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  1. Vintage Veloce

    Maxxis Tire Markings?

    Wow, I received an actual reply from Maxxis!
  2. Vintage Veloce

    Maxxis Tire Markings?

    I called them. no answer yesterday. Maybe I'll call again... but I'm not sure the office drones in the USA will know what that marking means. One side. This is what I think. Surfing the web I have found other Maxxis tires with standard ">direction>" markers. I'm feeling more confident this some other confusing mark.
  3. Vintage Veloce

    Maxxis Tire Markings?

    I know some of the gang here runs these tires. After I mounted my new Maxxis Desert IT tires... I notice these small markings. Of course, I didn't mount the tire with this direction of rotation. But is this really a direction marking? I've never seen one like this and I found a post elsewhere where someone says it is not. The tread isn't directional. Hmm... I looked at my Maxxis mountain bike tires, which are directional, and they have a traditional ">ROTATION>" marking clearly labeled. Does anyone think I should remount my tires with these pointed forward? Man I hope not...
  4. Vintage Veloce

    Lake Arrowhead trip (with Tracks!)

    Yes, that was exactly the slippery issue. It was OK, but I suspect that in the year the surface is nicer. As I hoped, my suspension is much cushier... I need to go someplace more familiar to make some adjustments... but that will wait to fall when the desert cools off. I'm much happier riding in temperatures below 80 degrees!
  5. I made it out to Lake Arrowhead this week to test out my freshly serviced KTM suspension. Bike ran fine, but I found it rather slippery and hot. 😉 Some sections were bit harder than I like to tackle alone. I had made a bunch of GPS tracks to use and have attached them. But the one labelled "loop 23mi" is an actual filtered track from the trip. Tracks are attached at the end of this. Hopefully someone else can enjoy them! Lake Arrowhead Tracks.GPX
  6. Vintage Veloce

    Lake Arrowhead Recommendations

    Thanks Oracle. Good idea to check the Forest Service maps Looks like there is this little nest of roads/trails North of the lake. Probably about 3-5 miles of pavement to get there from the South side of the lake. 😉
  7. Vintage Veloce

    Lake Arrowhead Recommendations

    So... we were going to Big Bear, and but my wife has expressed a preference for Lake Arrowhead. Any recommendations for an easy 50 mile trail ride in that area? I'm looking for good and easy jeep trail level stuff (but no or very little pavement). I'll be alone and just looking for very easy dirt touring. I plan on breaking out my "California trail maps", but if anyone has any great recommendations, I'd love a GPS track? (Obviously Big Bear isn't that far, and so maybe I'll truck the bike over there for a ride too, but is there stuff right around Lake Arrowhead?)
  8. Vintage Veloce

    On Any Sunday: 50 Years of Greatness

    If you are up for a fiction movie, are into old Italian stuff, and road racing is also cool to you, check out this: It's fantastic.
  9. Vintage Veloce

    Big Bear Recommendations

    Did you ride that with George? He just retuned my suspension, so it would be cool to ride a route he knows and then give him my feedback....
  10. Vintage Veloce

    Big Bear Recommendations

    That looks awesome, thank you. Screen shot:
  11. Vintage Veloce

    Big Bear Recommendations

    Well, there was covid and I've had a couple injuries and I just haven't ridden the dual sport. And now the desert is hot. I got out to Anza Borrego about 2 months ago and just got a day in before banging myself up again. I'm just about good again now. 😉 So I rebuilt the bike completely, and I'll be damned if I wait till the fall to get out on it in the desert. (Don't tell me to ride at o-dark thirty in the desert, that's not happening. I'm not an early riser). I'm thinking Big Bear is the closest place with reasonable temperatures. I want to go for a couple days and bring my wife... so... I'm looking for a nice place to stay. While I'm out riding my wife will want to see the lake, do easy hikes, check out the village, etc. So we need a really nice place to stay up there. Does anyone have any recommendations for a hotel or airBnB? Also, any good and easy 50-ish mile gps tracks? You know, jeep trail level stuff. I'll be alone and just looking for very easy dirt touring. 😉 I plan on breaking out my "California trail maps", but if anyone has any great recommendations, I'd love the track.
  12. Wow, that looks awesome. Trying to plan my first moto trip up there in a couple weeks.
  13. Vintage Veloce

    the new black beauty!

    Note to self: "Avoid Hurricane, Utah in the summer!"
  14. Vintage Veloce

    the new black beauty!

    Just did a total overhaul of the bike. After all the mechanicals I treated it to a new tank, all new black plastics and new saddle bags. George at Suspension 101 just went through the suspension for me and made some adjustments. I'm expecting the new colorway to cause great improvements in my skills! Now I just need to find someplace with reasonable temperatures to try it out!

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