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  1. Glad you had a safe trip. Thanks for sharing the great photos
  2. -Yes, please! "the T7 is a vision of the ideal adventure machine, and is playing a major role in the development of Yamaha’s next generation adventure models." https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/adventure-touring/pages/yamaha-t7-concept -RR Randy!
  3. Moto geekage in full effect on this thread haha. Great to read all these valid points. When choosing a motorcycle its all about the compromises it seems. The last say 20 years or so bike weight has been pretty stagnant, 20 lbs of manufacturing and engineering refinement maybe. There is only so much you can do with "Affordable Materials". My guess is the 450L would make a great modern (fuel injected, e-start) light adv platform. The Ti intake valves have me worried though. I read that the crf450L will have 25hp stock, that is ridiculously choked out, terd status. I would expect 40hp with a respectable max rpm. Reminds me of the xr650r in California trim, basically didn't even run right. Now, what's it going to take to get the 450L running "Correctly", a non cat muffler, cut open the air box and an ecu tune? Still many unknowns From what I've read the CRF450L seems like it is engineered more closely to a classic duel sport/ enduro durability specification rather than a race-ready plated dirt bike. My biggest question is service intervals/ rebuilds. I've witnessed two ktms have engine failures in BFN, I am very apprehensive to buy one because of it. In contrast, my xr400r went 40,000 miles before it started using oil. Will the 450L come close? Those Ti valves probably won't last that long, unfortunately, 20k maybe? Is anybody familiar with Lyndon Poskitt's bike and touring spec service intervals? seems like a great CURRENT ktm durability case study. That guy is doing the miles! Currently, if I had $12,000 to spend on a moto my fantasy bike is the 701enduro, It is heavy 344 lbs fueled up. Hell of a lot lighter and nimble than the 1190 or gs though haha How about a list Of comparable bikes, weight, power, service intervals, price? So many awesome bikes! -wr250r -drz400 -crf450L -xr650L -klr650 -exc350 -exc450 -exc500 -690 enduro r -701 enduro -350rrs -390rrs -430rrs -500rrs Thinking about all this reminds me to appreciate my old "light" adv bike at 325 lbs wet 50hp 40ft/ lb ready to go. 250mile range, 80mph highway, single track capable. 30-minute valve adjustments. Someday it will wear out the piston and rings so I can justify bumping up displacement and compression, in the meantime... 15 minute oil changes of Rotella 15-40 from Walmart. No magic button though, SHITE, don't drop in in the wrong spot! Will one of the above bikes be in my future, hope so?
  4. Flat track at Barona this Saturday

    Just saw this. Awesome! keep us posted on upcoming events
  5. Topozone - Free High Quality Online

  6. Western States Historical Locations and Stuffs

    3N14 - Coxey Road Originally built for $1500 by Jed Van Dusen Nice dirt road on the eastern side of big bear, heads down to the desert floor. Keep your eyes open for the legal single track! http://www.backroadswest.com/blog/back-road-to-big-bear/
  7. beautiful, thanks for posting
  8. 2019 CRF 450 L

    Its got you thinking doesn't it Dave! Hah I put 40,0000 miles on my all original HRC hopup xr400r adv riding, commuting, supermoto flogging. I was simply impressed with how that bike took it. Honda reliability? It sounds like the engineering "safety factor" cyclic fatigue etc that was applied to the engine components was a great choice... "Chuck Miller: “Five years ago I was in product planning and we knew that we wanted this machine. We knew that we had a great X platform and really we wanted an X with a plate on it. But, Honda’s standards are so different between a competition machine, a performance machine versus a street-legal machine. Street legal bikes have sound regulations and exhaust emissions, as well as certain light issues, such as a light has to go out so far. Part of it was helping the engineers understand that we really want this competition machine to just be street legal. It was difficult for Honda to understand both of those in the same bike. Because our street standards are so high for durability, so to have them understand that we want a performance machine with that same durability it has been a challenge. Over the last few years they’ve been able to overcome some of the sound and emissions issues with the performance of the machine and some of the parts they put on it. CM: “It will be a little more like a street bike actually. One thing we will be recommending on this bike is a more frequent oil change than the X and part of that is because, if someone rides it on the pavement all the time or down the freeway wide open for hours, they would need to check their oil. I think there is 1.8 quarts of oil so if you were to use some oil or it got too hot the maintenance intervals are a little sooner for sure. What’s interesting is that we’ve been talking about the crossover between the L and adventure bike riding. Because this is adventure bike too, in a lot of ways. It’s just a more aggressive adventure bike. I can already see soft bags and some racks for the back, that the aftermarket will take care of and you’ll see people riding these bikes all over the country.”" So glad to see Honda stepping up. I'm really hoping a rally version is in the works. Price is steep but it does have some trick parts (Titanium fuel tank, Litium batery all LED lighting)
  9. Glad you made it out! Thanks for the RR
  10. Cool Motorcycle Poem !

  11. WOW CRF450L, it's about time! Stoked Honda is making this happen. A titanium 2 gal gas tank, WTH, cool but that seems expensive and tiny. Now, will they have a rally version at 300lbs in a couple years?... I can dream right?
  12. Thanks for sharing
  13. Deals on Motos

    12k! It's the finest ever created! You make it seem as impressive as I imagine it would be Rad bike!