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  1. Gotta make it out for one of these. Thanks for posting them up
  2. FYI Trackers- http://trackleaders.com/baja1k17f.php LIve Video- https://blackflag.jalopnik.com/watch-the-historic-50th-baja-1000-live-right-now-1820479961 Radio "Weatherman"- http://score-international.com/weatherman-live-stream-of-baja-1000/
  3. Looks like a great ride. ENJOY!
  4. https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/motorcycle-crash-causation-study
  5. Yeah, really hard to beat the "usefulness-to-pack-size" of a bigass tarp and a bivy setup. Seems like choosing camping gear is kinda like choosing a motorcycle, always compromised. In a tent on a windy night, ear plugs are your best friend. Sucks for security but magical for sleep. Nice to see all the options out there guys!
  6. I got this for the cold rainy moto trips. It's very nice shelter for the price, light and packs well except for the poles. Id say the two big considerations would be poles/ no poles and freestanding or not. Also, a separate rainfly really makes it legit in the rain, one layer tents SUCK in the rain and the condensation... what the hell! My First choice would be one of these but its just to dang pricey. No poles and fits in a bottle! NEMO GOGO Elite