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  1. don johnson

    Sunday Ride 6/24

    text me in the morning when you leave home 760 803-5561
  2. don johnson

    Sunday Ride 6/24

    Hay I would like to ride with you tomorrow I know the area you want to ride and can give a guided tour. couldn't make it last week but got my filter and just did a test ride and it is ready to go . can meet you at Biutista and 6s16 ( first post) say around 900 let me know if that will work. Don
  3. well guys looks like I am out went to wash my air filter and it self destructed its self
  4. what is the better road to come in on Chihuahua or La Cruz
  5. I would like to go to Tripp flats if that is not to far for you . we can truck pool from Escondido if you want.
  6. sounds good to me. desert or mountains ? I will truck out to the dirt area .
  7. don johnson

    The Rincon Trail Itch

    John I would like to go to Kern and camp with you guys .But I will go off and ride some easier trails. Let me know when. Don
  8. don johnson

    Any rides coming up?

    if I am able to ride I need another Kern ride . should be 2 to 3 weeks . let me know when you get a date
  9. WoW what a weekend drove up to Greenhorn on the 4th got there about 730 PM Got camp set up and fire going then relaxed I was the only one there . Jim came up later that night and Ed in the morning. Once he got there we went down the hill for corned beef hash (told you it was to be a lazy week end) got on the trail about noon headed out east and rode 80% fire road and a the rest single . The weather was fine as long as we stayed in the forest but got a bit warm when we ventured into open areas at lower altitude . Found a single track I had never been on tight twisty up and ended in the log field . This is where we ran out of water and had to return to camp . It was nice mostly easy 5 1/2 hours Day 2 we went East . Checked out Bull Run lower then back up fire roads to the top of it . One guy came out and we talked to him for a wile, he was waiting for his brother to come out . About 20 minutes later he came out the first thing he said to us was "don't ever go down there" guess he must of had fun. Then it was up to Tobias lookout and on to Frog . New trail out of Frog was a challenge and the jump looked cool, no i did not. Then it was off to PUP meadows trail ,all was going good till about 100 ft from the end . Some how I got my toe between a root of all evil and my foot peg , never saw the root till I was laying on the ground with a dead foot. Well it was late and time to head back anyway. got back to camp about 900 . long day Day 3 Packed up went to breakfast and home got home about 4 and went to emergency for a 8 hr stay . about 16 stitches crushed toe bone and a set of crutches Looks like i am down for a while next trip I am bringing a ax to even it up with the root
  10. I am going to greehorn on the 3ed or 4th thru sunday . If anyone is interested in riding up with me let me know . I plan to ride easy to moderate single track no rush just enjoy. or if you want to meet me up there and ride I know the area. Let me know. Don
  11. After 2+ years of no riding I finally get to go ride again, so where else would I go Greenhorn. Drove up Saturday the 11 th got to the campground just to find this Well I was relay looking forward to a fire, with night temperatures dropping onto the low 50 s , oh well at least I am here and will be riding tomorrow. On to the campsite . First thing I noticed was no camp host , so I talked to the guy camped near his spot. It seems there was no hot water for the shower but that did not matter as the showers were locked. After pondering the situation I decided to go back down the hill and camp at the lake , it was in the mid 60s at night and I could have a fire. Got up Sunday and went off to breakfast at my usual, Chatter Box , it was out of business , boy things sure do change . Well I went into Isabella and had a great breakfast , corned beef hash biscuits ans gravy eggs and fruit. Then it was back up the hill to start my ride at my usual early 11:59 . Well the ride was GREAT even though I was very rusty and by myself . Ran the single track out to Portuguese flat paved road to the warming hut dirt road on up to Tobius where I posed for the forest cam at 1325. On to Frog then to the single track to Pup meadows now it is fun time . Part way down the very over grown trail I stopped to relieve myself ,parked my bike on the trail , just get started and there comes the only 4 guys I saw all weekend. They told me the trail was blocked last week by a large tree just ahead, so I moved my bike and let them go past. I could hear them when they got to the tree sounded like they got past so on I went . There wasn't enough room at the blockage to get your bars past the tree with your leg on the bike but you could get past thanks to the ants. Well on I went to the exit at the fire road . Seeings it was just me and my spot I decided to just explore fire roads for a while then back the single track past Frog and on to the next single track. Never ran it that direction , it was steep (up) soft and tight then got rocky for a while This was my challenge for the weekend tipped a few times got stuck a few times but finally made it out to a fire trail . At that point I was tired and just ran fire trails back to the truck just before 6:00. It was on to day 2 ,got the same breakfast up the hill and off just after 12:00 . Went the other way on Rancheria rd. ran the first section of Just Outstanding played on fire roads on the way to single tracks near Evans camp . Had to stop to open a cattle gate that's when I saw it, my bike is dripping oil , checked the sight gauge had to lean it over to see oil . That was the end of the day for me just limped back to the truck and go for a 3.5 mile hike before going home. It was a great weekend and I am ready to go again soon. .
  12. don johnson

    Moto Trip Nov (5,6) 7,8

    Jon This is Tobias peek at 12:30 today I beleive I am still in See what it looks liks Friday Don
  13. don johnson

    Moto Trip Nov (5,6) 7,8

    Jon Looks like I am local for this w/e . Next looks good for 7-8 see how work goes for the extended. Do you know if Greenhorn is closed ? Don
  14. don johnson

    Moto Trip Nov (5,6) 7,8

    Jon I have this weekend free (October 31) and wanted to ride. Weather at kern is 70 let me know if you would be interested in making it a double header. If not and I opt not to go to kern I would like to ride Big bear or Idywild Sunday. According to how work lines up maybe I can still make it next week Don
  15. don johnson

    Greenhorn summit

    NO Just an interesting photo