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    Hello all! Thanks for creating this space Randy! Who's up for starting a roadbook navigation club in San Diego? The only requirement to join is the desire to learn and have fun. The idea is to meet periodically. One person would be in charge of creating the roadbook for the meet, and everyone else runs it. Then for the next meet someone else is in charge of the roadbook, rinse and repeat. Cheers!
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    Well I just fixed a broken subframe mount on my 690, not bad for 17k miles of tomfoolery (no offense Tom), and the unlit tail light is now no longer ticket-worthy. I may be in for a Black Mountain, etc shakedown run this weekend if i can get the bike buttoned up before then. Just make sure to wait for me on my big flabby 690 lol. I started dirt riding on big ADV bikes a few years ago, then went what I thought was skinny with the 690, now everyone I ride with is showing up to dirt with trailered 500's or smaller, may need to go for a 450RL, or 500ish skinny one of these days, I just can't seem to want to let go of the 690 as it's road manners are too fun.
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    I'm thinking about going for for some (wheelie) practice followed by a ride at Otay (valley, not the truck trail) this afternoon
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    No need to look inside - does it have a thingy to put air? Yes: tubes, no: mousse 😁
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    I'd love to do this. But likely won't have the time for until about a year from now. No one told me retirement would flood my calendar this way
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    I want to give a huge thank you to tntmo (Tom) and my friend John P. For helping me get my sidecar and Ducati 900 Elefant out of storage today. Soon, the sidecar will be mated back to the BMW 1150GS, and I'll get the Elefant back on the road and trails.
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    I'm good for the next one!!
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    Glad to help a fellow moto guy, it's what we do as a community. Looking forward to seeing that Ducati running again. Seems like a neat bike!
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