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  1. Deals on Motos

    12k! It's the finest ever created! You make it seem as impressive as I imagine it would be Rad bike!
  2. Deals on Motos

    $2999 for a xr650r w cal plate. wholelotta bike for that price, seems the 701 and 690 are getting people to switch? https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/mcy/d/2000-xr650r-street-legal/6500091628.html
  3. Easy way to create GPX route trace

    Thanks guys! So while using Garmin basecamp with CA TM you can create a route? That would be great! I have never used basecamp... Do you just load CA TM into Bascamp and then go about selecting the desired trails to create a route?
  4. Deals on Motos

    A rare wild one! I would love to see/hear one of these in action. vtwin 550cc at 10k rpm... dang https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/aprilia-rxv-550-brand-new/6495553956.html
  5. S1

  6. S1

    Couldn't make it today. Enjoy!
  7. S1

    Guys guys, I know its legal and all but... ps I moved some rocks off the trail last week but its still a bit tight in one spot
  8. viewing ads

  9. So I've been loving the "California Trail Maps" for wandering aimlessly just trying to find stuff I haven't ridden before. The maps are loaded on an android phone mounted to the bike. This works great when I'm riding alone, with a range of over 200 miles and nobody else to worry about. Thing is I would like to start stitching together some BIG routes and figure milages and other logistics for future group rides. Thought I would ask the gang if there is an easy way to create routes I can save as gpx files to load into my trailtech voyager and overlay on my phone as backups. I would love to be able to (on a pc) overlay California Trail Maps on top of satellite images then trace out a route. Does anybody have experience doing this? If so would you mind sharing some cliff notes? Thanks for any advice!
  10. Thanks for posting. I hope to stop over and check out some bikes!
  11. Brought the baby home today!

    Very nice! gotta love a dirtbike that can keep up on the highway. Have you busted out the bathroom scale to get a weight before and after?