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  1. Thanks for getting this organized Mr. Bum! Really good to see people getting out and gettin it done, thanks everyone! Weather was great, nice and cool. I had a good time riding "Ranger Trail" on my ebike and chopping down the face slappers. Now I need to get out there on the moto! Burger and beer at the end were just icing on the cake. Really appreciated the whole event. Thank you guys! A new trail is a great gesture and a seriously good sign.
  2. Well, this looks interesting! Name Change
  3. Day one Anyone know of any coverage besides this facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/BajaRally/
  4. That's a helluva push! 18hrs is brutal. That great you made it out for family.
  5. BS Excuses mr fakename mr rigger, disco ball...
  6. https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0JNO7pzGjW68Z1ADSAFUOX7eWlXtJ8u84 I've got the spot pingin
  7. Just getting rolling from San Diego. I'll shoot you a text when I get to crest of Laguna. Yeahhhh
  8. Hope to be wandering around ABDSP etc tomorrow. Anybody out and about? Would be great to meet up with some of yas.
  9. Am I reading that you saw a 690 adventure?
  10. Those guys out there working hard. Cool story
  11. That's my kina trick! I thought it was gunna be a one-handed version of this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_rXaPWE1UM
  12. Torque adapters, dog bones

    Wish I had one for you. Now, when I start hearing that the Yamaha Rhino has head gasket issues I'll know why... most hacks wouldn't go through the trouble of hunting down such a tool. " Touque... that's just a reference " Good on ya for doing it right! I just spent way too much on a tool I'll only use once. It stung to fork over the dough but I knew I would regret taking to a shop and pay them to miss the mark. (Previous owner had it done 3k ago! $1500 bill!!) BTW, If you need a Toyota Tacoma axle bearing and tone ring puller I got you covered
  13. And so your season begins hope to make one of these finally.