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    love to ride in the desert and in the MT. <br />love to fish in the ocean. <br />love to dirnk Ice Cold Stone IPA

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  1. I will be helping and leading a ride to Valle De Guadulupe in Baja on Sat Oct 14th. You can bring a street bike or you dual sport bike. The plan would be to meet at Denny’s in National City for coffee , leave around 8a.m., then ride to Rosarito for breakfast, and Valle de Guadalupe for wine tasting at a couple of my favorite spots. Plan on getting back around 5:30pm. I am sending this out early because once you are in I will send information to you on mex insurance and other thing. If you ride two up this is a perfect time to take your girlfriend or wife, because the sights are really cool and it will be a fun and easy ride. .
  2. I had only meet him a couple of times....my heart goes out to his family and wife. I do not want to sound cold but he went doing something he loved to do, a man cannot ask for anything more. God speed Arnie! May the angles in heaven ride with you now!
  3. You Rock JAJA, Never Never stop!
  4. Consider that done, JAJA will go and some other good livers too will ride, PM me with some dates and I will get it done.
  5. Dave it is been to long my friend, I still remember the time I drove down to meet you and Danny for our first ride in Yuma, and I brought Stone IPA. That has not changed.
  6. It is a very good thing that we have decided to donate our livers to science. It will not be long before we are on our way to South America! They should have that bad liquor under control by then in Mexico.
  7. I would like to thank JAJA who wired my lights up and also cleaned up all of my wiring on my KLR. He set me up with a new fuse box, soldered all connections, put a switch on so I can shut down all axillary power, lights , and insulated all the wires. Thank you JAJA. I have never been much of a wire guy and you did a great job
  8. I might drive my bike up for a day, I have a larger bike so I do not want to slow you down, I am interested in testing out my bike loaded with camping gear and weight to see what I need to do with my linkage (raise it or keep it the same). I am an older guy who likes a good IPA and would be happy to share on with you. I will keep you posted.
  9. It was nice to see everyone who showed and also for all the help on all the bikes that was given. We truly do have a nice club of guys who like to help out and make a place like this available to work on your bikes. I changed two tires [DSM8 I should say put them on for me with his cool tire stand, I just got them off the bike] and my bike oil. DSM8 I would like to thank you for opening up your garage to work on our bikes along with letting us use your equipment..... I wish I had your garage!....again it was good to see all of you SDAR guys!
  10. Next time you do something like this call. Great ride!
  11. If you go down Escondido blvd heading south, you will see billboard with a guy siting on a 2017 EXC KTM 500 with a big smile on his face with goofy black rim glasses on, I think it is KKug. Not lying..... for reals
  12. I was at Del's barbershop today.... all the barbers where talking about Kug's new 2017 EXC KTM 500.... it is apparent the talk of the town!!! Has anyone seen Kug's new 2017 EXC KTM 500?
  13. In
  14. Your kidding... She said yes to you having another motorcycle.... you need to marry that Gal!!!!! Congratulations Mikey!!!