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  1. Ya what he said.. Especially the moron part. Itchin to get out there .as soon as my new main jet comes in so i can enjoy all of the beauty, solitude, and now patriatism the otay trails has to offer. (bike sputters at 3/4 to full throttle) Braaa,cough,raaaap.
  2. Oh ok id like to get a couple little american flags for the rear fender of my 650. That would be sweet to rock my country's pride where ever i go (yeehoo)Especially near the border to support our troops. Hope 2 see 250 tim out there. Hit him up for some trail knowledge. And some sweet flag patriotism. My bike is red white and blue . Go'merica. Speaking of new trails out there, are there any?
  3. Interested in these little flags that Tim is putting up.. Are they trail markers for new trails ? Braa-puh- raaap.
  4. Mojave trail anyone?

    Sounds interesting. Any pics or waypoints yet? Im looking to explore farther than where my usaul track lays.
  5. Bunny Hill

    the riding i might do midweek edit -'SDAR Approved' , but your welcome to join. if you see a line thru here then you do need a midweek ride ...
  6. Bunny Hill

    Bueler.....its cancled.
  7. Saturday (day before Easter) 8am. Expecting temps around 69-71' Gonna hit "Otay OHV Trails", Pio Pico Entance point, Dog House Junction, Marron Valley, 3200ft Towers summit overlook, Abandonded House, Marron Valley & Group conscious (Bonus Tracks). If anyone has interest, Expect slower pace, on coming traffic, and good times. Staging available. Bring water & a plate. Safety first, no one left behind.
  8. My bad. I didnt know that gate was locked .. I never checked it
  9. I like like how kenny just blasts his rides all over other peoples rides..lol. Stick to the topic Kenny! On a lighter note.. Does anyone have a plated 650l for sale? Sold everything for an e start.. Preferably non-Rotella.
  10. Older means faster . Look at Rory.
  11. looks like the chain got tighter also. can you still use the kickstand?
  12. Found this short under the tank.Cutting into my wires. Hope thats the reason for the short fuse.
  13. Chicken cordon burger at the blu inn