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  1. stuckthrottle


    Just got this price increase notification: " Hello Subscriber, This email is to inform you of upcoming changes to your SPOT service plan(s): We are continuously making network upgrades to ensure the best possible service for our SPOT customers. To help fund these efforts now and in the future, upon renewal a Network Maintenance Fee will be implemented on all SPOT subscriptions: Monthly $2.49/MO; Annual $24.99/YR; 2 Year $49.99/2YR." Coincidentally, it's the last day of that Costco inreach sale. I think it might be time for me to consider jumping over to a Garmin.
  2. stuckthrottle


    My local rep has been somewhat hesitant in getting me one for evaluation and testing. Presumably due to the aforementioned issues. He assures me it's due to a backlog in production.
  3. stuckthrottle


    For my "oh crap! I need help" button (not the sos), I have a link in the message that goes to a free guestbook type deal. The idea behind it is that since that alert goes to a couple of different people, some who don't know each other, they can go there and organize a rescue plan. I actually had to use it once last year when I wadded and compression fractured my back. My friends communicated with each other and the nearest one was en route to me when my wife found out medevac was on its way and called off my own personal rescue party. The message reads something "please send help, it's not life or death but I need to get out of here asap. Go here #the link# to organize".
  4. Any San Diego riders out here?
  5. stuckthrottle


    I was hoping to get my hands on at overland expo, where I'm currently at. But they didn't show up, empty booth space where they were supposed to be. I wonder what that's about. Garmin is here and I spoke with them and they sold out of all the new minis they brought.
  6. stuckthrottle


    Thanks for that link!
  7. stuckthrottle


    Good point. I've had no first hand experience with the inreach but came close to purchasing one just recently. I reached out to spot for more info. I'll post it here when I get it.
  8. stuckthrottle


    Personally, I'd rather not have to worry about having two devices being charged and also not broken. Since spot started offering device rentals, I wonder if they'll somehow extend that to this.
  9. stuckthrottle


    Same here. The inreach tracking gets expensive quick. I think I'm going to pull the trigger and get a spot X to try out. I hope I can get it before heading out to overland expo next week.
  10. stuckthrottle

    Ogio flight vest

    What do you guys carry in these vests? I still rock a tool bag when I'm in Baja and couldn't imagine carrying tools in a vest. lol That said, I do need a better way of storing my phone, camera, and handheld.
  11. stuckthrottle


    https://www.findmespot.com/spotx/lander.php Looks rad! I've been looking at the Delorme InReach system for the 2-way comm but have been a happy SPOT subscriber for almost 10 years. I'm seriously considering upgrading to this.
  12. I don't want to hijack this thread but I work out of the SD store. I just get to drive to all the stores to kind of check on things. Stop by any time!
  13. Cool! I drove by earlier this week and noticed the building since I'm going to be needing a front tire soon. Will check them out. Also, I work at ORW and if there's interest, I can work on creating a club discount for you guys...
  14. stuckthrottle

    McCain Wind Farm

    We'll then at least I wont lose sleep over it...
  15. stuckthrottle

    McCain Wind Farm

    I just started riding again after taking a year off because of a moto crash. I went to the Lark Canyon area last week. What the hell is up with all those wind turbines going through the ridge. They just about paved the road going in too. This sucks.