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  1. Any idea what is under the siding?
  2. Thank you guys for clearing this up. I thought D.I.C.K. was an acronym for something, kind of like the Man from UNCLE. I never knew what that stood for either........
  3. Never even looked at you! I will withhold my other observation but I see this every day also (as well as people STILL holding their cell phones an inch from their mouth-It's hands free people not ear free!!!!). I read the article about cause of crashes that someone else posted earlier. It really all comes down to paying attention and giving yourself enough room to react. Good for you for seeing this coming and staying safe!
  4. I own an eCommerce pool supply site. Some of my competitors have (much sometimes) lower prices than me on some items (I know they buy in bulk, sell at cost and then collect a rebate at the end of the year from the manufacturer to make up for it). When I am talking to a potential customer and I am getting beat by another seller I honestly state that the item he is trying to buy is a commodity item. If my price is too high please buy it from the cheapest guy (with a good rating!) as it is the same part from any of us. I see this the same here. The internet has definitely made it hard on the brick and mortar guys, but at the end of the day why would you buy a Bic pen for $2 if you could buy it somewhere else for $1? It really is hard to buy local if the price is that far apart, unless you think that there is some value from physically going in a store........
  5. Thanks guys. Just checked them again and they do not move (have not wired them but may). Sometimes you get told something and it makes you think you've been being foolish or unsafe in the past, so thought I would check on this. Gonna leave them and stick with the hair spray method!
  6. Just finished installing a Scotts damper and threw on a new set of bars (old set were bent from a dirt nap a while back). Picked up a set of grips and the guy tried to sell me some grip glue for them. Told him I had always used hair spray in the past but now he has me worried. I did not buy the grip glue and used hair spray (they seem to be nice and tight), do you guys think I should pull them and go get the glue?
  7. Couldn't find anything in Open Discussion. Whatever happened it does not sound good; sorry to hear that.
  8. Just got home (left when the BBQ fired up!). Good to see Steve and Ken again, and nice to meet Mr. Jaja and Tom. Thanks for putting this on; looked like a good time was being had by all!
  9. That truck/toy hauler combo is sweet!
  10. I'm old; had to look that up. Learned something new today!
  11. Got my first hair cut at Del's around 1961 from the pics I've seen (I don't remember it!)!
  12. Not trying to bust your chops johnnyg! I hope to be able to stop by and meet you and the others. I've only met kkug so far; have you heard he has a 2017 EXC 500
  13. Saw this on the initial post The location would be 925 Chardonney Way, Escondido 92029 You are very close to Walmart and Costco and even BevMo!
  14. I have nothing to work on but would like to try and stop by and meet some of you guys if possible. Since I have nothing to offer I promise not to eat or drink anything!
  15. Very cool; congrats to you both!!!