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  1. Great pics. I recognize a lot of the spots. Looks like a great time had by all.
  2. Would love to do this with you Dan. But I'm still a couple of years from being able and having the right bike for it.
  3. Planning to be there. Looking forward to it.
  4. If you are making good time on the way back to Picacho, I'd suggest a cool detour. About a mile or two north on 78, from where Ogilby hits 78 is Black Mountain road. Take it east. It is a graded/rough paved windy road up to the transmit towers on top of the hill. The road itself is fun enough with lots of twists and turns. The view from the top is fantastic. To the east you see hills all the way to the river. To the west you see the expanse of the dunes all the way from Glamis to Mexico. Just go back the way you came. Avoid the temptation of the dirt road leading down the backside of the hill. Worst hill i have ever been on. As for Old Picacho Road, it is a lot of fun through the Palo Verde wilderness, then becomes a graded road all the way down to Ogilby. There are some fun trails off the side. Some good riding over in that area.
  5. The bridge at Cibola was open the last time I went up there. Palo Verde is just north of the crossing and there is a gas station there. You don't need to go all the way to Blythe which is around 20 miles further. Old Palo Verde Rd is just west of 78 for the return if you want to stay on the dirt. It will take you all the way down to where Ogilby hits 78, then cut over to Picacho. Already packing to head out to Super with the family or I would be asking to join you. Have a great ride.
  6. Related question: Has anyone done the Colorado BDR and if so, how much road was involved? Looking at doing it this summer with our 450s. Or may put it off until i can get a bigger bike (the upcoming KTM 790 looks just right). Colorado looks like the right place to run off to when the summer heat is on in Yuma.
  7. Great pics. Thanks for keeping us posted and up to date on the trip.
  8. Sedona is awesome. If anyone wants to go up there and ride some time, I think I still have the gps tracks from a dual sport ride we did up there 10 years ago. First real organized dual sport ride I ever did. Beautiful country side. Have fun.
  9. We had an awesome time. Thanks for putting this together. Some of the best single track I've been on in a long time. I tweaked my back on Friday and was in a bit of pain on Saturday. Made it to Oatman but had to street it back. We plan on doing it again next year and be able to stretch it out more. Great ride and great people. Thanks again.
  10. I and my son Danny will be there. Finally. Really looking forward to the ride..
  11. My crew and I will be there for Sunday sweep. We can also help with setup and gps downloads it needed. What ever you need.
  12. Great pics. Already planning on a trip to Colorado next summer. Seems like a great place to escape from yuma heat.
  13. Welcome to the club. Lots of good people here.
  14. Happy birthday Dan. Hope you had a great day.