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  1. Late notice but I’m planning to ride with a n00b friend tomorrow at 10:00am KSU at the Kohls / Michaels parking lot in Rancho San Diego. I’ll be on a 650 and the other guy is on a 230cc bike. Not looking to race. Don’t expect hero dirt, pro photographers nor cheerleaders. Mix of backcountry street roads and truck trails. Expect 100 - 150 miles?? Bring tubes & tools. Open to one or two extra riders. It’s late notice so we’ll see if anybody can make it.
  2. Goofy Footer

    WTB 525 big tank

    Yea I did for a short time. Didn’t get comfortable with the headshake at speed in the dez and I’m on the fence with a hydraulic clutch. Maybe more setup and testing time would have changes things but oh well. 525 RFS is a cult bike, check out the “ KTM 525 EXC as an Adventure Bike” thread on ADV for good model specific info. You’ve proven that ATK over and over again - Definitely many miles of smiles!
  3. Goofy Footer

    WTB 525 big tank

    Does this mean Kato is out of the ATK game and jumped on board the RFS train?
  4. Goofy Footer

    WYBDR Video FULL

    What dates are you thinking? I believe @Zubb may be doing the WYBDR this season as well
  5. 32.92390° N, 116.48108° W Some maps label it Skyline and others call it Indian Portero. Great trail and very scenic area of the forest to have suddenly closed down.
  6. For the first time, the BDR crew has released the feature documentary film about the ride In Full for free.
  7. I noticed the gate along Sunrise Hwy at Indian Portero 14S02 is locked closed. This gate used to be open and connected Sunrise south to Indian Portero then Deer Park and Pine Creek Rd. I have not attempted these trails from the bottom. Does anybody have info or knowledge of this closure?
  8. @kkug to the white courtesy phone please!
  9. Goofy Footer

    DS Blythe

    Your a brave man for going in the heat! Enjoy the ride
  10. Goofy Footer

    Weekday Riders?

    Did you try the connector Santa Ysabel TT between Black Mtn and Black Canyon? You can ride and cross in Tecate easily - it's my preferred crossing point. Allegedly some authorities are asking for the FMM tourist visa more lately but I've never been hassled on a bike.
  11. Props to him for ironman riding the whole thing. Nothing wrong with slippers and driving out either though. Grapevine and Montezuma Grade are definitely fun rides. For a bit more tech and to possibly create a loop, Oriflame/Rodriguez and Chariot Canyon is a nice loop that starts either at the base of Banner Grade or just south along the S2.
  12. I haven't ridden Landers / Johnson Valley much but it looks fun. A compound where friends/family can camp would be pretty cool. Any chance you have a quick link to the Rever track? Grass Valley Road is a very nice trail that goes north from Husky Monument to a connector trail east of the Cuddleback Lake. I recommend it if you're exploring that area more.
  13. I heard they just used old boat hulls how much moolah to put one in the dez for my sdar compound!?
  14. No camping that trip, it would have been windy and cold up there anyways. When is the next KKug Campout? Maybe Thomas Mtn or Santa Rosa Mtn?