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  1. 14 Legs, 7 Wheels

    Thanks for bumping this RR, Jimbo. Brought back good memories and was a perfect way to start the day.
  2. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Nice photo, Udo. Those are some fine SDAR folks right there. I can only imagine the conversation...
  3. ADV Tire Review

    A pretty thorough tire review from a serious overlander who’s put 250k miles on ADV bikes all over the world in the past 7 years. https://rtwpaul.com/2018/01/21/tires/
  4. Spot Tracker

    I’m in the same boat, waffling between my current SPOT Gen 3 or getting the Garmin/DeLorme InReach. My annual SPOT cost will increase about $80 next month. Grrrrrrrr!
  5. The concept of inattentional blindness tells us that you are invisible to a motorist. As an example, take a look at this promotional photo for Subaru's EyeSight vehicle monitoring system that uses stereo cameras. Look what it failed to put in a box. Looks like motorcyclists are still the last to be seen.
  6. Any big plans for 2018?

    I can meet you half way....say San Antone?
  7. Any big plans for 2018?

    Now THAT is a great plan!
  8. Any big plans for 2018?

    Some would say you’ve already succeeded (in 50% of those)! 😜
  9. Any big plans for 2018?

    So what’s everyone doing in the New Year? Something big, drastic and crazy? More of the same? A new bike, maybe? Ride plans?
  10. Farewell and all apologies: Leaving CA for FL

    Taking the KLR...but I’ll be passing this way with it next year, hopefully en route to destinations south. Hope to sell lots of tape to Florida retirees in my retirement. The IRC tire was good; really good actually. Highly recommended for a true 50/50 tire.
  11. Farewell and all apologies: Leaving CA for FL

    Damn, Jim...could you find some worse photos?!?!
  12. Farewell and all apologies: Leaving CA for FL

    I’ll have a couple PBRs waiting in the fridge. And congrats on YOUR retirement. I wanna be just like you, Randy! There’s a good chance I’ll be in Ushuaia this time next year. Just sayin’...
  13. I’ve been in SD for 10 years and I sure have enjoyed meeting and riding with the wonderful folks in this group. The short of it is, I’ve retired from my job—effective today—and will be leaving California for Tampa in a couple of days. We've sold the house, packed up our things and are ready to go. The only snag was a broken leg in Baja I acquired a couple of weeks ago. So instead of me driving across country, my wife will do it and I’ll see the I-10 from the passenger seat. I’ll stay in touch and look forward to hearing about the SDAR shenanigans from afar. I mean it when I say that you’re welcome to stop by if you find yourself in the Tampa area, only a short ride down to the Keys. I tried to count the number of bikes I’ve gone through in the past few years. I’ve bought and sold no less than 9 bikes from and to SDAR folks! There are just too many of you that mean a lot to me, but I want to truly thank PMB, Bike Slut, Randy, Craig, The Kug, Roger, Tom and Thumper Bob. You are stand up guys who’ve unselfishly given of your time and bike knowledge; I’m forever grateful. Like others, I miss riding, drinking and just hanging out with Arnie...he epitomized the SDAR riding experience. DanRider, you’ll always be the Lefty to my Pancho. Now I’ve gone and rambled on and got sappy. What I meant to say was, much love to this group for allowing me to be part of this family as Dan Diego. It was so much easier to do fun stuff like that. PM me if you wanna know more. I’ll see you out on the trails. 147C65C9-4344-49E9-959B-E3B5B000DAC7.MOV
  14. I know some of our folks were riding OW this past week. Just a somber reminder of what could happen. (I say this as I recuperate from a recent, fairly minor get-off....) http://fox5sandiego.com/2017/12/28/riverside-man-dies-after-off-road-crash-in-ocotillo-wells/