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  1. Vey’s got hit for two Husky’s

    I hate thieves!!
  2. Very cool; GIT YOUR SHOES OFF THE BED!!!
  3. Kids desert trip

    Started my son in Ocotillo when he was 8 (he's 26 now). Like Bp619 said, there is a lot of room and varied terrain to ride there. Good all around place for once they master one condition they can move on to the next.
  4. New member in El Cajon

    I have yet to go on a ride with the group but am really looking forward to it. Welcome to the page!
  5. KLR Electric

    Some of it looks like an old Commodore 64 I used to own
  6. MX Bill Herold - passed away

    Thank you for asking that, Robert; I noticed it but felt weird about saying something. Why feel weird about it...just ask next time, I didn't even notice.
  7. MX Bill Herold - passed away

    Agreed; and I stand corrected!
  8. Train track pic is epic!!
  9. What an awesome day for this ride!!
  10. MX Bill Herold - passed away

    "it's better to burn out than fade away"-Def Leppard That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  11. R U Kidding Me!

    Will look for PM and stop the hijack.
  12. R U Kidding Me!

    If you have been using the Maxxis and been happy with it, why go to the MotoZ? Is it for the DOT Rating? My son was also along on the ride Saturday and he likes the Maxxis (KX450) and made the hill climbs that I did not. I've never been so confused over buying tires! Used to just get the Dunlop D606's and ride. In 40 years of riding I have never been pulled over so am not super concerned about a non DOT (what happens if you do get pulled over without them?) but am now concerned that I may be the bad guy in the group and do not want to subject anybody to that.
  13. R U Kidding Me!

    Thank you, sir. It is my understanding that the Shinko Cheater tires (of which this is one) is not DOT rated, which begged the question. Out in Johnson Valley last Saturday I was unable to make some hill climbs (running stock TKC-80 tires) and my buddy on the same bike with the 505 made it right up. He does street and dirt with this and gets about 800 miles out of the tire he mentioned. Is the Maxxis Desert IT a DOT rated tire? Not trying to hijack; will back down now! Just trying to plan for making some of these rides and do not want to be turned away or subject anyone (myself or the group) to scrutiny and/or a spanking!