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  1. Dammit! I'm still at the hospital. The way this is going I doubt I'll make it.
  2. DSM8, I have a last minute change of plans. My apologies but I have to go to the ER today. Not anything tragic. If I get out in time I'll stop by, but it'll be without my bike.
  3. I am bringing my YZ for oil and filter change and chase an electrical bug that's causing a mid RPM and mid throttle misfire. Just going to pull and clean connections this time. I've still got that fatty front tire to give away and a few other items I'll pick out tonight.
  4. Damn! I'll stick to getting my thrills in the dirt.
  5. damn Kenny. Good for you. How about a gnarly mountain singletrack ride to celebrate?
  6. I just checked my Photobucket account and was shocked. I was hoping the $49/mo was a typo, but spit oatmeal on my computer when I saw the upgrade charge of $499/yr! I guess I won't be using Photobucket anymore.
  7. You know Bagstr. Get into the mountains. The higher the better.
  8. This is shaping up to be a real party! I've got it on my calendar and will be looking forward to it. Probably only stick around for a few hours but may bring my bike to work on while I'm there. I've also got a front Bridgestone 90/100-21 and some other things I could offer as door prizes.
  9. Rough weekend. Sorry to hear of the lost friends guys. May they forever Ride In Peace.
  10. I'll be there if I can.
  11. Piute mountains Sat-Tues.
  12. I haven't been on, or started, my bike since March. It's too hot in the lowlands now. I'll follow up again later this summer for a ride in Sept or Oct.
  13. At the riding clinic the question was posed to Graham Jarvis and he explained you can't get the feel and control you need to be competitive with an auto clutch, but then he continued that he'd never used one. I think I read or saw another comment from a different top pro to the same effect.
  14. The mix up was a little annoying. Billy Bolt and Graham do look strikingly similar and I think they mixed those two the most. The other was Jonny Walker and Cody Webb who are KTM teammates. Maybe next year they'll put bigger numbers on the plates. It was a good race. Nice seeing the new winner on the podium and Graham coming back. Maybe next year we'll see Cody up top.