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  1. Hi all, I know some of us really enjoy visiting esoteric locations, over the years I have come across these lesser known areas while planning rides. I sometimes struggle to remember what interwebs rabbit hole I stumbled down to get the information. Sooo, I thought I would start putting links and photos in one location that we could all access. Please feel free to add anything you come across. I'd like to find the location of the Rockwood gate failure. ie how the Salton sea was created) Would cool to trace some of the old water canals on a ride! https://www.iid.com/home/showdocument?id=4900
  2. Thanks for the info! saved me a trip to the food wholes haha, yeah, I've hit the ground out there... the green ice... GREEN ICE!
  3. Hey guys and gals, do any of you have a resource for checking current water flow levels of local creeks? If anyone wonders down boulder creek road this weekend I'm wondering if you could let me know if the concrete water crossing is at just a trickle yet? Thanks!
  4. Thought some of you might like this... https://gypsybytrade.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/lael-wilcox-establishes-the-baja-divide-fkt-in-111302/
  5. Also had someone request a "vin report" I gave him the cold shoulder, now I don't regret it. Thanks for posting this!
  6. This was a great way to be around helpful experienced hams. Thanks for posting!
  7. Bump class is tomorrow
  8. If you haven't yet gotten your ham setup for talking with other sdar guys you might take this as your excuse for diving in... Just order up two of these, watch a youtube vid and your on your way. https://www.amazon.com/BaoFeng-UV-5R-Dual-Radio-Black/dp/B007H4VT7A
  9. I'm finally trying to take on this project that is radio communications. I remember this thread, it took a bit of searching to find it. I wanted to give it a bump and say thanks to everyone's contributions to the topic. I just started reading these cliff notes.
  10. Thanks for the update Mr. Bum! Btw your old 450 fanny bag is still going strong.
  11. Thanks for posting this. Has the next class been scheduled yet?