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  1. The next step (what moto to get)

    WooHoo; good for you!!! Good luck on your search!
  2. Showed up today!

    Is it a real Manx or a knock off?
  3. I liked the "real live, modern day, American moron" part! Watched some of his videos as well; interesting feller.....
  4. I got a chuckle from this part on his page Pretty sure I work with some of the last sentence folks every day (don't we all?!), and I am not in Law Enforcement. I like the flag idea! The United States Customs and Border Protection Officers are real live, modern day, gun totin', badge wearin', American heroes. Anyone who is unable to comprehend this simple fact is a real live, modern day, American moron and you have our sympathy.
  5. The next step (what moto to get)

    No matter what you get, I gotta say how cool I think it is that you get to ride with your Dad! I never did get to with mine (he passed away 23 years ago when I was 35), but I have raised my son (now 25) on dirt bikes since he was 8. To this day I still get out to the desert once (that needs to change!) a year to ride with him and I am so happy that he wants to ride with the old man. The bike only matters so much; the ride matters the most!
  6. Birthdays and The Kug

    Pubic areas? TMI!!! Happy Birthday, Kug!!!
  7. 300 Top End Advice

    That was my first thought as well after you mentioned it.
  8. Did I mess up? Oil change....

    Thanks, Ken. I've seen the Rotella posts (some yours!) which is what took me down that road. When I read further and started to scare myself with not having exactly what the manual said I decided to post here for those of you that are smarter than me (that is all of you!)!
  9. Did I mess up? Oil change....

    Thank you! I took it for a quick spin yesterday up the road and didn't feel anything weird (not sure how long it would take to notice and I most likely did not go far enough anyway!). I appreciate you guys looking at this and your input!
  10. The next step (what moto to get)

    I would have to agree that the bikes you were considering earlier are probably a better choice. Sometimes the easy road (choice) is not the best one to take.....
  11. Did I mess up? Oil change....

    Found this; I think I will run with it and hope for the best. I appreciate you heading me in the correct direction Andy! "Though marketed as an engine oil for diesel trucks, Rotella oil has found popularity with motorcyclists as well. The lack of "friction modifiers" in Rotella means they do not interfere with wet clutch operations. This is called a "shared sump" design, which is unlike automobiles which maintain separate oil reservoirs - one for the engine and one for the transmission. Used oil analysis (UOA) reports on BobIsTheOilGuy.com have shown wear metals levels comparable to oils marketed as motorcycle-specific".
  12. Did I mess up? Oil change....

    Thank you again, Andy. I will double if that is the only worry.
  13. Did I mess up? Oil change....

    Thanks, Andy. It is my understanding that if it has friction modifiers that is what eats clutches (and it doesn't). I've also heard that the T5 just did not go for JASO-MA rating since Shell wants to push their specific (can't remember name) motorcycle oil instead. A gallon was only $20 so if I need to start over it's not a big deal. Feeling kinda stupid for not paying better attention.
  14. Did I mess up? Oil change....

    So I have a Big Bear ride with some buddies next weekend and have been doing some work on the bike (tire pressure, chain lube, air filter, etc.). Went down and got some Rotella and a filter to do the oil change and have it all in, but noticed something in the manual that has me concerned. Manual states SAE 10W-30 (I got that part right!) but also says either JASO T903 standard or MA or MB. The Rotella I got is JASO DH-2 and the MB is MB-Approval 228.31 (technically I bought diesel oil). Did I just waste time and money buying the wrong stuff or am I okay? I picked up the filter at Cycle Gear but got the oil at O'Reilly (I was so focused on getting Rotella and the correct viscosity that I did not think about the ratings). Feeling pretty stupid right now but would rather know if I can leave it in or need to drain it out instead of causing problems. Thanks, guys; I appreciate any input and will take shame like a big boy if needed!
  15. Cool to see different stuff. I'm mostly an Ocotillo rider (when I can get out) but am doing Big Bear fire roads next weekend. As much as I like Ocotillo, I really look forward to the Big Bear trips (usually twice a year). I'd really like to do some woods riding one day (we do that in Montana when we go that way, but always on quads (that's what is there to use) and I really enjoy that. What a great sport, and I hope to do it for many more years to come! Cool viddy!!