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Gore-Tex is a Marketing Gimmick

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I'm one of the only riders on this planet who can't stand that guy....so I won't watch his video.

But I've been wearing gortex jackets and pants for years on motorcycle rides and have had great experiences with them.

LB out!


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Is someone stirring the discussion pot?

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I’m from the northwest. Mucho rain and cold. And I sweat a lot more than the average Joe. 
Goretex is good. Helly Tech is better. E-vent is best by a LONG shot. 
I have torture tested Mosko’s Event shells for days of nonstop apocalyptic rain. 
Bone. Dry. 
Goretex is better than nothing but if you’re going to suffer through days and weeks of downpour, give me Event please. 

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I like the Gore-Tex stuff I have.  Jacket, pants, boots and some gloves.  I also have some non-GoreTex stuff, it also works for me.  Some say it’s too hot, but they may run hotter them me.

I’m new to the ADV world, so I wanted to try Gore-Tex and other “Stay Dry” gear.  Being new, I wanted to see about this “All in One” aspect to gear. It seemed to make sense in a motorcycle Traveling/Packing world.  I went for top names because I didn’t want to buy twice.  So far, things worked as advertised.

Keep in mind, I’m coming from the Harley (old school) world.  My leather Jacket 9-10 lbs, chaps 2-3 lbs, boots 5 lbs., then you pack a rain suite – so you can see why the lightweight, all in one gear was attractive to me.  Riding in the leather gear isn’t bad, it was the packing it on the bike when not using it was the challenge.  Durability is outstanding, 25+ years on the Jacket…just mink oil and leather conditioner a couple times a year.  The ROI is outstanding…

Now, my new goal/sights are set on Lightweight, warm and stay dry gear.  I don’t care if it’s Gore-Tex, Drystar, whatever as long as it keeps me dry and warm.  Hopefully some gear will transfer to my HD

No problem with layering if its lightweight.  Example, on a suggestion from @Zubb, I bought a Marrakesh Jacket.  I have a light puffer jacket and a rain/windbreaker, I’m going to use with it.

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