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  1. 2019 CRF 450 L

    And that is why I NEVER sit on a new bike like the KTM! I have no idea how heavy my XR650 is or how hard it is to ride cuz I've never rode anything lighter!
  2. Need a tech guy (remote access communicating/texting)

    Going to bone up on InReach next; thank you!
  3. Need a tech guy (remote access communicating/texting)

    You guys rock!!!! Thank you both (UC I like when a guy gets all excited! I think you are on the right path here also, WF-really appreciate the link!). So appreciative of all you guys trying to help me out!!
  4. Need a tech guy (remote access communicating/texting)

    Now you are thinking like me! I understand carburetors, lack of fuel and mechanical stuff; things that do stuff in the wind, over air waves and in tiny wires confuse the $^&* out of me! I don't think it is a Moxa issue only because I can see and operate the trailers remotely still (I use VNC Viewer) and it is just the texting platform that is not working. I suspect that there is some interface that communicates with the trailer and creates the texts when the messages appear at the trailer (I do recall a small notebook being used to possibly make this happen perhaps?). I hate reading stuff where a person asks for advice and then ignores it so I will go to the Moxa page and check the FAQ's! If nothing else I just might learn something! Really appreciate all the thoughts and help guys. One of the things I really like about forums where we all have a specific interest is that we all come from different walks of life and at some point may be able to help one another. This is so out of my scope (but I will learn it so it does not happen again!) and I just am struggling to find the answers. That said, I know that I am not the first to go through this and that the answer exists!!
  5. FOD

    For some reason I was viewing it (in my head) as the wheel being vertical. Now that you explained it I realize the tire is horizontal. There is a saying "if you are the smartest guy in the room you're in the wrong room". I have never been in that room.......
  6. FOD

    I'm still wondering what the braided line is in the pic....
  7. Need a tech guy (remote access communicating/texting)

    We have been having the trailer operators get an unlimited texting plan (always a hassle since they always want to sell a phone) as this is really only a remote alarm. We don't need anything real complicated; just simple texting with some controllability as to what the texts say ("feed error", "process completed", "normal shutdown" for example). I will look into the InReach, but will also need someone "techier" than me to setup and/or teach me so I know how to do it (maybe I should have learned than already, huh?!).
  8. Need a tech guy (remote access communicating/texting)

    Much appreciated, LB; will do. Thank you for the reply!
  9. Gonna throw this out there and see if any of you guys are able to help me. Totally not bike related but I see some posts from some pretty smart folks here so am optimistic! I bought out my business partner a few weeks ago and while he was (and still is!) a PITA he did do some good stuff. I run (and build and sell) trailers that I need to see and operate remotely. We use a Moxa modem for service which ties to a touch screen in our trailers; I can duplicate everything on that screen remotely in this way. Every now and then something occurs with the trailer which will trigger a shutdown to protect it, at which time a text goes out to the trailer operator so that they can see what has occurred and either try to fix it remotely or head back out to the trailer. Currently I have a couple of trailer operators that are unable to receive texts from their trailers and I am looking for a solution (and I am too dumb to know what it is!). These texts also go out when a trailer has completed its job and has shut down normally. If it helps, a typical path on a text (this example is my trailer) looks like this: bounces+2189937-5ee5-7605358411=mms.att.net@sendgrid.net This means absolutely nothing to me (other than my phone number is in it), so I am hoping that one of you have an idea and/or can help. My trailer is currently using the same setup and I am hoping that the worst case scenario is that we could work backwards from mine to figure this out. I am also open to suggestions that may be better than what we are currently using if you guys have any input there (I have been told about Raspberry Pi and am looking into that on my new trailer builds, so if something like that make sense and I can get that in the hands of the current trailer folks I am open to it. Currently I have trailers in AZ, CA, NV and TX so there are few folks that I need to keep happy!). Thank you guys. I know this is kinda weird but I would appreciate any help (not looking for free; I am a paying customer if you can help!). The fact that most all of you on here are relatively close by is also a benefit. I appreciate any help!! If you prefer (and I am not breaking board rules) you can call me at 760.535.8411 or email me at bruce@purewaterindustries.com
  10. I rode twice this week.

    Prayers for your son that this is just an isolated incident with no additional concerns!
  11. Nice looking rig! Still have my bought new '05 Silverado 2500 and love it, but know it will be retired one day. Nice to see the new rigs; enjoy!!
  12. SDAR Club Meeting 5/23/18 at Moto Forza

    So wanted to make this and meet so many of you. Just didn't work out (and it was in my back yard!).
  13. The next step (what moto to get)

    Such a cool story and very happy for you both; ride on!! I hope to be able to hook up with you both one day and ride along!
  14. I have ridden various areas of Big Bear once and absolutely will return. I've been a desert guy for 40+ years but the mountains are a whole new experience, and something that i would like to do more of. Nice pics; good for you!!
  15. My new ride

    Good for you; congratulations!!!