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  1. Goofy Footer

    Tech Day October 23rd

    Lurking and interested. @bboyle9 has a crack in his 525 subframe and would love some welding lowdown SC1 for ALL my tech needs
  2. Goofy Footer

    To bleed or not to bleed, that is the question ?

    I'm a luddite in terms of suspension. I was riding hard in the dez last year and my forks started to audibly grunt upon compression impact. While stopped on the trail I decided to let air out the forks (bike Not on a stand) and air hissed out. It definitely changed the fork feeling but I'm too dumb to tell exactly what. I've also never touched my clickers... I've read equalizing pressure in the fork with bike suspended is healthy. Air takes up space, just like oil level height Show me the way!
  3. Goofy Footer

    Iron Butt Rally

    Just in time!! @tntmo better ride out there to get ready!! You have the best beard of the whole group
  4. Goofy Footer

    Iron Butt Rally

    I wonder if we can lure @tntmo into a mini ADV Scooter Endurance Rally... 250cc Do I hear 250 miles? Do I hear 500 miles??
  5. Goofy Footer

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Bummer you guys are having issues. I recently got an update email and CTM has continued it's expansion of trails / offered a new regional download. I've had nothing but success and seamless navigating around the southern half of the state. I was always on a CTM trail while riding CABDR South. @Bub_Hannah I see he has a facebook link on his page, did you try that?
  6. Goofy Footer

    Friday Hooky

    How well do plugs work for dirt tires?
  7. Goofy Footer

    2013 Honda CBR250R - SOLD!!

    can this thing Wheelie ??
  8. Goofy Footer

    Sold my YZ450f and bought this instead!

    Nice! Where did you find one in stock? Those are flying out showrooms
  9. Goofy Footer

    Member Reximus Cannot Log In

    Good afternoon SDAR Admin. Reximus reached out to me again asking if his login can be reset so he can post. Thank You for any help
  10. Tentatively putting out feelers for a ride Monday, May 24th Could meet at Warner Springs Glider Port or Pine Valley. I'd likely be on an air cooled 250 rolling around. Anybody interested? 60-100 mile type day - fire roads
  11. Goofy Footer

    questions about hitch mounted bike carrier?

    What truck? I have used a heavy steel one for years without issue. Quality tie downs are a must. I use PowerTye 1.5” with dual carabiners and soft loops at the handlebars. I use 3 straps and secure my wheel to the chock with a 1” cam buckle webbing piece.
  12. Goofy Footer

    Cracked Steel Subframe - Need Help to Fix

    Let’s see more TTR Glory Pics!
  13. Goofy Footer

    Cracked Steel Subframe - Need Help to Fix

    The bike did have a surfboard rack on that side. Easily could have had salty wetsuits and/or towels that drained salt water on that corner. The axle tubing has thicker sidewalls than stock so it should be even stronger
  14. Goofy Footer

    Cracked Steel Subframe - Need Help to Fix

    The TTR250 is the same model Lois Pryce took from London to Cape Town. 10,000 miles of ADV
  15. Goofy Footer

    Cracked Steel Subframe - Need Help to Fix

    Steel Frame TTR250. Middle pic shows the where corrosion went forward on the frame. Will need to cut out that gusset plate then re-gusset & fix it.