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  1. Wife and I are here, we're sweeping the adventure route two up on the cbx
  2. Thanks Bags, yep I've been using the inreach for a couple of years. Very good unit, and tough.
  3. HI friends, I'm retired and ride a lot. Preparing for the next outing, 2 or more weeks, starting April 6th in Bishop then heading out highway 6 (lots of hot springs days) towards Moab. Ill be in my camper, towing my moto trailer. Wifey will ride her moto to join me at some point, probably at Fish Lake Hot well. If you are interested in joining, please be self sufficient for camping. Ride level can be beginner to pro, up to you. I've got a lot of areas to re ride and some more to explore. Always a great time, hit me up if you want to join me for a day or more.
  4. I always love this event, here is my 2 minute video.
  5. Any interest in riding farther North and East? Im thinking Bishop-Highway 6-Fish lake Valley Hot well-east to Moab? I would be in my camper towing the bike trailer. Higher elevations are pretty cold at the moment, but should warm up.
  6. V-Dog


    Possible, it's been a while since I was there
  7. V-Dog


    I've got a rider or two that are hanging for the weekend, we're camped off s22 Jeep training area. If they will slab it to Butterfield or start riding early the backwards route through the drop, we will hook up with you for Sunday.
  8. V-Dog


    Sunday? Butterfield would be nice, oriflame to banner toll single-track to Julian to sunrise down Salt Creek to butterfield?
  9. A few of us are going from San Diego that ride the advanced loop, you are more than welcome to hang and camp with our group.
  10. I'm interested, so your ride goes south from Picacho SRA campground over the river at Yuma, then North to Red Cloud Mine Road? Have you ridden from Picacho to Walters recently?
  11. Think you meant beer and lunch! I'm in.
  12. Short 2 minute ride video Thanks Chris for an awesome Adventure
  13. V-Dog

    Informal GPS course?

    California trail Map? no problem!