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  1. I am all booked for this dualsport ride in October in Payson, Arizona. I am hoping some of you may be going too. I may need a riding buddy. I will be on the B loop most likely. I rode with this club last year in Prescott and had a blast. B loop was pretty technical there. Here is the info: http://www.arizonatrailriders.org/howlin-moon-october-21-22-2017/
  2. Cool bike!
  3. My advice, don't start on a 110. You need something in the middle. A low e-start 4 stroke. CRF150F or TTR125. I started on a TTR250. I bought it for my first bike because I could actually touch the ground. It was great to learn on. Pretty heavy though!
  4. Beta sure is pretty! I wish I could have one of them too! Super photos!
  5. Oh and didn't I see someone taking photos out there. Maybe you got me around the corner on the main?
  6. I had a great day out there on the main track. I was the first one out there. I did a nice hour long moto. Nice to see some of you again.
  7. Ok, I am in with two of my friends. I am always there early for a long moto on the main track. Are they still opening at 8:00?
  8. I have some acreage in Lewistown. Someday I will build a cabin and a motocross track.
  9. Might try this one. It would be nice to meet you, Sue. I won't know for sure until Saturday most likely. I might be racing Sunday.
  10. Cool. I'll get back down there one of these days!
  11. No Red sticker bikes? That is going to hurt attendance. Back when I was a steward in D38 we could run red stickers because it was a "closed course".