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  1. Wowee!!
  2. He is the slut but still awfully devoted to that DRZ. Welcome back.
  3. I'm hoping/planning to enjoy an enduro tour of Romania.
  4. I'd like to go in the next couple weeks. We can ride the Kern River and Canyon trails to the lookout tower and then Badger Gap back to camp. 60 miles of pristine single track overlooking the canyon.
  5. Just re-read your post. I won't make it this weekend. Hungry Valley only has the type of terrain you're looking for. Maybe some more difficult 2 track but even the motorcycle trails are ATV wide.
  6. I too was considering a trip in the near future. Keyesville is your spot. Plenty of atv and jeep trails for the family and access to gobs of singletrack for you. Google maps should show you where it is. If not, I'll be happy to fill you in. It's all open camping there and I have a few preferred spots I can direct you to. When are you planning your trip? I might be able to join you.
  7. Hahahah. I hope it works. Would be terrible to have held onto it for all these years and it failing when you finally need it.
  8. Yup. I'm there
  10. Not a chance! That would just ruin it. The only vehicles that should be orange come with a shaker hood scoop.
  11. Beautiful. Been tempted to trade in my 11 YZ450 for one of those.
  12. Congratulations Tom! I may be able to attend. It just depends on that danged work schedule.
  13. Is that something new that it's doing after 73000 miles or have you only had it for 3000? MyAprilia does that drill when started cold. I would just give the idle speed a adjuster a turn when cold starting and then when it's warm and the engine idle speed creeps up I give it a turn back. Sorry I'm not familiar with the BMW but the Aprilia is a twin.
  14. I'm in Boston now and was in NY the last 2 days. No snow in sight. Thereis currently a winter storm warning in Minnesota and northern great lakes areas. To some folks that is east coast.