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    love to ride in the desert and in the MT. <br />love to fish in the ocean. <br />love to dirnk Ice Cold Stone IPA

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  1. Nice ride Kelly, just remember a big pig is always a workout which make for a good night sleep.
  2. Happy Birthday Kug

    Ken you have done so much for this club over the years from putting on rides for the noobs to taking people to Mexico Baja ride, and so much more. I truly wish you a Happy Birthday and I am glad I know you and ridden with you. I owe you a birthday beer or two. Who ever monitors this you can move this to Bagsters post, I did not see that he started one.
  3. Good Information for those that use their GPS.

    This is well said, to many of us depend on our electronics, I always carry a map with me when I take my road trips and adventure trips I go on, In my camping bag I have a compass in the event that I breakdown and need to walk with map in hand. I would like to add to your story but relate it to the water, I am a big fisherman and I use all of my electronics when I am piloting my boat to the fishing grounds, I always write down my compass heading while I am heading out so if all electronics go out I can reverse my heading and get home. I had a bad experience about twenty years ago when I was depending on my electronics to get home before GPS was affordable, we used to use radio signals to navigate and it took a crap and I was heading the wrong way. I stoped a boat because I had been traveling for sometime and I did not see the Coronado Islands. The boat that saved my A$$ told me I was heading the wrong way. Your point is well taken.
  4. Good Information for those that use their GPS.

    I put it on
  5. I know a lot of you guys are great using a GPS for tracks and routs, as a fact Ken the Kug used his GPS to help me get out of a place that I took him riding several years back in Yuma. When I came across this article I thought it would be a good read for those who are not that experienced and a good reminder for those who are proficient with their GPS's units. Do take sometime to read the article. It was a great reminder for me because I have experienced what they talk about in the article. https://www.desertusa.com/desert-activity/gps-navigation.html
  6. MotoGP 2018 - Last Lap of Qatar

    Mike they move like music

    I take it you have been down Mike!....It is truly epic like you said.

    I am very proud of my daughter because she just finished an internship with the State Department in DC. She took a semester off from UC Davis to do a ten week internship, It took a lot of dedication on her part, (just to be chosen throughout the country to do that internship makes me proud of her) she had to take a bus to and from the State Department during her ten week internship shows me a ton of dedication(in the cold). The contacts she has made are priceless for her career path. I had the opportunity to celebrate with her dads style and that is on a motorcycle, she met me in Miami and I rented a big pig Harley and we drove down to Key west. It took us over six hours to get down to Key West because we enjoyed stoping in the towns along the way and did our best to take them all in with the short time we had to spend down there. The roads with water on both sides of you take your breath away with all the beauty that you are trying to swallow and take in. The miles of bridge crossing suspended above the water that you are traveling on is just unreal with its beauty alone. I highly recommend that if you ever get the chance to take this trip do because you will not forget it or regret it. I love the small town of Key West and my daughter and I took all that we could take in of it. It is like no other place and truly a one of a kind town. The history alone Key West is amazing from its beginning to Hemingways House to the defenses of our Country during the Cuba blockade. My daughter and I really enjoyed a day at the beach along with touring the Hemingway house ( I highly recommend that if you make it down there). The night life there is just plain fun. Finally my daughter and I got to meet up with one of our SDAR boys and long riding partner Dan Diego in Naples, we had lunch at a Grill called Parrots and had some good eats. Then Diego took us for a drive through some neighborhoods down to the beach where we talked about his upcoming ride and the rides we did. Then Diego was kind enough to have conversations with my daughter to help guide her on some decisions toward her career path. Well all good things or should I say travels have to come to an end, enjoyed every minute of my time with my daughter and the time I had with a good friend Diego. Enjoy the picks.
  9. Nipples

    Good times Diego!!!, I am glad you gave up drinking that suits you well in retirement.
  10. Anyone use one of these?

    That bike is ready to go!
  11. New Carlsbad member

    Welcome!! hope to see you out on the trails.
  12. Bike tech day Escondido Pt II

    Thank you for opening your shop for all of us today, i appreciate all that you did for everyone!!!
  13. CID Birthday?

    Happy Birthday Chris!! What bike did you buy yourself for your birthday today?
  14. Brought the baby home today!

    You are really a great guy to buy me that bike so I can ride with you when you are on your African Twin. I am not working this weekend, cannot wait to come down and try my new bike, Again you the man!!! Nice one!!