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    love to ride in the desert and in the MT. <br />love to fish in the ocean. <br />love to dirnk Ice Cold Stone IPA

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  1. Tell Steve I said hi, and I miss seeing him around and his orange Blazer. I cannot make it to night do to being called out to Imperial valley, I will not make it back in time. Thank you Chris.
  2. I might be able to do this
  3. Its not everyday that someone sees a rig like yours going down the road with a dog in it! Very Very Cool
  4. You bet
  5. Randy let me know when you are going to be in Tombstone, I would like to ride out for a weekend and wish you and Doc well on your Journey south. I will do this in the only way I know how at that is with beer and hot wings. I will see if I can get some of the boys to go with me. Give me two week notice so I can post it.
  6. I was impressed how that bike did on the trails last weekend while Brian was riding his! Nice!
  7. Darn Mikey! are you taking steroids now? If that is you things have changed since Big Eye ride. I know you just quit drinking
  8. You just gave some very good advice that most Baja bound riders do not know about! Well done!
  9. Well you know I am not going to let you go without one last ride. The rides we have shared and the time inside places we would never tell our moms about! That alone Poncho tells you what Lefty thinks about you. You better tell Dee that I will be showing up with a bottle to talk about things in life that we could never fix but in the moment in our talks we think we can. I have told you before if I would of met you in my 20's i would of never gotten married or had kids. I would of been in and out of jail and riding from town to town with you till this day. We would work then we would get sick of the town and move on. I for sure would of had a tattoo by now. You have been a close ridding buddy and alway will be. I now have a great excuse to ride across country to see you. I will let you and Dee get situated first for a couple of weeks then I will pack my bike to meet up with you in the Key's and show up with some Sparkle Donkey and start fixing the world with you. When you and Dee leave San Diego I am going to escort you out on my KLR. Maybe we could open Poncho & Lefty's Motorcycle Cantina You will never be far from me brother!
  10. KTM just makes the most outrageous dual sport bikes around, I would bet that it will run circles around the African Twin! Just saying!
  11. Welcome! Enjoy your bike and look for post on the forum for posted rides, lots of good people here who love to ride and camp.
  12. The ride was fun, we went from cold to a nice night of camping, the ride was full of adventure! In Idyllwild I think the Moon and the Coyotes singing at night was cool! JAJA thanks for putting the ride together from Iydllwild to Big Bear, the trail to the top of Big Bear was awesome! The Burger place in Big Bear was the Bomb! I really enjoyed the pirate camp out in Johnson Valley, the spot was a changeling to get to but well worth the effort. That night could of gone on for ever, the moon coming over the mountains was sensational while sitting by the camp fire. Then Pioneer Town was a cool place, never been there before. As always going through Joshua Tree and Box Canyon is spectacular (Jim needs to spend a whole week with his camera there). Brian thank you for taking us to that great Taco joint in, Mecca best Burro I have had in a long time. You guys where a blast to hang with for a weekend. A special thanks to Jim and Kelly hanging out at my tent Saturday night drinking soda pop with me! Right! Great ride! lets do another soon! I will let Jim post pictures because as everyone knows he does take the best pics!
  13. Sounds like a dirt packed weekend, sounds like Crawdaddy has is own Six day event in a three day! Bags I know you are a good rider and so are you DSTSS, when you guys say it is challenging it must be. Crawdaddy you are a good man for the dual sport community! Make sure you take your MOTRIN this week, it will help with the recovery process.