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  1. Was just thinking about where to plan a summer bike trip. This looks perfect. I'm going to look hard at making this happen.
  2. I have a 3 rail motorcycle trailer that I'm looking to sell. I've had it since i got back into the sport around 18 years ago but its been several years since I've used it. Its been painted and had all the hardware replaced. Coated wood in the insert. Looks practically brand new. I put in on the market out here in Yuma but was too late in the season. $750 for any club members. Otherwise i will just store it and try again in the fall. Free delivery. Its in Yuma but i can make a trip over most any weekend to bring it. I have current ownership certificate and it has current lifetime AZ tags on it.
  3. Great write up. Glad my directions didn't get you lost.
  4. If you take Picacho road, you will see the major power towers that cross the road. Just past there is a sign that says Exit on the left. Take that and the take the trail that heads north like Picacho but heads slightly west of the main road. It takes you through an area that most people camp. Stay on that and it will take you right through the Valley of the names. It is a fun twisty road with several off shoots. The entire area pretty large. As you come to the north edge of the Names area look for a trail that heads right. It will take you back down to Picacho road. Take Picacho north. A little bit down the road, it goes down a hill and turns sharp left. Right at the bottom of the hill is a sandy area on your right with a trail that leads into the slot canyon. From there you can stay in that wash until you come to a dirt trail crossing the wash. Take it right and it will follow the power towers back to Picacho road. Fun little loop. It is possible to get from Senators wash to Picacho without getting 'on the road, but It involves a long rocky hill descent and some deep sand along the canal. Haven't done it for a while and the last time i tried, I struggled to find the starting trail. Wish I didn't have to work or i would come along for the ride.
  5. If you have a chance to visit a BLM office, get the map for BLM Routes of Travel for Eastern Imperial County. It has all the designated routes through the Picacho area. I will look to see if i have any GPS tracks or POIs but while in the area, you must see the Valley of the Names. I think its on Route 690. https://www.visityuma.com/offroading.html The coordinates are in the linked article. There is also a cool slot canyon accessible off of Picacho road. I just replaced my computer so i need to look through some old hard drives to see if i can find the actual coordinates.
  6. Arizona Newb Ride

    Wow. That looks like a fantastic ride. Lots of good stuff in Arizona. Great pics, thanks for sharing.
  7. Good Information for those that use their GPS.

    Good stuff and good reminders for even the experienced crowd.
  8. Giant loop heat shield

    Not making it this weekend. It will be at least a couple of weeks before i can make it. PM me your address and i will put the part in the mail to you on Monday.
  9. Giant loop heat shield

    Still trying to decide if I am coming over tomorrow. Waiting to see if my son is free to ride. If I don't catch up with you tomorrow, I can just put it in the mail to you. I should know tonight. If I do ride I should be in jacumba around 10 or so.
  10. Texas road trip

    Great job on the video. Thanks for sharing it.
  11. Giant loop heat shield

    I'd be quite happy to take the border road. Haven't done that way. I've just been Google mapping the best way to get from Jacumba to Lakeside using Old Hwy 80 or Campo road. But if you want to meet me at the Jacumba Hot Springs for late breakfast and lead by way of the border road, I wouldn't complain. I spent this last Saturday riding from Yuma to Holtville and back to get that section figured out. From Holtville, its Even Hughes all the way to Ocotillo. Then up the Hill on the freeway.
  12. Giant loop heat shield

    I'm going to be riding my 450 from Yuma to Lakeside on that Saturday 4/7. I've got it mapped out to stay off the 8 for almost all but the section from the desert floor to jacumba. If you want to meet in pine valley as I come through, we could do that. Not sure of the time. First time trying to do this.
  13. Giant loop heat shield

    I can send it in the mail or I plan to be in San Diego weekend after next. Let me know how desperate you are for it.
  14. Giant loop heat shield

    If you are talking about this shield, I have one. Didn't need it for my bags.