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  1. Vintage Veloce

    The Cafe is closed...Cafe Husky

    Sadly, Cafe Husky has shut down again, and I suspect finally. Some of us have migrated the HQVadventure, here: https://hqvadventure.com/forum/
  2. Vintage Veloce


    Now free! Come and get it.
  3. Vintage Veloce

    questions about hitch mounted bike carrier?

    Three? How does that work? 😉
  4. Vintage Veloce

    questions about hitch mounted bike carrier?

    dirt dame, how does that short jeep handle with the bike on the back? I had been considering a jeep and then got nervous about using a carrier with it... Van, that Black Widow that you linked to is the one I am considering.
  5. Vintage Veloce


    Just took this tank off of my 2013 KTM 350 EXC-F It should fit the '12 and '13 four stroke EXC models. Definitely has some wear on it, but works fine. I just put a smaller tank on as I didn't ever need all those gallons. Comes with the cap, but you will need to use your own fittings and pump. Come and get it before I send the plastic to recycling.!
  6. Vintage Veloce

    questions about hitch mounted bike carrier?

    The aluminum ones seem to be 30 - 40 pounds. The steel ones seem to be about double that. I'm sure the steel ones are more robust! But my back will be much happier with an aluminum one.
  7. Vintage Veloce

    questions about hitch mounted bike carrier?

    Thanks Riggerman, I may take you up on that! I do have my heart set on an aluminum one, as the steel ones will be to heavy for me to deal with. I have a Nissan Frontier right now, but the idea would be to get an Nissan xTerra and then I'd need a carrier.
  8. Vintage Veloce

    questions about hitch mounted bike carrier?

    I have a good pickup truck now and put the KTM in the bed. But on some trips I've been concerned about the security of the other gear in the truck bed. So I've been thinking about getting a SUV, like maybe a Nissan xTerra, so I could carry my gear in the truck and then hang the bike on a carrier off the back.
  9. I've been thinking about getting one of these... and I have questions! And I'd love to see one mounted with a bike on it. Maybe someone has one and I could visit to see how it all works? I'm thinking about an aluminum one, so I don't wreck my back putting it on and off the truck. - Are the secure to drive without the bike mounted? - do the make your headlights point at the sky? - how is handling on curvy roads?
  10. Vintage Veloce

    1954 San Diego County

    I found this old map of San Diego County from 1954. It's fascinating to look at all the old dirt roads/trails that we have lost legal access too. I'm betting that many of the older members here remember riding these roads. Scanned at high resolution for your enjoyment.
  11. Vintage Veloce

    seat upholstery in San Diego

    I'll try these, Thank you!
  12. I need to have a seat modified, and I'd like to try a local upholstery shop. I saw an ancient thread about this, but I figure things may have changed. Any current recommendations for shops in San Diego to get a seat modified and upholstered? Bonus points for pictures of their work! (And yes, I know Seat Concepts are great and I have one on another bike, but I'd like to have this one done locally.)
  13. Vintage Veloce

    Allen Fox In Alpine

    Spoke to Allen today, he is packed with business through Thanksgiving. So I guess he is doing well!
  14. Vintage Veloce

    Allen Fox In Alpine

    Hey, is Allen still working in Alpine with good results? I had a good visit with him years ago... but wanted to make sure all was still good (recently!) before I called on him again.
  15. Vintage Veloce

    Otay Lakes Rd Vet Track

    Interesting... make I will take my Svartpilen for a lap! I wonder if they are ever open during the week.