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  1. A couple of us are meeting in Ramona this Saturday around 730am if you want to hit me up. (619)789-9303 JD
  2. Want to hit up some trails near Ramona and Mesa Grande? Saturday or Sunday morning?
  3. Available this Saturday morning around 7am
  4. If you still want to ride tomorrow (Sunday 6/9), hit me up around 8am. (619)789-9303. -JD
  5. This Sunday or next Saturday morning I'm available
  6. Next Saturday I'm available, still trying to figure out this forum so hopefully you see this reply. Anywhere in particular?
  7. Available next Sat. Anywhere in particular?
  8. Yeah I have stock on mine, sadly it is not even scratched yet.
  9. Hey that's awesome, what days and times can I swing by to pick those up?
  10. I live in San Marcos, this Sunday morning works for me.
  11. Looking for a 1 day casual ride, need to get my dirt legs back on. I have a 690 enduro, not looking for anything really technical and not sure where is a close spot to ride. Any help appreciated!