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  1. @padu sorry to hear about your injury. Take the time to heal appropriately. If I can ask, how did you get to the hospital from Tecate? Personal vehicle or US ambulance? How was your medical experience?
  2. Goofy Footer


    Dave just remember if you venture into ABDSP land that campfires on the ground are not permitted (closed barrel is okay). If on BLM land you are good to have one. NW of Ocotillo will run into the state park quickly but NE of town is BLM land.
  3. Goofy Footer

    Gore-Tex is a Marketing Gimmick

    This should be a fun topic!! @Zubb @tntmo @J5ive @Oracle
  4. Goofy Footer

    Gortex Jacket or Cordura with Rain Suit

    Gore Tex was invented in 1969, how Old are you !!!??
  5. Great idea, thank you! You just volunteered for the First Annual Zubbfest Campout!! ps: please provide us sausages!!
  6. those sausages Always satisfy kielbasa for me!
  7. Good Sir, you have an impressively tastey sausage but I must comment that you rode your 690 to last year's camp out. What is this other bike blasphemy! That is NOT the same sausage
  8. But yes, @Zubb did whack a coyote nearby and the Flying Monkeys guy hit a turkey. Indian Flats Road is wickedly fun but be aware of potential oncoming traffic especially during fall hunting season. That is why we shall put our most dispensable member out front... @tntbromo and I shall battle it out!!
  9. The DR650 is a great travel / adv bike. It's still produced and supported in the Americas. Follow along as these guys explore Bolivia (14 min video). I believe we may have some members looking to moto travel Bolivia.. @bfar33 how far did you go south on your KLR?
  10. Goofy Footer

    Old rider new(ish) to ADV

    the KLR650 is a great dualsport & ADV bike. @tntmo did use a rock to fix a KLR once! @Dan Diego @bfar33 and @PaulyPickles have ridden them all over
  11. Goofy Footer

    Old rider new(ish) to ADV

    @bicyclebradley you’re invited to this in 2 weeks! @tntmo is a gracious host
  12. Goofy Footer

    Old rider new(ish) to ADV

    Welcome @bicyclebradley ! That exact thing happened to our buddy @PaulyPickles while in the middle of Death Valley on a ride with @tntmo, @SANRider and myself. After some trailside repairs and a hot cooked trail hotdog, Pickles was on his way. Once home, @DSM8 handed a more perm fix
  13. Does anybody have a picture of their Sausage?? (from last year's dinner...)

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