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    Damn small cc bikes are addicting. Will be doing the suspension and luggage but that is about it. Sooooo fun though.
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    I think that’s a great idea. We can tweak them as we go also to keep things fresh and fun. Getting together with our club members is something that is ALWAYS a good time.
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    I'd like to once again thank Colin for putting on the class, Shutterrev for hosting, Bubbagums for the $200 donation (which paid for the pizzas and sodas) and all of you for donating and attending, was a great turnout. I offered Colin all the money from the donations, he only wanted to be reimbursed for his expense for making copies ($88, he agreed to round it off to $100) and said to donate the rest to the club...thanks a lot Colin ! That helps out SDAR big time since I recently had expenses for renewing website SSL certificate, domain renewals and monthly hosting costs. We'll try to do a first aid class twice a year.
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    Free Breakfast Pizza is always welcome - Especially when it's BBQ Chicken Pizza!
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    Pretty good video about the Husaberg story.
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    For sure...we will be doing more events like this, club meetings, street and dualsport rides, trail maintenance days and overnight campouts this year. This is why we'd love to keep SDAR and the website forums alive.
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    My pix...the custom Harley dualsport got a lot of attention....me likey.
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    I also want to give a shoutout to the owner (Nick) of Grandstand Pizza on Magnolia in Santee, he appreciated the large order of 5 pizzas, so gave me a large Buffalo chicken pizza for free, and when I bought the sodas he gave me 3 - 2 liter sodas for the price of 2. I ordered pizzas many times over the years when they used to deliver to my other house by Grossmont College when I had my riding buddies over...was good to see him again.
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    Thanks Nick for hosting and letting us swarm your place, and keep you up late, and leave dirty pizza boxes in your garage, and... and... etc. And a good time was had by all!
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    Great training, very informative and you could tell it was coming from a place of experience. It was nice to see some of you again and meet others for the first time!!
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    Will be updated with location as we get closer to the date. Same rules as in the past, full workshop with all the tools (Mill, Lathe, Tig Welder) etc. will be made available, this is the time to get advice if needed on set up, we can do suspension sag etc.Ability to repair AL skid plates if needed is also an option, I am talking cracks, not building you one from scratch.If you use the tire changer plan to take your old tire away with you.Oil can be disposed of here.Based on headcount we will determine if there is enough interest to have the grill up and running.This is a good occasion for the new people to come out and meet old members (they like to hang out on these things <snerk> ) and put names to faces.
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    Just an FYI build notice. I did it again......picked up a running 200 Aprilia with an auto clutch problem, fork seal leaks and cosmetic issues. I will snap a few before fotos. She will be up for sale after my cleanup. Engine starts an runs fine. These are fully capable 200cc DOHC singles kind of cross between a scooter and a motorcycle. They were plentiful on the streets of the EU
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    Slacker ! ✌️ You didn't look in the boxes, there were 4 different types of pizzas.
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    At the 2008 EICMA I met and had great discussion with the Swede engineers that cut and welded engines to form the 70 deg engines as well as world enduro pilot Joakim Ljunggren of the 70 deg machine. those welded up prototypes were super proto.
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    Pistons (et al) FYI most OEMS source items like pistons and contract with specific specialty manufacturers accordingly. With EU brands it is usually easy,even on the OEM packaging to see and find out which contracted manufacturer the OEM uses or used in regard to powerplant components as well as chassis and controls components. They seem to advert and promote the specialty brands they use, even chassis houses like when Verlicchi was a major player with Ducati and others. Asso Werke (big one, that most have never heard of), Athena and Woessner are examples of 3 of many manufacturers used by various EU OEMs at various times. The Japanese OEMs tend to be quieter about their labeled OEM parts as far as outside contracted mfgrs go. But you do see them open about many items like electronic stuff, FI, wheels, suspension, carbs etc.
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    Nice turn out at the meeting. Very informative info. Thanks to everyone who put this together. Nice to see people in person for a change!
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    Thanks for hosting! Thanks to Colin for coming out and sharing information and his experiences. Odds are at some point one of us will be in a position to put it to use. @shutterrev
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    I never rode one of those 70 degree bikes, they were very intriguing. Obviously it's an answer to a question nobody asked because it hasn't been duplicated yet. Makes you wonder if they would still be making them today if KTM didn't murder the company? Sometimes companies will due something weird and just stick with it because it defines them (BMW airplane engine? Moto Guzzi transverse V-Twin?)
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    @tntmo friend of mine has one of them hussybergs and it's a super sweet ride. Feels like it has 690 power, but packed in to a bike the same size and weight as a 500.
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    +1 With WintyFresh sentiments above, very good training, and great job - Thanks for setting this up @KTMrad. I also think that's a new record for vehicles parked at the top of my driveway, nice job with the vehicular Tetris everyone Here is a happy snap from the back row, couple more folks watching from outside. I think @moto_rph said he counted 21 folks present!
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    Definitely want to pull the stator cover, remove the bolts on the flywheel and put thread lock on them. They come loose, back out and then chew up the stator.
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    No worries. Looks like I’m coming already.
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