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  1. I am not intending to offend anyone, I hope I don't, and I'm sure many will disagree with me. Since I have joined this website there seems to have been a recurring theme of placing more and more restrictions on non-paying members and now the price increase to become a paying member. I appreciate all the work that you all do to make this website happen and I have met a few great guys and been on a few great rides with the help of this website. I have never paid to become a member and I have never paid to participate in the desert dash. I know the hardcore members will probably dismiss anything I have to say because of that, however I felt my candid opinion for why I have not contributed would possibly help to understand why many people do not contribute and why the desert dash numbers have dwindled. The primary reason that I joined this website was to find new riding buddies and new riding areas, honestly there is not a lot of activity here when it comes to upcoming rides, especially for the lesser experienced riders. The reason that I have never done the desert dash is because I can fairly easily go ride all those areas for free any time. I know lots of people would love to ride in Baja but are scared for one reason or another or they just don't know where to start, if there was a semi-supported ride down south I would be much more inclined to pay for that.
  2. No problem! Good ride today thanks to everyone that made it out 👍
  3. Sorry just woke up didn't see this last night. There's no real set plan it's kind of up to what everyone wants to do... But possibly head down banner toll road then loop Chariot/oriflame/Rodriguez then back to Julian
  4. So far cmbthumper is planning on being at my place around 9:30-10:00 I'll pm you the address if you want to meet up with us
  5. I live in Julian so if anyone wants to stage at my place pm me for address.
  6. Cool sounds good 👍 that crash looked painful haha I had a similar one recently minus the oncoming truck lol
  7. Banner grade sounds good cmbthumper, mind if I tag along??
  8. Anyone want to ride motorcycles on Thursday somewhere in the dirt??
  9. I usually can't do weekends because of work but if you guys are planning any mid week Baja trips let me know!
  10. MauleR


    Good ride buddy! Thanks for leading us on a nice Friday adventure 👍
  11. MauleR

    Garmin inreach deal

    Costco.com has the Garmin inreach se+ on sale for $219
  12. MauleR

    Broken levers then this

    Oops haha I didn't even look at the date! He probably doesn't even remember this bike 😂
  13. MauleR

    Broken levers then this

    Nice! I had an 05 zx10r and then a 07 zx6r back in my crotch rocket days... haha Sorry if you've already answered this somewhere else but what was your opinion of the crf450l?
  14. MauleR

    Tuning 15 exc

    Thanks Ken 👍 I'll be sure to get ahold of George when I'm ready for some suspension work.
  15. MauleR

    Tuning 15 exc

    Just to follow up...I finally received all the parts necessary and was able to complete the de-smog and TPS tune. So far it is running like a champ, no stalling and no popping on decel. I still need to do more testing and I may still do the ECU tune in the future but for now I am comfortable that it's not running dangerously lean. I also just swapped out the springs front/rear with a set from slavens that is appropriate for my weight. Now it's time to put some miles on her and get used to the new bike.

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