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  1. Goofy Footer

    Favorite Piston?

    Their usual Forged pistons or the Forged Racer Elite line? the Racer Elite seems to sacrifice some long term reliability for a slight edge in power and weight for racing. For dualsport and trail riders, reliability > extreme edge performance gains
  2. Goofy Footer

    2023 Honda Trail 125 by cmbthumper

    @PaulyPickles is jealous he loves these! These guys did the TAT on them: https://www.advpulse.com/adv-news/attempting-the-trans-america-trail-on-a-honda-ct125/ point it ahead and Go!
  3. Goofy Footer

    Need Help Picking Up Your Piggy Bike? - Try MotoWinch

    the official SDAR Moto Angel is @tntmo with pbr and rotella in hand wearing wings w/ sprinkles. so, yes, Very cute!
  4. Goofy Footer

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    Can’t wait!
  5. Goofy Footer

    Beware of GS 1250 Riders!

    Beware of GS 1250 riders - they will take you out on the trails and even in paved parking lots! ^^ Watch your back around them!! @Zubb
  6. @Mr.JAJA dropping wisdom on us! Appreciate your words!
  7. Goofy Footer

    91,000 miles on a DR650

    And for those who haven’t seen this video, he has a great attitude on riding. He’s put 85k miles on that bike all across North America. A lot of fun on a simple machine!
  8. Goofy Footer

    91,000 miles on a DR650

    I heard a rumor that after @tntmo watched this video he too switched to Motul 7100 on his Rally Bike! This guy is lucky to use ethanol free gas, he doesn’t like the “corn fuel”
  9. Good video! Yes, you’re OLD! best line: “dead dirtbikers waiting to transition from reality to the afterlife of goldwings and bmw adventure bikes”
  10. Goofy Footer

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    @shutterrev & @KTMrad I shared the class on ADV and told people to enroll on SDAR. I didn’t give away any addresses Hopefully some guys can join and attend!
  11. Goofy Footer

    Need Help Picking Up Your Piggy Bike? - Try MotoWinch

    You can be Eastbound: but are you Eastbound and Down:
  12. Imagine one day you leave Starbucks, loaded to the gills on frappachino, heart palpitating, yearning for Adventure. In your caffeine fueled haste, you misjudge a rut and Boom! Down goes the 600lb goliath, tumbling down into a pit of despair. As you come to your senses you realize your bike is awkwardly situated, strewn across the ground with the weight of Newton himself bearing down on it. As you try to lift the obese machine you remember that your peak deadlifting days are years in the past. Unable to lift the bike yourself, you face impending doom and certain death. UNLESS….. you had this: https://eastbound.shop/product-categorie/motowinch-motorcyle-jack/ Review Here: https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2022/12/11/eastbound-motowinch-review-portable-motorcycle-hoist-test/amp/ Uncle Goofy has NOT affiliation with this product. Use at your own risk.
  13. Goofy Footer

    Rotopax vs Armadillo

    that’s a good analogy for this: Who’s up for quick Pop at the First Aid Class? @tntmo @shutterrev @KTMrad @Zubb
  14. Goofy Footer

    Rotopax vs Armadillo

    Doubles as a seat cushion Triples as dinner party attire!

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