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  1. Large Tusk Aluminum Panniers Great shape $175 OBO - I have a givi caribou adapter set also, not included but available and negotiable. Pics uploaded soon. Cam.
  2. where's the best place to buy pesos in town/in tecate?
  3. LETS RIDE! Head out this friday the 25th at 3pm? Or crack of dawn early Saturday the 26th morning? Come back Sunday night or maybe Monday? Come along? DM me.
  4. amockalypse

    Just bought a plated xr650r

    Hey, just saw this- I've been slammed with school. I know how to tig, have a certificate on the wall that says so anyway. ;-P I have a hookup though, I donated bunch of tools and materials to a tradeschool and the head honcho says he will get the students to fab everything for me. So far I've been using the Giant Loop great basin, which feels light and safe, but obviously doesnt hold as much as boxes could.
  5. Unless my friend flakes I will be riding down to the Laguna Hanson area this weekend. If anybody wants to tag along for some or all of the trip, get in touch. -Cam.
  6. amockalypse

    Had my first flat tire today.

    Did you patch or replace? If so, did you have the same size tube? I hear you can use a 21" tube in the back temporarily. Saves carrying more than one.
  7. Howdy all. I'd like to ride as much offroad from San Diego to Idyllwild. Anybody keen to join? Anybody have any suggested trails?
  8. amockalypse

    Just bought a plated xr650r

    Installed some eibach springs and a tall seat. Getting it dialed in! Thinking about a Baja trip in a 2 weeks. Also, I have an extra airfilter side cover and 30 mesh and I’m thinking about doing the high flow mod. Does anybody have this? Any opinions? Still looking for somewhere I can tig weld my pannier racks. Any suggestions?
  9. amockalypse

    Just bought a plated xr650r

    Thanks again Jim! I’ve not got them money for a commercial solution.
  10. amockalypse

    Just bought a plated xr650r

    Big thanks to kenny for the tire hookup! As of last night, running 15/42 sprockets and she feels good. Definitely not too tall. I also wired in a speedo and acewell computer I had in the parts bin. yesterday I also bought some givi racks made for a dl1000 and I would love to do some fabrication to get them to fit my subframe. Anybody want to rent me their garage and tig welder? I’ll bring money for gas and supplies and beer... the dialing-in process continues! my buddy got jealous of mine and bought a plated xr650r, so that will be fun to have a riding partner who also rock climbs to explore the rocks of Baja with. Also, I splurged and Got myself some new motion pro tire irons for my Baja tool kit. They are trick!
  11. Thanks Jim! I have some cases, it’s finding ones with the monokey system or just the monokey hardware that is tough.
  12. Looking for a set of used givi monokey trekker 33l sidecases OR caribou sidecases. also looking for somebody to modify some givi racks from a vstrom to fit onto my steel Xr 650r subframe. Any leads? also looking for some cheap passenger pegs to incorporate into the system.
  13. amockalypse


    Mr Jaja, you've been to my house- I gave you the engine stand before you went down unda! 92130. Come by and bring that pimp brown jacket of yours and lets have a bier..
  14. amockalypse

    1977 Honda XL75 cali plated mini dual sport.

    Here she is Jim! I don't want to sell her but I'm in the hole after buying the xr650r.
  15. Replaced this with an xr650r haha! Extremely light, cruises at 50mph. Perfect for hauling on the front or back of your cage.Tags up to date, insured.-1977 Honda XL75 frame-swapped in an xr100 cdi motor (they share the same motor mounts so no frame modifications were required-bored to 120cc-ported it-upgraded camshaft-upgraded atc 200x carb and cr throttle-upgraded rewound stator for lights-new tires-new brakes-new seat$1400 OBO. Come get it! DM me. Ready for an adventure!

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