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  1. See what happens when you continue to support the NFL and advertise while the players use our National Anthem to make a statement and be disrespectful (my opinion)............ Rant over; sorry for the detour
  2. Getting to the party a little late; Happy Birthday!
  3. You look somewhat "pastoral" in that shirt, Jim
  4. I have heard in the past that those discount codes are meant to be shared and that the rep's get bonuses based on how many times they are shared......
  5. Second set of 606's on my XR650L. I like them and will run them again (although I am looking at the Maxxis as well). For what it's worth, I exercise and eat my vegetables like Tom too!
  6. Now you really have me confused. The guys I'm speaking about are people that I have personally met and are trying to help, just like I am. If it was just something I read online I never would have posted. I'm gonna send you a quick PM just to clarify.
  7. Just to clarify; you're suspicious of the Kaspersky software, correct? I've heard good stuff back from the guys on the other site who have used this to get their PB stuff back (and I do not want to ever pass on something that could do harm). I personally did not run the Kaspersky test (this info was a cut and paste from the post on the other site, but from a guy that I do know). Interesting on Kaspersky. We run it in the office and have been happy with it. I'm generally suspicious unless I hear something to make me think otherwise.....
  8. I like those options. I don't really ride much at night (almost never) so maybe they are not needed. While I really hate that big chunk of plastic hanging off the back fender I have even less desire to be pulled over. I like to support our LEO's (and service men and women) but I prefer to socialize with them instead of being on the "bad guy" side of these relationships!
  9. Wow-it really looks different! I had no idea it was stock.
  10. I've pulled off the whopper stock turn signals and replaced with Baja Designs LED's and have went down with them installed a couple of times and they have held up; very happy with them. I saw the "old" XR style like you mentioned on XR's Only, Tom; are they street legal (I'm concerned about the lack of light for the license plate-am I overthinking this?). ADV Bum-Did you replace your entire rear fender or just trim it? That looks awesome! Much appreciated guys; any other suggestions I am all ears!
  11. I called Baja Designs with no luck and tried a search here but nothing either. I'd like to get rid of the huge brake light/tail light/license plate holder on my XR and replace it with something smaller that doesn't stick up and break when I crash! Do you guys know of any legal options that are available?
  12. Pulled this off another site that I moderate; may be helpful to those of you using PB: Please pass this to your friends,its very cool!! ===================================If you are using firefox browser add this extension ... ucket-fix/If you are using google chrome or chromium add on this extension ... 6768501086Your old bookmark MIGHT take you to a really messed up page(I had a glitch in firefox on a proboard site).If it does either logout or login on page,the proper looking page should now appear.Create a new bookmark at that point.Delete your old bookmark.At this point your forums with photobucket photos should all appear and work just like before photobucket tried to rob us of our photos.====================================After installing the plug-in, make sure you either:1) refresh any open tabs;2) close and restart Firefox;3) flush your internet cache.The plug-in does not take effect until you do one of the above. Rebooting works also. Some people in other forums were saying they did not see images after installing the plug-in, but it suddenly started working later or the next day. They did not do the above.====================================Thanks Spuds. Always leery of installing stuff that seems too good to be true. But I did a scan after adding the add on with both Windows defender & Kaspersky and nothing detected.
  13. BT here as well. Even been known to buy them and give as gifts!
  14. My wife got us a lobster dive one year for our anniversary on Groupon (I've taken her to Hawaii and she couldn't even snorkel in the daylight, and she thinks she's gonna lobster dive at night?!). We went out of a beach down by PB if I remember correctly (she had dinner and drinks planned afterward if we came back empty handed) with a group of about 10 others. It was pretty clear water and we saw quite a few lobster. I dove for 3 total and missed them all (they are extremely quick, and don't forget they go backwards!). As I recall only the dive instructor was successful in making a catch. Good luck; hope you do better than I did! Oh yeah-take the glove advice