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  1. How was Fox? What are the tracks like?
  2. Goofy Footer

    Baja Designs PIAA Headlight ** SOLD **

    Yes!! Congrats @PaulyPickles
  3. @BigJon01 we need a thread about this VAN! @tntmo & @PaulyPickles are fellow Vanners
  4. Small Bikes rule, even big bike connoisseur @Zubb finally caught on!!
  5. Goofy Footer

    Resistance was futile...

    Still looks pretty green out there. I found more water and trees on the AZBDR than I expected. Watch the heat towards the rim. Young has a nice little deli (emphasis on little) but the sandwich was good and the people were friendly. Definitely grab food there. The Mogollon Rim section through the forest was probably the most fun riding. The black sand in the Cinders was cool as well. Plenty of gates north of Winona. It's a good ride and should be fast, enjoy!
  6. Goofy Footer

    Resistance was futile...

    Cough cough, you're SICK and the only medicine is more Motorcycles! Take time off!
  7. Wait Big Bike @Zubb finally saw the light and bought a small bike????!!!!!
  8. Goofy Footer

    Honda 90

    Champ where are you in North Idaho? Have you ridden any of the IDBDR?
  9. Goofy Footer

    2024 N00Bs Rally

    Is the last pic from Manson's?
  10. Great weather in OW today. Not too many weekends left
  11. NorCal BDR Trailer was just released. What do you think?
  12. @padu sorry to hear about your injury. Take the time to heal appropriately. If I can ask, how did you get to the hospital from Tecate? Personal vehicle or US ambulance? How was your medical experience?
  13. Goofy Footer


    Dave just remember if you venture into ABDSP land that campfires on the ground are not permitted (closed barrel is okay). If on BLM land you are good to have one. NW of Ocotillo will run into the state park quickly but NE of town is BLM land.
  14. Goofy Footer

    Gore-Tex is a Marketing Gimmick

    This should be a fun topic!! @Zubb @tntmo @J5ive @Oracle
  15. Goofy Footer

    Gortex Jacket or Cordura with Rain Suit

    Gore Tex was invented in 1969, how Old are you !!!??

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