride his new unscratched ktm through there... Phhht pht. The photos didnt quite capture the severity of the steep section. Got anymore? Youve peaked my curiosity.
  15. S1

    Ya, i bring the good stuff. Here's more trail candy for this ride.