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    love to ride in the desert and in the MT. <br />love to fish in the ocean. <br />love to dirnk Ice Cold Stone IPA

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  1. JaJa, TNTMO === me go Solo
  2. Right on! wish I was riding with you bro. It is beautiful up that way.
  3. What bike to buy?

    You are right! I owned the 800 GSA, It is not a two up bike at all. Plus to make my bike worthy I had to dump $$$ in the suspension to make it work right off roading with a load.
  4. Where and When?
  5. How can I get it from you, I would be more than happy to pay for the mail.
  6. This place is real Mexico and all the locals hang out here. It was a nice time with the Kug and the boy's, and good food at that. Kug this is a find and that was my first time on the beach at this place. I would love to do this again and you SDAR people missed a good find, thank you Ken for taking me here.
  7. It is going to be a great trip JaJa.
  8. If you have your tracks PM them to me.
  9. Ken you know my skills can I take the 1200 or should I stick to the street?
  10. This ride will be for a full seven or eight days( I can combined the weekend in the middle). I will be leaving the first or second week of September 2017, Will be traveling up the one to Washington then loading the bike on a fairy over to Whidbey Island for one night( we can do the island in one day). Trip will also include riding the Olympia Peninsula in Washington and the fairy over to pikes place. This is a beautiful ride with some of the most breathtaking sights. I left a two week window for those who would like to go so you can make it. I am going to start making camping reservations now at KOA, and other sites. Please let me know soon if you are interested. The cost of the ride will be inexpensive, gas, food, and split the camp site. 7-or-8 days should only cost $500 to $600. As a reminder I do like bourbon, tequila and cold beer. That always screw up my budget.
  11. That is a fun place, glad you had a time of it.
  12. SDAR Meeting