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  1. I'm looking for a hitch hauler. What are some good qualities to look for? I welded one from scratch once, but then gave it away, then I had a joe hauler, but that got sold. The biggest annoyance was how heavy and large they are in my small garage when they are not in use. Is the ultimate mx hauler any good? I have some 2 inch square aluminum tubing I was thinking about using to build something but I dont have access to a machine shop or welder anymore. I gotta figure out a way to carry my dualsport adventure bike...! ahem, my 1978 honda xl75. (I may expand the family to an xr600 one day).
  2. Hi peeps, If anybody is interested, I have a dirtbike stand and a scottoiler that I no longer use. Come pick 'em up! I have some random motorcycle parts you can pick through also.
  3. amockalypse

    Where does the money go?

    Not an option for non-supporting members.
  4. amockalypse

    Where does the money go?

    That's a fair comment regarding contributions. I don't use a smartphone and try to avoid posting online. OTOH I am literally trying to give things away for free, so am I really looking for a free ride...? \\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Where does the money go? Why also have ads if for many features this a pay to access site? If this is a community forum, the details of the revenue should be posted online. Is it? I would like to post free items to other San Diego adventure riders, and why should I pay for that? I mean, what is the relevancy of this site when district 37 and advrider are there, for free? Honest questions... and honest ears await an earful!
  6. you guys are the best! let me make an appointment and then I will reach out!
  7. Hi, I've been working on a 1977 xl75 that needs to be inspected before I can be given plates. Would anybody please let me use their hauler for a day to take it down to the chp? It doesnt weigh much. I can leave collateral. Cam 858 943 I947
  8. Hi Alyeska, sorry for not getting back to you about the tire. I ended up going out of town. Have a good week. Cam.

  9. I am stoked! Thanks Dylan! She rides good and looks good! What I Like:offroad-canwell-maintainedall stock luggagebar risersnew batterywhat I don't like:-turbulence galore at high speed... 8-/-I heard bubbling when I switched her off after my first ride, but shes didnt wet herself. no puddle.-the cockpit is cramped (I'm 6'7" 195lbs)-the brake rotors are wafer thin-the gearing is too low - it is at about 5k rpm on the freeway (80mph)-the sprockets and chain are worn(anybody have any decent take off suspension, lowering pegs, sprockets/chain, rotors? - I'm a student right now so not looking to purchase new stuff). Who was the forum member that owned it before Dylan? I 'd love to ask you about maintenance. Cam
  10. I'm rebuilding my honda 1978 xl75 and just can't not port the cylinder head- (I've gotta let out all those trapped ponies hee hee), and the valves are nasty. Anybody got a blaster I can use to clean the valves, and runners with? I have a lathe and electrical knowledge and some other tools to offer in return. I'd love some help. Cameron. In 92130 858-943-1947
  11. Cool! Very successful thread. I will be sending some business their way very soon.
  12. Sorry , my # is 619-990-3916.   

  13. I can look at your cruiser either today or tomorrow.   Let me know what works for you. Thanks.

    Rick  619-8990-3916

    1. amockalypse


      Hi Rick, today works fine for me. Give me a call. 8589431947

  14. racers machine quoted $65 for a simple bore job... no thanks!