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  3. You and Doc celebrate Thanks Giving in the style today, Again give me an ETA for Tucson AZ. Have fun in the Keys that is one place on my list to visit on my bike.
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  5. The fairing is I had one on my KLR also
  7. Happy thanksgiving!
  8. Happy πŸ¦ƒ day Rad n Doc, glad you’re having the time of your life πŸ‘πŸ‘ Safe travels
  9. Having an awesome trip visiting friends and family all over. I'm thankful for the life we have, especially the great friends and family and the chance to see many of them on this phase of our journey. Next stop...Key West, then the Everglades !
  10. Thanks, I ordered a jacket to add to my collection. Lots of deals if you're XS or XXXXL
  11. Thanks, ordered a jacket for $37. CiD
  12. Everytime I ride my super enduro I feel like those guys but look like a rookie in real life
  13. HERE No affiliation, not my business, etc. 'net rumor is JP Cycles bought 'em and the inventory is goin'.
  14. Bump, added a couple more pics and price reduction.
  15. Sounds like a great day of riding and explorinπŸ‘πŸ‘
  16. When you’re free Danno, let us know πŸ‘
  17. Happy B-Day BS, we do miss your bantering
  18. Mud Caves Just how to get there and each cave location if ya drill down.
  19. Good RR and glad the two of you made it.
  20. Your wanderings are always so entertaining, great rr. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your gal, and to all of SDAR
  21. Sometimes you've just gotta take 'em both along.
  22. A friend of mine is doing that after he retired. He said I should do the same with all my projects.
  23. That's what I do. She wanted the dogs, so she can watch them while I go on adventures....but now she's gone for a week and I'm stuck watching these mutts!
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