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  2. If someone does not NEED the free boots. I will take them. Good for buddy boots or when people come into town unprepared. Great deal on the newer pair!
  3. cleaning out garage here is some stuff need gone pickup in la mesa size 38 thor over boot pants with zipoff to make into shorts right calf area is burned threw. size 36 troy lee in the boot pants knee areas are worn threw little from knee braces front sprocket 14t fits most yamaha and kawasaki jt sprocket 565.14 moto rear axle triangle stand 2005 ktm front brake master cylinder rebuild kit check part number but believe fits almost all 2005 models 2 mirrors 1 left and 1 universal i believe that bend down factory ktm flag style handguards gen 1 sidi charger boots size 47 eu 12.5 us more like a 12 though soles are in ok shape and toe caps little busted but still usable left one in picture
  4. moving at beginning of year and starting to go threw all stuff I've accumulated this is first batch of it plenty more to come. open to reasonable offers, pickup in la mesa xl first gear Kilimanjaro jacket with liner, believe this is the gen 1 not current model has armor in shoulder and elbows in great shape barely worn $75 wolfman enduro pocket tank bag $25 alpine star spz street glove size large these are a tight large so if you maybe wear medium they might fit good shape $25 size 46 eur 11.5 us sidi gen 1 crossfire in good shape $75 ones pictured on right flexx bars believe they are 12degree enduro bend $100 first $100 goes back to sdar donation. more stuff to come before end of year.
  5. More! More!
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  7. I went out to check the double exhaust that I removed to see if I had one lying around and they did not have any on them. I checked the single on the bike and nothing on there either. I guess I will be ordering some as well.
  8. seat concepts low seat
  9. 2015 model purchased new at fbc in late 16, bike has 2450 miles and is in new condition, I brought the bike home and built it right away, ims tank, moose tailbag, GL seat bag, bar risers, 12volt outlet, ram mount, all new white plastics,(was grey) alum skid plate, powerbomb and fmf quietcore, rear rack with diamond plate, LED compact tail light switchable headlight modulator, Handgaurds, 14 and 15 front sprockets, new goldentire front and Pirelli rear, always mobil one synthetic at every 1k miles, more that im forgetting im sure. comes with original plastics, tank, exhaust, lights etc. Bike has extended warranty I think its 5 years and can be transferred. $5k to members
  10. Yes, the same.
  11. Garmin InReach
  12. If its the same mellow ive known for years last time I checked he was GM of FBC
  13. Good ride beautiful weather, a few pics of Bombay beach, There are a ton of dirt tracks around the sea, I will be doing this ride probably 20 or 30 more times this season.
  14. Another lesson is the importance of having a reliable emergency contact. Man, if things were bad and your contact doesn't answer the phone right away it could be ugly.
  15. Calling all 990 owners: I need a rear exhaust gasket (between pipe and can) for my 990. It appears to be Part # 6000-500-5002. Found it on eBay but trying to locate it locally. And AA KTM is closed. Do any of you have one of these handy? I can buy it outright or replace it when mine arrives. Would like to get this bike buttoned back up tonight or tomorrow. Thanks in advance!
  16. RJ has some seriously interesting stories about growing up. His mom in Mexico, how she obtained wealth, stuff like that. Truly fascinating. He also has some PMB stories. But who doesn't?
  17. I went by All American yesterday. Met the new owner. His name is Mellow. Good guy and is looking to be much more personal than the big box stores. He is opening Poway Powersports. Tell them you are with SDAR and get cost +10%
  18. Loaded the bike and myself up this morning and headed out. I went out Del Dios to San Pasqual valley up to Ramona. I stopped by All American and happened to see RJ before the shop is cleaned out. He is moving to Colorado. I met the new owner who purchased the KTM franchise. His name is Mellow. He was there clearing out the shop. We talked for a while. Nice guy. He is opening his shop Poway Powersports. He will be a Honda/ Ktm dealer. He does not want to be a big box shop. Wants to be much more personal. Tell him you are with SDAR and you will receive cost + 10%. Picture of Mellow tearing down All American. I filled the tanks in Ramona and headed out. Started with Upper Santa Ysabel road. Mesa Grande out to Palomar Truck trail Headed up to the top where I was surprised with the fire tower gate open. I have never been up there. You are actually above the Observatory Drank a couple for Arnie and enjoyed the views Headed back down. I took the trail that dumps out at the RV park in Aguanga. That is a nice long dirt trail. Hit the streets and boogied my way home from temecula. I would like to find some dirt starting in Temecula and goes to Fallbrook. That would of made it perfect. Great day all in all. Good variety of Road and trail to throw the big bike around in.
  19. Socialist workers paradise. one of the last remaining.
  20. Excellent 👍👍
  21. Yes Indeed, It is the 10-15% that keeps me awake at night; worried about a moto I have no intention of owning. What else would there be to worry on?? HumptyT - Nice to hear from you
  22. I've been following post about this bike on ADVrider and Thinking seriously about buying one but waiting till the EICMA show this November to see if they make any worthwhile upgrades. My view on the issues that people are having isn't whether or not they are real but rather what % of the bikes have the issues and what are my chances of ending up with a problem bike.
  23. That's crazy riding.
  24. Anyone planning on showing up for this tomorrow? I've never been to this or any other SDAR ride, but I'd like to change that...
  25. Yesterday
  26. Great job, LB, as usual. Missed it this year but I've seen a couple of the earlier comps. Very enjoyable. Let's see some action shots!
  27. I want to know if I can't (for whatever reason) activate the SOS, someone will be able to find me. The faster they do so, the better. Hopefully. Might not matter.....
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