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  1. Bike Hauler for Sale

    I see it
  2. Kids Kawi for $150 on cl

    I emailed him twice; no reply.
  3. KTM's For Sale!

    I keep coming back and looking at the 450.......
  4. Happy Birthday KUG!

    Happy Birthday Ken!
  5. XR650L suspension setup

    Just had my L reworked on the suspension side (full disclosure: a buddy had it done for me as a gift and I had no input as to where he took it or I would have chosen George from all the good things that I have heard here). I grew up on XR500R's in my early years, had a 2003 XR400R up until the great crash of 2008 and had to sell it. Wife bought my L for my 50th (almost 8 years ago), so I have spent a fair amount of time on these bikes. I can say that I am very happy with the suspension (thought I blew a shock a couple weeks ago but actually only had a flat ). Worked well on the way out to Devils Slide, Pumpkin Patch and Shell Reef chasing my son around on his KX450.
  6. Gas welder/cutting torch

    Got it. I'll grab it from you, but need to find time to get out your way from Escondido. I can send you the dough if needed and we can work on a meet up at some point if that works (I'm building a pool in La Jolla currently so should be able to get your way at some point). If it helps: simicrintz@yahoo.com or 760.535.8411 Thank you, Paul.
  7. Gas welder/cutting torch

    Where are you located? I'm interested.
  8. Craigslist

    "This is Peggy".
  9. Motorcyclist killed trying to outrun cops

    Stupid; just stupid.
  10. MK 270 tile saw

    Did you ever sell this thing Ken?
  11. Boats?

    Had to travel to AZ last weekend to pick up a boat that my FIL wanted us to have. 20' Bayliner I/O Capri. I know Bayliners aren't the best boats made, and that's about all I know. Any of you folks have a good website that you could recommend? Thanks!
  12. That's funny; I was thinking the same thing
  13. To me, it really is a fun bike to ride. I know it's not a MX bike, and I sometimes get bummed chasing my buddies on CRF's and KX's, but for its weight and conveniences (e-start, turn signals, horn ) it's a good all around bike. I do envy those orange bikes though! I've always called my XR's BRP's! Had a 82 XR500 (had a reed valve!), got out of the bike scene for a while and then bought the XR400. The 650L is by far the heaviest, and none of them were light!
  14. Just seems weird that the larger displacement bikes don't come with them. I keep telling myself that I need a more "dirt specific" bike but I really enjoy the versatility of the BRP. I've made several nearly 200 mile rides with Mama on the back, and it is capable out at Ocotillo even chasing my non plated buddies around. The rimlocks are cheap enough; think I'll pull both wheels and put them in them (what's a little more weight on this thing??!).