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  1. Goofy Footer

    helmet light

    Thanks for the link. I'm highly interested if you're making one or getting one made. I have a couple S2s that I've used Ram mounts with and ran off the bike's 12v but have not attached them to my helmet yet. There is a possibility I'll be working down the street from you early next month. I'll PM you if so as it would be cool to see the battery powered S2 in person. Here is another (expensive) option https://www.motominded.com/products/torch-trail-helmet-led
  2. Goofy Footer

    helmet light

    CID do you have a link to the battery / harness / mount? I find the chin mount works well as your eyes are above the light. Dusty conditions with a helmet light sucks in general however. ymmv
  3. Goofy Footer

    Newb Radio Purchase: BaoFeng vs Rugged Radios?

    Four years later and I still haven't bitten the radio bullet. Calling all Radio Nerds: What are the current Go-To hand held radios? Is Baofeng still the good cheap alternative or have they proven faulty over time? Is a Rugged Radio handheld worth the money?
  4. The best Baja GPS map Cartografia E32 is now available as an App. Has anybody tried it yet?
  5. Extremely interested - BUT - I work weekends that month.. Rigger, do you ever have Baja weekday availability?
  6. Goofy Footer

    2019 CRF 450 L

    Saw a 450L riding down the road in Ramona last week. Exhaust seemed nice and quiet but a bit like a tin-can. Looked liked a nice bike
  7. Goofy Footer

    Possible Baja Oct 15-16

    Exploring the possibility of a 2 day Baja ride Oct 15-16 Monday Tuesday. I'm flexible a bit for leaving Sunday afternoon and coming back Wednesday (potentially).
  8. Goofy Footer

    Need Boot Recommendation ~$300

    Busy with work but happy to be back. I ziptied and duct taped my current boots over my last 2 rides because they are falling apart. Time for a new pair to start off fresh! Good call. Looks like the Tech 7 and Tech 8 are similar-ish price range to the Gaerne SG-10s I had not looked into them; will do now though. Thanks for the recommendation. Any recent adventures on the WRR? I wear 10 in most shoes but 9-10 in various boots - depends how they fit. Baja Is Calling.
  9. Looking for a quality motocross style boot (maximum protection) with a rough budget around the $300 area. Willing to stretch budget if the quality of boot is worth the extra loot. Any recommendations?
  10. I've heard of guys using Starbucks or similar soft coffee containers and tossing them once they reach their destination. ymmv
  11. Great Pics! Any link to a ride report for this trip? How does your WRR compare to your old DR650?
  12. Goofy Footer

    The next step (what moto to get)

    I'm not a tall guy either and from my experience, having estart when you're short is especially beneficial. Not sure about you but when I stall and crash it's usually on some steep hill or rocky terrain and kicking sucks as tntmo mentioned - don't overlook the DR350. Some models have electric start. Lower seat height than the XR400 / DRZ and it has a 6th gear so it can eat up backcountry roadmiles without worrying. Like the XR, it's aircooled and old school technology (think TW maintenance). Any bike can have the seat shaved (inexpensive) and suspension internally lowered to accommodate ($500-800?). At 5'7 in moto boots, even one inch lower than stock makes a big difference. You shouldn't need to go more than 1.5-2" lower. ymmv I would recommend riding as many of the bikes as possible before buying anything. Post up a dualsport ride from Pine Valley, see who shows and do some bike swap. Everybody likes riding a TW around for a bit!
  13. Goofy Footer

    The next step (what moto to get)

    One of the keys imho is: What type of riding will you be doing? From Pine Valley you could easily do big backcountry loops and large dualsport rides. Or, you could ride dirt to Corral Canyon and hit Black Diamond singletrack trails. Being that you don't always have to truck to the trail head like many of us do puts you in a unique situation.
  14. Goofy Footer

    It Is Perfect - Post Highlights of the Year 2017

    2 trips, 5 riding days, 700 miles, all Baja.
  15. 2 Day Rides from Tecate. Both require 90 mile fuel range. Tecate --> Coyote Cals (south of Ensenada beach hostel, ocean views, warmer, $25 stay / $15 curry fish or sometimes chicken dinner / $8 breakfast). http://www.coyotecals.com/index.html Tecate --> Mike's Sky Rancho (mountains, remote oasis, probably gonna be cold, $70 room, steak dinner and breakfast) Insurance is up to you. General rule is Don't Crash in Mexico. Both companies below have owners who support / are personally involved in dirtbiking in baja. https://www.bajabound.com/ https://www.baja-mex.com/