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Many of you may know this but for those that don't the Sequoia National Forest is my favorite "local" riding area. I know, 200 miles isn't exactly local, but once you get North of Los Angeles/Riverside it's an easy drive. Either way the Sequoia Forest has a number of plans that are threatening to limit motorized and bicycle access.

Please take a few seconds to send a copy and paste email to the planning commission that the existing trails need to remain open for all uses and the PCT doesn't need a 1 mile buffer of sterility from non-hiker noises. 



Your help is needed to prevent the closure of about 30 miles of Sequoia National Forest motorized trails. We are told by Forest Staff if they hear from thousands of people on a topic they will take it very seriously.

So here is your chance to object to their proposals to close 30 miles of trails, restrict recreation and make it harder to do future trail projects. Comments must be submitted before midnight this Thursday 9/16

Please take action now. Feel free to share this with your email list or on your Facebook page

Chris Horgan
Executive Director
Stewards of the Sequoia


CLICK HERE to send an email to the Forest Service and tell them how you want to see your Sequoia National Forest public lands managed for recreation.

You can COPY AND PASTE all the below sample text into your email or draft your own comment, but they need to hear from lots of people now who don't want to see any trails closed.



I want to see the Sequoia Forest Plan keep all existing multiple use trails open and make it a priority to add new trails to meet increasing demand and a growing population, especially for motorized and mountain bike trails.

I oppose the expansion of a PCT Corridor of up to one mile. This will needlessly close or restrict perhaps 30 miles of motorized mechanized recreation trails which are under consideration for designation.

I want the Forest Plan to require the Pacific Crest Trail to be a good neighbor to other forms of recreation and to coexist in harmony with other forms of recreation, as it is required to do under the 1982 PCT Comprehensive Management Plan and to continue to be a multiple use experience. I oppose any Pacific Crest Trail based restrictions on other forms of recreation.

I do not want the Forest Plan to recommend any more multiple use lands to be designated as Wilderness. We need to keep all our multiple use lands were 98% of the public recreate.

I do not want the Forest Plan to include new Recreation Management Areas. This will only make it harder and more costly to do future trail projects. The existing Recreation Opportunity Spectrum is working fine, although the 42,823 acre loss of Semi Primitive Motorized lands in Kiavah needs to be addressed by creating that amount of motorized lands in the Forest Plan and re balance the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum.


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In case the email address doesn't show up in the link above you can contact the USFS here;




Thanks in Advance

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Thanks for posting this. I sent an email.

I enjoy seeing hikers out on rodregez , I always stop and ask if they need anything. I personally enjoy backpacking trips and it still bugs me that only horses and people are allowed on the PCT. And now they're pushing for a mile wide "this is my forest" zone... Disappointing

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I got an update from Stewards of the Sequoia.


Their stated goal with this email campaign, and promise to the local Forest Service management, was to get hundreds of emails from concerned families regarding restricting access and rezoning within the Sequoia National Forest.


They got over 1000 emails.


And for that, I thank you.


I haven't been riding much as I've been busy with a new job, but I'm still exploring single track and mountain routes in my memories. I've been looking at cabins in the Sequoia Forest with the hopes of setting up a dirtbike chalet. I just need to get to the next level in my job so I can telework and tailor my schedule for extended weekends every other week. 

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