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  1. So it looks like Ewan and Charley are planning a new adventure...and this time it's personal. And on a bike he can actually pick up when it lands on it's side.😳 Was hoping it would be a KLR650, but this is a fine looking XR650. All I could find so far: mcgregor_ewan Many thanks to @pchpowersports for building me this Honda XR650 for my next big adventure and thanks to @touratech for building me a pannier rack for the bike so I can hang my favorite Zega panniers on there (they saved my life once you know)
  2. Yeah, the current Mexican admin has definitely been pushing the FMM, as a reciprocal matter with the US. They're as frustrated as we are as it's being pushed to the border from De Effe and is applied inconsistently. But the bottom line is, it's required even for a 1/2 day visit to TJ. And, as mentioned, it's free if you're visiting for 7 days or less. That can be difficult but not impossible when dealing with INMI @ the border. Like a few others, I remain a scofflaw most times who will just fall back on the "real" Mexican process if I end up being asked for one.
  3. Rob, Not to be a little bitch, but it's a wee hot right now or I'd take you down for a fun weekend. Tim knows some great rides, too. PM coming. Senor Daniel Diego
  4. Very cool of you to say that. We were talking about you this weekend, mainly about the mighty, mighty DR650.
  5. I have a little insight here. The bad guys ended up being connected with a dealer in Cabo. The thieves would go shopping for Jeeps, snapping a photo of the VIN then "ordering" a set of keys from the dealer. Efficient process, eh? One of my friends locally had his Rubicon swiped in front of his shop. Chased the guy to Otay (using iPhone's FindMyPhone feature). He got a lot of his belongings back but the Jeep had gone south via that POE. And the investigation continues. Bottom line: If they want it, they'll get it. You can measures to make it more difficult (parking inside, kill switch, etc.) and that's a good idea.
  6. Can't even offer anything to other members unless you donate annually. It is what it is...
  7. Aw, c'mon, man. George at Suspension 101!
  8. I should've mentioned that I have a set of IMS ADV II footpegs for the KLR. Used in the box with all hardware. PM me if your ever interested in them. Badass pegs, just big.
  9. We camped on a beach near Puertecitos the first night. We stayed at Alfonsina's the second night.
  10. The eBay Chinese ones for $14 delivered are good. Steel or aluminum. Make sure you order the ones that come with the springs.
  11. There's sure is. It's just a "Aqui me quedo en Alfonsina's" and you're on your way.
  12. Will be sold as "hardly dropped at all" or "never dropped in the USA." 😳 Oh, Danny Boy, there was SOOOOOOO much alcohol consumed. Take another look at the photos...
  13. Just returned from 4 days riding San Felipe south with two buddies. Stayed on the beach north of Puertecitos and then at Alfonsina's. Notable: On Saturday morning, Jim Whitmoyer blew past me on the Compadre Trail on his little orange bike. And I thought I was moving! Other than a couple of tire issues, the old girl performed flawlessly. Will put up some photos and a ride report soon.
  14. Incredibly cool story and photos, Danny. And, yes, Danielle and Joe get their adventurous spirit from their old man.
  15. Ah, yes. On a somewhat related note, Tim, thanks for the help with the E32 maps. Using them this weekend.