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  1. Coverage area is now all of southern and central California. The upper boundary is San Jose-Sacramento-Kirkwood-Lake Topaz. CaliforniaTrailMap.com
  2. The Sierra National Forest was recently added. This area is dense with motor vehicle trails. Mammoth is next. CaliforniaTrailMap.com
  3. 00yz250

    A couple of new toys

    How high can you lift your truck before it hits the ceiling?
  4. 00yz250

    California Trail Maps

    I've got stickers. Email me your address if you want some. Lee@CaliforniaTrailMap.com
  5. 00yz250

    California Trail Maps

    Now includes all of the Sequoia National Forest. (Kennedy Meadows, Monache Meadow, Kern Plateau, Hume Lake) Lots of juicy single tracks.
  6. 00yz250

    California Trail Maps

    There is a version of the map that has a "transparent" background. It has dirt roads, trails and POIs but it doesn't include paved roads or a background. If you enable it at the same time as your street map, it will display on top of it. This will allow you to use the routing functionality that comes with your street map. The one odd behavior that you may see is dirt roads that aren't attached to paved roads until you zoom in. This is because I've got some dirt roads set to a higher level than the paved roads on the street map.
  7. 00yz250

    California Trail Maps

    The primary use case for City Navigator is paved roads. It's missing thousands upon thousands of miles of dirt roads and trails. There is really no comparison. They certainly don't include any single tracks. Off-roading or rural driving is considered an edge case so if they do display a dirt road or rural paved road, it isn't displayed until you zoom in really close. My map is designed to bring dirt roads and trails to the forefront. Depending on the dirt road and the area, I might set the zoom level to the same level as freeway on a Garmin map. Death Valley and Mojave National Preserve are two areas that need this because they're so large with a limited number of roads. Street maps display dirt roads at the same level or lower than residential roads. Screenshots don't really do it justice because it's a multilevel vector map. It turns into information overload when you display all of the detail. The value in a multi-level map is yielded on a small screen. There are lots of high level screen shots in the Trail Finder. Take a look at the reviews on Facebook. They're all positive and objective.
  8. Good morning, John here. Just wondering if you ever hang in the san diego area and ever invite folks (or individuals) to cross paths with you in person to either purchase your product or teach them how to best use it (GPS and computer connectedness).  My first bribe - need a brew or a burger?  haha. If not, maybe you know a few of the SDAR folks that wouldn't mind guiding a newbie. Cheers. 

    1. 00yz250


      I live in PB and I've got 10 acres of prime desert sand in Ocotillo Wells. I've met with a few map customers and SDAR members for rides. Within the next few weeks I'm going to start working on a series of videos to explain ways to use the map and how to read it. There are a lot of subjective decisions when I make the map and it would be helpful for users to understand the some of the reasoning behind it.


    2. MacDuncan


      OK, thanks, I guess you are getting ready for the hot season. If you ever have any interest in showing a newbie things to consider, please let me know. I would buy the product, install on a macbook air, merge with Garmn Base Camp I think, and use on a Gpsmap 78 hand held unit.  All the best.  John

  9. 00yz250

    California Trail Maps

    I am the map maker. The most tedious task is setting the zoom levels(7) on all of the elements to keep it from turning into spaghetti while giving you everything you want to see. My observation has been that smaller screens display the map at a higher density while larger screens spread it out. I recently did a survey and several Nuvi users commented that it doesn't display data soon enough while handheld users said the opposite. A few solutions for this. In your GPS map settings, there should be an option along the lines of "Map Detail" or "Detail". You can lower the detail level on small screens and increase it on large screens. This should get rid of those small segments. I've spent the last two months reviewing and updating the existing coverage area. Over the years of working on the map, I established guidelines for zoom levels and other subjective details. They've improved overtime so I'm updating everything to be consistent. I've been focusing mostly on the mountains and will rework the desert before it cools down. I added a feature to the Windows installer that asks if you'd like to Show or Hide Non-Motorized Trails. This will help in areas like Big Bear that are dense with trails. This is implemented by copying a style file into the map directory. It's automated on Windows but I'm not sure how to implement on a Mac, yet. There is an update available if you want to download.
  10. Now includes all of Clark County Nevada in painstaking detail. Esmeralda and Nye counties adjacent to California are included along with the Arizona side of Lake Mead. Over 7,000 miles of dirt roads and trails in Nevada. CaliforniaTrailMap.com
  11. The problem with a map server is that it would change the subscription model to a reoccurring cost. You'd need to keep paying me to keep using the map. Most people don't like that idea. They want to own it. On demand file storage in the cloud is cheap relative to running a service 24/7. LeadNav doesn't seem to display the map at the right scale. The roads and icons are too small. You might try Galileo or one of the other apps. It might be easiest to sample the other apps with one of the smaller coverage areas like central California or Nevada. I think you're referring to the discount link. It was an idea that never worked so I dropped the price and got rid of it. Nobody ever used the links.
  12. 00yz250

    Mojave Tracks

    The only real use of the version number is to verify that the map loaded on your GPS is the same as the map on your computer. I increment the numbers but I haven't been documenting the contents of each version. In BaseCamp the version is under "Maps\Manage Map Products". On your GPS, the version number is in the same screen that you select the map. There is another update to the map available that includes more in Clark county. I added Red Rock Canyon, Humboldt-Toiyabe NF, Desert National Wildlife Refuge and tons of BLM land.
  13. 00yz250

    Mojave Tracks

    I did another update. Everything to the east and south of Hwy 160 is solid. Coverage goes to Lake Mead. I still need to do the areas directly east and west of Vegas.
  14. 00yz250

    Mojave Tracks

    I updated the map to include all major trails between California and Vegas. There will be a newer version tomorrow around 10am that will have more labels, pois and a few trails. I haven’t done any city streets in Vegas, yet. Just the highways. Some of the trails look like they end when they get near the city but they connect to residential streets.
  15. There's a version of the map that can be loaded into an app on a phone or tablet. It's a raster map so it takes 4gb. The interaction is nice and the visual is a lot sharper than a GPS. Email me from the website if you want to upgrade.