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  1. Need a hand, and a brush

    Nevermind. Oh no one did.
  2. Need a hand, and a brush

    The short story is I've been doing a tremendous amount of work to the outside of my house. Essentially a full renovation. the final steps of the project are capping off this week and next with a new roof. This weekend, a painter was supposed to come out and paint the fascia and some other parts of the house before the roofers continue work on Monday. He just told me he won't be doing the work and I'm out of town until Monday night. Anybody here have a couple hours tomorrow or Monday morning they can spread a little paint and primer around the top 4 inches of my house? I'm paying $200 and I have the paint and primer ready to go in the garage. Just need some brushes or rollers and a little bit of your time. Again, I'm out of town until Monday night or I'd get it done myself.
  3. I'll add that when choosing glasses it is important to choose a pair that works with your helmet and goggles. When shopping for new glasses I take my helmet and goggles in the store and test the fit as I ride.
  4. Trail riding in the Washington Cascades

    Yup, gold. I'm ready for a weekend run to the summit of Klone peak.
  5. Ha. The Coors can mountain is Wilson peak just South of Telluride. I've been to Montrose a few dozen times but never with a bike. Lots of riding temptation there. Someday I'll get back with a bike. Thanks for sharing the photos. Bummer about the truck?
  6. MXON

    Did a little searching and CBS covered the last few MXdN events. Hopefully it will be carrying coverage again this year.
  7. MXON

    Ha, yeah Kelly I saw that too. It'll be really good racing with them on the track. At least fun to watch.
  8. Tire cupping

    Cupping is caused by the impact of the knob with the road surface. Higher air pressure will effect the wear but nothing you can do to prevent it. Braking is 70% front, 25% rear and 5% engine. If you're doing more of less of any you're not riding to the potential of your bike and when you need maximum performance you won't know where the limit is.
  9. https://dirtbikemagazine.com/dual-sport-shootout-husky-501-vs-beta-500
  10. Just got to camp. I'll be looking for you.
  11. Jamul practice track up for sale?

    It wouldn't be the same without him.
  12. Met a Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

    Oh man. I have one of those coins too. I met John at the Valero station on Sandrock. Great guy. I wish I had more time to chat. Where are you living now?
  13. My 450 is very manageable at 6000'+. Should be a good place to test it out. Now I may not have to work on Sunday. If I do I will leave my map for you to use and navigate your way around.
  14. Yes. I was there 7/2-3 and was all alone in camp. Weekends get busier but there'll be space. I'm getting there Thursday afternoon and if it starts filling up I'll save you a space.
  15. Deep in the woods they just sound like chainsaws to me.