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  1. Giant loop Mojave bags. I then bought about a dozen sodas in plastic bottles to find the best size for the bags. I forget which soda it was but I found the 1.5 liter size fits best. 1.5L in each bag = .8 gallons. Enough for most extended riding occasions. The soda bottles are tough enough, are built to handle pressure, haven't leaked yet and gas doesn't seem to degrade them. I have reused them many times.
  2. +3 for Oakley L Frame. They work very well. Key thing for me was to order a pair of supple eyeglass frames that fit inside the goggles and don't get caught on the inside or get smashed into my face.
  3. ***SOLD*** I have some used Alpine Star Tech6 boots, size 12, for sale - $40. I bought these used for a friend that never picked them up (never got back into riding). In perfect shape, some peg wear, excellent candidate for a sole refresh at the cobbler in Encinitas who does dirtbike boots. Here's my CL ad with picts and more details. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mpo/d/alpine-star-tech6-size-12/6652498865.html
  4. I can see how some might say this, same has been said of the 2016 FI. The throttle response I find very handy lofting the front wheel over tree fall and trail trash. I'd rather have too much of something to dial back... than wish I had more of it.
  5. Not so. There is an issue with Sachs upper aluminum fork tube anodize on 2015-17(?) Betas. If the inner wear is caught early enough only re-anodizing is needed. If people lag on getting the re-anodize done then it can get expensive. Other than this the forks are very capable. George at Suspension 101 charged me $200 for the re-anodize on top of other tuning, and my weird gold colored forks came back a nice flat black. I saved $2000 by buying a Beta (vs KTM) but had to spend $200 on re-anodizing. It pencils out.
  6. Don, never been behind up there behind Cahuilla Mountain. Sure, we can head that way and see what happens.
  7. OK then, We'll ride out behind Warner Springs. Here's where the dirt starts, where we'll meet up: Chihuahua Valley Rd @ Puerta La Cruz Rd (Old Mitchell Camp Rd); 33.384403, -116.686401 Meet time 9am Alternatively, I'll be staying overnight at Oak Grove campground a few miles to the north. If anyone wants to meet me there I'll be in a white Ford E350 van. I'll leave the campground for the meeting place at 8:45am. I you decide not to come please let me know so we're not waiting around. Look forward to it! -David
  8. Check it out if you get the chance! There's some cool single track, especially at the beginning, shortly after the start of the ride at Cedar Flat Camp off Hwy 168. I'd love to hear any feed back and pictures. Bonus if you get to the alien crash site! I'll send a PM with some tracks.
  9. Bags, I've ridden the westside of that ride and know this side should be ridden south to north. Not for sure about the northeast section, I pieced it together from aerial imagery and need intel about its connectivity. As for challenges: I'm more up for sightseeing nowadays, but I do like to ride in the most obscure and remote places. Places all but the local hunters have forgotten about. The cool thing about this ride, literally, is that all the dirt is above 7000 ft and thus a mild temp summer ride.
  10. I need to ride some where in North County: San Marcos, Rainbow, Warner Springs? Interested in intermediate skills, sub 690 size moto. Saturday afternoon or Sunday. Half day or full day depending on location. Anyone want to go?
  11. With a little more notice I'd be on this! Here's a 65 mile ride (Inyo / Papoose Flat) I've been wanting to try by Big Pine, near Grandview Camp in the White Mtns. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kAJEFsUR8wrafLorg2186US3hxbiWcFR&usp=sharing , to be ridden clockwise. The pool at Keough HS is $, but the hot creek 1/2 way from Hwy 395 is free with nudey girls sometimes!
  12. I'm free for a local San Marcos ride tomorrow afternoon if that works for you. I know the available dirt riding around north county really well.
  13. The next step (what moto to get)

    Have you guys gotten any trail time on those Huskys yet?