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  1. Goofy Footer

    Cracked Steel Subframe - Need Help to Fix

    The TTR250 is the same model Lois Pryce took from London to Cape Town. 10,000 miles of ADV
  2. Goofy Footer

    Cracked Steel Subframe - Need Help to Fix

    Steel Frame TTR250. Middle pic shows the where corrosion went forward on the frame. Will need to cut out that gusset plate then re-gusset & fix it.
  3. I found this crack! How can I fix this? I’m going to need help with this one. Rear subframe at the joint to the main frame left side tube under the seat / behind the tank.
  4. Does anybody have an older Deltran Battery Tender Plus they are willing to get rid of? It’s worth asking as so many people have converted to Lithium batteries. At this time I am only looking for this model, thank you!
  5. Goofy Footer

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Is the failure in uploading the maps to Garmin Basecamp or are you trying to go direct to your device? I highly recommend CTM on Basecamp for route planning. I believe I sent the maps from Basecamp to my Garmin GPS units If you need the maps sent to your GPS and still cannot get it sorted, I can do it from my laptop. Since you are a paying customer I believe this to be ethical
  6. Goofy Footer

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    What is the map file extension?
  7. Goofy Footer

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Interesting as I’ve never had an issue with CA TrailMaps and used it flawlessly on the CABDR. I also run Mac I assume you’re using Garmin Basecamp on your Mac and the zip files containing the maps are open to expose the files?
  8. Goofy Footer

    Ocotillo to Big Bear

    Nice work @Bluhdow! What bikes were you on? Did you ride back or truck? I’ve done a number of rides like this, let’s get one going! For the gpx guys: looks like Plaster City to the train tracks to sam felipe, the 78 east to poleline to salton city, up the 86 maybe to dillon road to berdoo canyon into joshua tree and pioneertown all the way up to north side of big bear. I think I’m fairly close.
  9. Any interest in a leisurely backcountry ride Monday. Thinking Otay or Ramona could be a possibility. I'll likely be cruising on a small 250 air cooled bike
  10. If you cannot find a Flywheel Weight consider looking into a Hinson Momentum (steel) Clutch Basket. They are heavier than stock aluminum, more reliable and due to the increased weight, they act as a flywheel effect + counter balancer because it spins opposite the flywheel.
  11. Goofy Footer

    SDAR BBQ Informal Meeting and Sendoff 4/27

    @DSM8 Welcoming Committee
  12. Goofy Footer

    SDAR BBQ Informal Meeting and Sendoff 4/27

    That means you’re 13% percent certain you will make it!
  13. Goofy Footer

    Borrego 200

    I think we’re talking about 2 different Inspiration Points.. Desert View Park / Inspiration Point off the 79 in Julian is pictured above & Inspiration Wash / Point near Fonts Point in Anza Borrego Feeling Inspired?
  14. What is your favorite Fuel Stabilizer ? How do you use it, run carb dry or leave treated fuel in carb?
  15. @97xr400r we need more ride reports like this from your travels!