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  1. I also noticed that many of the forum posts that I have already read have shown up again. Just info if it is helpful.....
  2. DANG IT!!!! I wish I could do this ride! To any noobs that can, please do. This is a great group and I have wanted to ride with so many of them and this is such a great opportunity; please do not miss it if at all possible. Work states that I cannot make it, but if I could pull it off I would; I think it is going to be an epic event! So angry right now.......
  3. New Member - DangerDave

    Lots of cool iron structures out there; you would enjoy the tour!
  4. I don't know what it is about those bikes but they just look fun!
  5. 2018 desert dash skill level

    Thanks, Paul. That was unfortunate and it happens more than I am sure is reported and is obviously not just a Y problem. I am very happy to be able to help this great organization and will do all I can to keep folks safe!
  6. 2018 desert dash skill level

    I wish! Bought my business partner out in May and he kept my guy, so it is just the three of us now (me, myself and I). Winter is slow in my industry and being on my own should allow me to pull off some trips now that I don't have to also answer to someone else. But when the Y tells me to jump I jump!
  7. 2018 desert dash skill level

    I have recently picked up work at several YMCA's in San Diego and have several pools that I need to have completed before Christmas, which puts me out of this ride This would have been a great opportunity for me to ride with 2 of the guys on this page that I am looking forward to riding with. Very cool of you guys to put this together and hopefully one day it will happen again and I will be able to attend.
  8. 2018 desert dash skill level

    You are one of the guys on here that I am looking forward to riding with; hope that happens soon!
  9. 2018 desert dash skill level

    I remember when I got my XR650 and took it (bone stock) out to Ocotillo. Ran into one of my buddies who I grew up riding with who was also there and on his 426 Yamaha. He always was a better rider than me but I was always able to keep up with him and we always had fun. So it was natural to start following him around Ocotillo that day and start getting back into it! We bomb around (I have no idea where we are-I was a Glamis guy remember?!) and the next thing I know we are running a ridge. He takes a quick right and down he goes (found out later we were up on Shell Reef) so I follow. I'm in first gear, go to shift to 2nd and hit neutral and end up ghost riding all the way down....... I made it, but there still may be some remnants of seat stuck up my posterior to this day! Love the sport and when I do get to get out I have a lot of fun with the group I ride with. HAH just sounds spooky (I did watch a few videos on it earlier) and I may have already been on it (I usually ride sweep in my group and I have no idea where we are ever at!). My Glamis days were on an XR500 with no paddle (aired down) and that was a blast, so I am somewhat used to sand. I've gotten used to the terrain at Ocotillo and have ridden Superstition and Johnson Valley. I am not a noob but I am certainly no pro either! I like the idea of doing the Dash when it isn't really the Dash! Sounds like a blast; hope I can make it if it happens!
  10. 2018 desert dash skill level

    I've seen the info on the dash and it looks interesting; wonder if I could complete it? I will admit that I have a bit of hesitation to riding this event, even though I have been on 2 wheels for 40+ years now. Am I good enough? I "grew up" in Glamis in the sand and switched to Ocotillo in the early 2000's and enjoy it. But I have hesitated (time and competence questions) in regards to this event. While my head says I can keep up with this group I do not want to embarrass myself. Love this page and hope to make some rides very soon, but wonder if I am worthy! Good for you to ask the question and keep a noob enthused about our sport! Edit: When are you thinking of doing this? If I could pull it off I would love to be a part of it. I have oodles of patience and promise not to complain if I get to ride! Heart attack hill intrigues (and scares me-but just for the name!) but most of the rest I have ridden (if I think I know where this goes).
  11. Changing a tire

    Thanks, CiD; I'll check out the tools next. I don't have to plead arthritis, Bagstr; it's real! Will that tip work with my Prius Tom
  12. Changing a tire

    Thank you again, Tom; now I know why I haven't seen any weights on my rims! I don't own a street specific bike so I guess I won't worry about that much (I have a buddy that has "spoke weights" on his bike across from his rim lock. Never paid much attention but did notice them).
  13. Changing a tire

    I am hoping to stop by, Tom. And I'm not afraid to get dirty and lend a hand if helpful!
  14. Changing a tire

    Thanks guys. I got some Bead Buddies from Pyro but that is it for specific tools. I've changed 100 bicycle tires and am not all thumbs which makes me wonder what makes a motorcycle tire so difficult. As for balancing (caution: stupid question ahead!) I was unaware that happened as I have never seen weights on a MC tire; what am I missing here? I am going to go check out the links (thank you, Tom!) and try to learn some more. Kinda feeling like I've been a wuss for too many years about this......
  15. Changing a tire

    Reading some of the comments on another thread and the price to change a tire. I will admit to taking my stuff to Cycle Gear in the past and having them do it (seems that I was paying around $15 per tire) but now I am wondering what is so hard about it? I see trailside changes with minimal tools so it seems that a guys (or gals) garage would be good to do the work. Why are we (I) paying to have a tire changed; what am I missing? Am I just being lazy or is there some cosmic trick to doing this that only happens properly in the bowels of a shop?