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  1. 3 minutes and 5,000 miles of fun -- a must watch
  2. Goofy Footer

    More purge

    @TrophyHunter is a Great dude. You’ll be missed on the rides but always down to do lunch or swing by on a Jamul tour.
  3. Nice. I see you're in East County - have you ridden Otay? I highly recommend this restaurant for their BLT for lunch while on a ride out there. They load it to the moon with real bacon. (they have healthier options as well). It's a nice small family business. https://www.yelp.com/biz/bravo-cafe-and-yogurt-spring-valley If you want beers and burgers this is a classic right in Jamul as well. I've gone here after a ride for dinner a few times. Another small family business. https://www.yelp.com/biz/brodys-burgers-and-beer-jamul?osq=brody's+burgers
  4. Oh I understand your abbreviation, I'm asking what the heck are the ingredients. Is it dried veggie or cauliflower with seasoning? I'm a fan of a good BLT and am down to try this!
  5. What the heck IS facon? ❌🐷
  6. Goofy Footer

    Suspension Tuning - Actually - KTM 450 XCW

    South Carrizo Creek Wash / South Carrizo Rd in Anza Borrego just north of Sweeney Pass on the S2. Has a nice parking area (or camp at Bow Willow Campground). The track is flowy and fun and takes you to arguably the biggest intersection on SW Anza Borrego. Pick your next adventure - Vallecito Creek Rd, Arroyo Tapiado, Arroyo Seco Del Diablo & Canyon Sin Nombre. @Zubb we need to get you off that starbucks bike and do some detailed exploring of our local deserts on a proper dirt dualsport! @Bagstr is quite the guru around ABDSP and his Tuesday Breakfast Club rides are certainly worth the effort. I think you’d enjoy it.
  7. @Wierdrider expect the Unexpected!! @tntmo’s a lover not a barbarian these days.. just look at his heart eyes pink sunglasses! Mr @Hawkins good sir how can we put this campout on the site Calendar?
  8. Paging @Wierdrider to white courtesy phone, @Wierdrider...
  9. Goofy Footer

    2006 KTM 950 Adventure

    I just saw that Rider914 from ADV has something around 100k on his 950 and still loves that thing. These seem like nice capable bikes. GLWS
  10. All are welcome! I've spoken with @tntmo about this overnight and it's going to be n00b and big bike friendly! The goal is to have a welcoming and safe environment for n00b and experienced people alike to practice moto camping. It will be simple dirt roads and fun pavement to the campground. The goal is to get there with enough time to set up your tents while there is still light, unpack your chairs or @Zubb Hy--dro-flasks and tell each other lies around the campfire. For those wanting to do more dirt the next day they can take off and hit some more challenging routes back home on their own too. @A 2 what bike are you on? You should come!
  11. Goofy Footer

    Riding jacket purge

    He always gets the best stuff! First the enduro stand now this! Must be nice to be Tom
  12. Some people carry it in their belly but I would certainly advise against that. You know the whole safety and law thing. BUT, it would be quite the scene to see you serve tntmo a belly beer! Hopefully you can get the learner's permit test or full license soon and come on a dualsport ride. Maybe take a MSF course with a friend? I took after already riding dirt for a while and it was still fun. I jumped on the TW200s when I could instead of the cruiser bikes. Some people will truck to Ramona, Jamul, Pine Valley or Borrego Springs and stage there for their dirt focused dualsport loops both big and small.
  13. Yes! If @bboyle9 can make it from LA... you reading this can make it from SD / IE ! well technically speaking this ride Could be between Ramona and Idaho too.. Have fun and post up a RR after!
  14. In honor of some of our DR350 loving members here like @KTMrad, @bfar33 and @tntmo I'll share this quality youtube video of a couple duasporting on their DR350s on a 10 day trip through Vancouver Island. Pretty good production and superb scenery. Good to play in the garage while you work on bikes (regardless if you mute the music for your preferred tunes).
  15. Some say Kelly is still out there in CO and hasn’t returned. That’s the Real reason we haven’t seen him on the SD trails this summer.

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