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  1. Just trying to keep track of stuff. Forgot about this post...
  2. Haven't been in a couple years, I don't remember there being a gate. It is an out and back ride unless a car flys off the freeway and busts a hole in the fence at the old watering hole
  3. I chickened out, it's all good till visibility goes to poop then you slow down and nobody else does. Glad nobody ran you over
  4. Dang Roasty, good job, you've got guys coming out of retirement for this ride
  5. Definitely, post up if you are heading out.
  6. Dang, just got home and saw this. Great plan! Hope you are having a good time. Just got back from some truck camping with my wife out there. What a nice area! we Hiked up to Carrizo Falls, defiantly worth a side trip Let us know how it turned out. Hope to join in the future
  7. Light weight ADV!
  8. Nice stuff. Thanks for posting
  9. good call bagstr. Great photos guys!
  10. Looks awesome! I didn't know about the crater, gotta check that out. thanks for posting
  11. did you get everything figured out?
  12. Looks like you and crew had a great time! Thanks for posting, some really stunning shots o spots. Very satisfy to go through a bike and then ride it on a great trip, congrats