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  1. Indian FTR 1200

    I saw that earlier. Looks
  2. Honda Super Cub

    If I still lived in PB I'd consider one of those. Especially the Monkey. However, with an MSRP of $3999 I wouldn't even consider it. The Grom is $3399. All that cutsey retro style isn't worth that much for a little beach cruiser mini bike.
  3. Have you called the Blackrock or Kernville Ranger Station? The trails may not be open yet. There wasn't much snow this year but there's typically a lot of deadfall to clear from the trails. I have to work this weekend but am thinking of going into the area Sunday night thru Wednesday morning. I hope to get up there monthly this summer. When you're ready for another trip reach out.
  4. The source for the quote above. 7 Things to know... http://www.advpulse.com/adv-bikes/things-to-know-honda-crf450l/
  5. Just a quick update with some info in the HP numbers that are floating the internets.
  6. Shell Rotella T6 on Sale at O'Reilly

    I ran it in my VFR at 4,000 mile internals. I only owned it for 12,000 miles so 3 oil changes. That bike was only used for commuting. I would estimate 11,800 of those were highway miles.
  7. Trail feel. The most important and hardest measurement to quantify.
  8. Tribute to my KLR

    Hey Kawee, Sorry for the loss man. You sure had some great adventures on the KLR. A pitbike adventure in Borrego sounds like a comedy in the making. Looking forward to the report.
  9. My post from earlier in the thread is copied above. Listing unspecified dry weights on their website and promotional materials is a marketing tactic. KTM and the other manufacturers that do it sell a significant number of bikes because buyers think their new bike is 20+ pounds lighter than the Jspanese bike they rode for years. The reality is not that impressive. I imagine the real weight of the CRF will be within a few pounds of their claim of 289. That's a big number and nothing to brag about. Also you need to understand the logic of Japanese manufacturing. They pride themselves and on a global scale are expected to have the highest quality and longevity of their products. Bikeslut used to share a saying from the mt bike world. Strong, light, cheap; you can only have two. There is a thread on thumpertalk detailing a weight loss project of a WR450F that was quite interesting. The member owned a rainbow of bikes but was surprised at the WRs engineering. Where his KTM would have a bolt or tab or nothing, Yamaha had two bolts and a bracket. It's not light or even cheap and may not be necessary but it is strong. Engineered to last. Anyway, their was a lot of money into that project, titanium exhaust and such, but also cutting out or removing parts got that WR down to around 240 pounds wet. About a 25 pound weight reduction. My YZ started life at 245# wet, but with the bigger tank, tires, mousses, radiators, hand and frame guards, lights, etc is now at 260-265 pounds. Could be less but I didn't buy the lightest parts available.
  10. "268 pounds on the scale full of gas" Read more at https://dirtbiketest.com/bike-tests/2016-ktm-500exc/#2LD6HAgUdmyTFfDj.99
  11. A few years back all the Japanese manufactureres started using wet weights in their marketed specifications. That is with all fluids and fuel, topped off, ready to ride. Only the European manufacturers use dry weights. And nobody knows how dry that is. Some say it is completely dry, no gas, oil, coolant or brake fluid. But we do know the Japanese weights are indeed, ready to ride, gross weights. You can have it in any color as long as it's championship red.
  12. I did just notice that the offroad versions all have wide ratio 6 speeds. That COULD be very good, but the Hondas that I've owned had very poorly ratiod transmissions.
  13. Without a doubt. It's standard for any bike. Another article has put it at 289# wet. I can already see a few items that could drop 10# but the "Urethane injection in swingarm to reduce road noise" is unsprung weight that can't be removed (easily). I like the idea if it was road vibrations, but not a serious offroader if it has road bike design logic. I do like that the clutch and stator covers come with protection, but not the "Noise emissions minimized via covers on the left and right crank cases" reason. Makes me think thin and cheap plastic bits. That price is $500 more than a Beta 430RS and the Beta is 40 pounds lighter.
  14. https://dirtbikemagazine.com/2019-honda-crf450l-a-hard-core-dual-sport-from-japan/ This one will certainly weigh 300+ wet.