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  1. MXON

    Did a little searching and CBS covered the last few MXdN events. Hopefully it will be carrying coverage again this year.
  2. MXON

    Ha, yeah Kelly I saw that too. It'll be really good racing with them on the track. At least fun to watch.
  3. Tire cupping

    Cupping is caused by the impact of the knob with the road surface. Higher air pressure will effect the wear but nothing you can do to prevent it. Braking is 70% front, 25% rear and 5% engine. If you're doing more of less of any you're not riding to the potential of your bike and when you need maximum performance you won't know where the limit is.
  4. https://dirtbikemagazine.com/dual-sport-shootout-husky-501-vs-beta-500
  5. Just got to camp. I'll be looking for you.
  6. Jamul practice track up for sale?

    It wouldn't be the same without him.
  7. Met a Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

    Oh man. I have one of those coins too. I met John at the Valero station on Sandrock. Great guy. I wish I had more time to chat. Where are you living now?
  8. My 450 is very manageable at 6000'+. Should be a good place to test it out. Now I may not have to work on Sunday. If I do I will leave my map for you to use and navigate your way around.
  9. Yes. I was there 7/2-3 and was all alone in camp. Weekends get busier but there'll be space. I'm getting there Thursday afternoon and if it starts filling up I'll save you a space.
  10. Deep in the woods they just sound like chainsaws to me.
  11. I've been working hard all weekend but was able to get my schedule straight. I'll be driving up Thursday morning for Greenhorn Mt Park and staying until Sunday morning. Isde, how'd the KX shake down run go? If you were planning to ride late on Sunday I'll leave my map with you so you can find your way around and back and enjoy the area. HotRod, if you can make it Friday I'll take you on a mindblowing singletrack experience. Money back guaranteed.
  12. Cool bike. I was team green in my teenage years. A KDX and KX. The original plan was to camp at Greenhorn Mt Park. https://goo.gl/maps/hgRyUeAyttN2 but if the kid is coming that might change things and that's not bad. The reason being, the main access road to the better trails for him is closed for logging the burn area and the only logical way to get there while the crews are working is a diamond level trail. After 5PM we can take the intermediate trails back to camp. I think we could accommodate him and ride slowly and help him through the tough spots but there are some areas of cliff exposure that may be unsettling on the new rev happy mx bike. Depending on your schedule, we could ride the ATV trails and such on the other side of the road for a day or two to get him used to the bike before diving in or we could just go into the Piutes instead. Piutes do not have any services, i.e., water, toilets, showers, cellular and are mostly intermediate and above trails or dirt roads. I don't mind either one as I haven't ridden in the Piutes in over a year. Now that I've written all that, I think staying with the original camp plan and exploring the ATV trails would be the way to go. If you're ok with a 20 minute drive from camp we could drive to different trailheads and get into the Piutes or other areas for the day.
  13. I had so much fun I'm heading back for more. Camp greenhorns, ride 'horns, Piutes, and the Kern plateau.
  14. I had so much fun I'm heading back for more. Camp greenhorns, ride 'horns, Piutes, and the Kern plateau.
  15. Querly rides the Erzberg Rodeo

    This thread needs one track. With a view.