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  1. My math puts you in the seat for eight full 24 hour days-wow!! Looks like a great trip and I must admit that I LOVE "did it kill me-NO!". Such a great outlook; welcome back home!
  2. The "challenge" (well-one of them!) that I have with electricity is that I can't see it! Water leaks and tells a simpleton like me where the problem is. Electricity is no where visible and you have to find it, which confuses me. Hot, live, neutral: what the heck is all that? Why can't it be like a battery, with a + and a - ??!! Lots to learn-the multimeter is your friend! Wish me and my pea brain luck!
  3. Tire cupping

    Thanks Paul; looks like another site visit to Amazon is in the cards. I do like that bleeder button function. Pissed me off watching Travis do stoppies after the Vegas jumps! The guy has a short approach and a short landing area and uses the landing area to do stoppies (when I would have been careening off the back wall. Alright-who am I kidding?? I would have wussed out before I got halfway up the ramp!). Guess I just need to embrace the fun factor and not worry about how fast I'm going through tires.
  4. Tire cupping

    More good info; thank you!!! Us pool guys don't have too many Snap-On guys stopping by the backyard, UC! The cool thing is that if I did pick one up from one of those guys I could finally say I own a Snap-On tool! I like the attitude, Kelly. I like the saying "fun is the best thing to have" so will probably keep the riding style and just suck it up. When I do get to get into the dirt I will admit to enjoying roosting as well! Do you use this gauge, Paul? The reviews look good so would be worth the gamble if not. I appreciate the warning on pressure as well, since I could see slapping this on an over-pressurized tire and bending the needle. Getting pretty excited about my prospects of actually being able to get out and ride with some of you guys and want my bike ready. Info like this is much appreciated!
  5. Very cool. Bought a multimeter and am trying to learn how to use it. This stuff confuses the $%^# out of me! I can see leaking water in a plumbing fitting but can't see electricity and it frustrates me!!!
  6. Tire cupping

    I play around with braking a lot on the street it seems. Use the front way more than the rear (and usually cram on it coming up to a stop sign and dive the nose). Since I am actually out having fun I don't try to ride "normal" and will play with braking a bit. Besides it's boring to stop slowly and gracefully! The rear is actually wearing pretty even. All in all I am not too disappointed with the 606's (first set I've run) but have definitely been noticing the wear and know I need new shoes soon so am paying more attention as well as looking for this kind of input (may have to change my ways) to prolong the tire life. I've never really checked tire pressure and just tend to push down with my thumbs to gauge pressure. Rock hard is no good for me, and I don't like too much sponge either, so I try for a little give. Are you guys actually using some type of tool to always set pressure or just going by the tire pressure gauge on whatever you use to air up? Truth is I don't trust gas station gauges and I'm not so sure I trust the ones on my air compressors either! Appreciate all of the input; thank you!
  7. Tire cupping

    I'm working on it, Brian! Already gearing up for the change of seasons and anticipating that pool work will slow down and hoping to take advantage of that (assuming that the $$$ flow doesn't slow too much!). This is the first year on my own after buying out my partner so not sure what will happen or exactly how it will all play out but I am looking forward to some bike time that I was not able to have prior. The problem is that I almost feel like I am getting away with something by riding the bike on the street. While it obviously is not as dirt bike like as the KTM's for example, it still seems like it doesn't belong on the road (legally). Thanks for the input, Randy; I suspected that but wanted to make sure that it wasn't something else that I was doing wrong and could avoid. Thanks guys. August resolution (don't want to wait until New Years) is to make sure I get more dirt time!
  8. Tire cupping

    Tried the search and didn't see anything; if this has been beaten to death already please let me know and I will try and do a better search! What causes tires to cup? I have D606's front and rear currently and the front seems to cup (it sits prouder on the front than the back). On this set of tires it has been on the road probably 85% of the time. I am going to guess that I have about 1700 miles on them (is that good or bad?) and I'd like to replace them. Just would rather see better mileage out of the new set or at least avoid what I am seeing now if it can be avoided. Thanks all.
  9. San Diego to Alaska

    Very cool truck; love the wide front fenders!
  10. Interesting to see your heart rate after that! Glad you avoided the collision.
  11. I will admit to many of those as well! Awesome trip; enjoying the pics!
  12. You look a bit pooped out in that pic!
  13. Kind of a modern blast from the past...

    Used to do the same! I have not seen the Travis video (and wanted to) so thank you for posting!!
  14. Noobie from SD

    My guess is he is a male born on Christmas in 1968; can't we just come up with something for him