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2017 Los Ancianos Tecate (sprint) Enduro

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no time keeping- 3 special tests, from base Hacienda Santa Veronica test 1 25 miles to remote*- from remote test 2  25 miles to fuel/lunch remote test 3 25 miles back to RSV finish.


discussion underway concerning fuel options at remote 1-2, personal splash carry or maybe club splash carry (small container) for those that don't have 50 mile range to get through test 1 and 2 (50 miles) to fuel.

If you really want to do this pay attention and check in/mark calendar, it will sellout fast.

for those with new evo KTM/Husky 300s I think we can easily make 50 miles, I really need to do a good mileage test with someone that has a mileage recorder(odometer/gps/smartfone etc).

unlike my 2014 TE300 which hit reserve at 40-45 miles and was scary to push to 50.

mccain will be a good mileage test place, more throttle=more fuel use to get a safe example.

PS guy in the picture is Noah Kepple

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