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  1. Upcoming SDAR meeting 2017???

    No camping at Fiesta Island. I think you have to be out at 10:30P.
  2. Run It or Replace It ?

    I don't see cord showing. Why even ask?
  3. Good fun. I just got an email from Motoventures that they're selling off some of the older bikes. There's an older Sherco that is tempting me. I don't ride any of my bikes enough so I have to resist.
  4. New Public Moto Representatives

    Maybe if we point the finger say, this is what happens when you close the land and riding areas. We used to stay in the deserts and mountains but you closed it. Give us the boondocks and we'll leave the cities.
  5. The Rincon Trail Itch

    I caught a Facebook conversation and it sounds like a crew with chainsaws is heading up Rincon this weekend. That means next weekend might be time to attack.
  6. Build it, enjoy it, share it with your buddies. I'd enjoy practing on it at Corral or McCain.
  7. The Rincon Trail Itch

    Hi Don! Good to hear from you again. I'll get in touch the next time I'm thinking about a road trip. I heard that the Greenhorns North of 155 will be closed until next year. That last fire up there really scorched Portuguese Pass. We may have to do Piute trips this summer.
  8. The Rincon Trail Itch

    Instead of being at home this weekend and getting my domestic responsibilities completed I'm stuck in Gulfport, MS. Looking at May now but don't know when.
  9. The Rincon Trail Itch

    Floating this idea again. The 28-30 dates are looking really good.
  10. World Trials Championships - Kingman, AZ: 7/28 - 7/30

    Yeah. Maybe pair that up with another visit to Flagstaff.
  11. 2014 TE300 Husqvarna 4 Sale

    Rob definitely farkles his bikes quite well. He's got another post here regarding the new TX300
  12. The Rincon Trail Itch

    I had to remove the 15-16 dates. I have another obligation.
  13. Caution VAPOR Users

    Good to know. Now I'm glad I didn't install mine when I was using a Vapor.
  14. The Rincon Trail Itch

    Those are April dates. I don't know my May schedule yet.
  15. The Rincon Trail Itch

    Looking at April 28-30 for a 3 day weekend. Anyone able to ride those days?