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  1. TWO 2002 Suzuki DRZ400S for $3,500! (Or one for $2,000) I bought both of these bikes new (one was for me and one was for the ex-husband, who did not get his in the divorce!). The yellow DRZ was lowered to work with my 5'6" height. It has a Kouba lowering link and the fork springs were cut down. If you're wondering how it handles with a fairly serious change in geometry, I did the western half of the TAT and the Continental Divide on it and it handled the terrain well enough, even loaded down with gear. It's stable on the freeway and is capable in the dirt. Miles on yellow bike: 16,870 miles Miles on blue bike: 26,968 miles Modifications: GPR stabilizer 3x3 air box mod Jet kit On/off petcock TM Designworks chain guide Updated cam chain tensioner Raised head light Trimmed rear fender Front fork mounted gear rack with bags Clarke 3.9 gallon tank Side racks with bags (one side is set up to hold a one-gallon Rotopax container) Rear fender rack with bags Tapered aluminum handlebars Heated grips Auxillary power port Stainless steel braided front brake line Silicone radiator hose Tucked-in turn signals Custom key switch / GPS mount Seat Concept seat on blue bike Lowered front and rear suspension on yellow bike Heavyduty stator on yellow bike Wider footpegs The bikes come with a ton of extras. Check out additional photos at https://www.flickr.com/photos/piratemonkeycult/sets/72157686830950884/with/36497428883/
  2. Moto Jack Rack - SOLD

    Sorry, didn't realize there was a protocol. Now I do.
  3. Moto Jack Rack - SOLD

    Apologies, ADV Bum -- someone got to it sooner via PM. If for some reason that falls through, I'll ping you.
  4. Moto Jack Rack - SOLD

    $75. You know you want it.
  5. 1999 Ford Ranger 4WD, $1200 - SOLD

    I came across a little hitch: I can't sell the truck of my late brother until 40 days after his death (cancer). Learning all this executor stuff the hard way. Beniflas is willing to wait so unless he changes his mind, the truck is spoken for.
  6. 1999 Ford Ranger 4WD, $1200 - SOLD

    I failed to mention that the mileage is 122,647. I'm only offering this price on the SDAR forum because I go a long ways back with a lot of you folks. If I have to put it on Craigslist, I'm going to jack it up as much as I can. Wayne and I already have two trucks at the moment so this third one is a crowd.
  7. Beniflas picked it up this week. Hope "Trucky" is as good to him as he was to me . ----------------------------------------------- I bought this 1999 Ford Ranger 4WD extended cab (3.0L V6, automatic) from Drew Ford when it was a year old. In 2009 I gave it to my brother who lightly used it. Truck is in very good shape; it received regular maintenance and never had mechanical issues. The only signs of aging is some oxidation in the paint and some warped buttons on the steering wheel; otherwise, it's in impressive shape. Has trailer hitch and air springs. I'm selling this at a low price in hopes of avoiding the commerce armpit called Craigslist.
  8. Variety of garage stuff for sale

    To potential Saturday visitors: We plan to be at the shop around 12:30.
  9. Variety of garage stuff for sale

    I don't know the dimensions but I can get them for you today. It's the two piece that attaches in the middle and can be padlocked. 6'x7' Dang! thanks anyways....looking to span 12' Each gate is 7' so you have 14' total to work with.
  10. Variety of garage stuff for sale

    I don't know the dimensions but I can get them for you today. It's the two piece that attaches in the middle and can be padlocked. 6'x7'
  11. Variety of garage stuff for sale

    Just a note that I'll be at the shop today (Friday) for sure between 11:00 and 1:30. Might get there earlier and might stay later. Email me directly at head.primate@gmail.com if you want to contact me; it's the easiest and fastest way for me to respond. I don't like talking on the phone so please don't ask me to call (yes, I'll grudgingly make an exception for my mom). I have to have everything out of the shop by next Friday so if you're interested in something you might want to make a decision sooner than later. This is the only place I've posted the sales information; I'll start posting items on Craigslist soon. Thank you for your interest. It's been a bit of a nightmare clearing out the shop and I am heartened by the fact that anybody is interested in any of this!
  12. Variety of garage stuff for sale

    I don't know the dimensions but I can get them for you today. It's the two piece that attaches in the middle and can be padlocked.
  13. Variety of garage stuff for sale

    Ok, I will probably bring it to Escondido today. Will let you know when it's here.
  14. Variety of garage stuff for sale

    One toolbox is claimed but all the carts are still available. Wayne and I will be at the shop on Saturday; should be there around 1pm.
  15. Variety of garage stuff for sale

    Too bad because I'm the Queen of Carts at the moment.