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    Ride promoting, adventure riding, single track trail riding, fighting to keep our public lands open, exploring, riding, the outdoors, camping, riding, writing, photography, and did I mention riding ?

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  1. Actually, may go to HU now instead...just found out we can't enter our sidehack in the Cool Overland Rig Contest since we were a finalst at last Overland Expo but couldn't make it, so no reason to go cross country for the Overland East. We'll be able to get valuable info at HU and meet lots of world travellers, so think that's what we'll do. So we'll probably see u there !
  2. I thought about it, but think we're heading to Overland Expo East in North Carolina Sept 29th instead. The HU event should be a good one !
  3. Try North County Yamaha....they have signs in shop that say they match internet prices...worth a call ? I have been buying tires at local shops for years...I have relationships at the shops because of supporting them, so I usually don't even need to ask for a good price. Shopping at local shops where they know me by name and face has always been a great experience for me.
  4. We're back up in Chico at my sidecar builder's shop, having work finished that someone else started. We should finally be back on the road by end of August. It has been a great 5 day trip to Chico, saw friends in Bishop, Tahoe, Sparks and Grass Valley. Did a 5 mile round trip hike to Summit of Mt Judah at 8300 feet, thst was awesome !
  5. Great bike ! KTM 950/990 is a great sport tourer also, rips up the twisties, comfortable long distance...but chain drive. Quite different bikes, just sharing my experience. I had an older '89 FJ1200, longest trip was 11,000 miles...I put 107,000 miles on that bike, it only had a 5 speed, didn't need 6th...the FJR is more refined and of course modern.
  6. The guy who was doing the 2 wheel drive on our sidecar rig screwed up a few things, besides taking over 5 months for what should've been a 2 month project. After sending photos of a few things to my sidecar builder in Chico, Chris Canterbury said I should bring my rig up to make the necessary repairs to get it safe and road worthy. So, we are renting a box van, trucking the rig up to Chico, leaving Thursday from SD, take a few days to get to Chico, will stop and see friends along the way on trip up there. We estimate a week to week and a half for repairs and everything to complete the job. We will be back on the road to continue our trip by the end of August. Adios Amigos !
  7. Last year on Long Island, my cousin Paul, 47 years young, husband and father of 3, was killed by a drunk driver who was driving on a suspended license at speeds in excess of 100mph. Just found out, the drunk driver got a 5 to 10 year sentence. My aunt told the driver she forgave him, because that's what Paul would've wanted.
  8. I think this all boils down to one's attitude and how one looks at things. Sure, there are things I've done in life where I screwed up, should've have done things differently, etc, etc. But, I have a great life, I've been living out my childhood dreams ( on my 50th birthday, I thought about what my dreams were when I was a kid, and I realized WOW, I've been living out my dreams for years, thought that was really cool ), I am happy and have travelled many miles on my motorcycle and seen many places....and that's just about to get even better. So regrets ? Not really. Perhaps if I had met the right woman to have 1 or 2 kids with, that would've been great....but never met that right woman, and I'm a happy single guy with nobody to answer to and now I'm able to go travel the world. OK, I did think of one....I never got a chance to get to the Czech Republic with my father before he passed away....I never got to here his detailed stories about what he did in the underground against the Germans first, then against the Russians, then his escape from the KGB at his parents house, how the Germans during WWII forced teenagers to work in their factories on their military machine, my Dad was one....and all the details about those early years of his life. I know there are many things he never shared with us, that he probably would've told me about if we had gone on that trip together to Czech Republic.So that is one I could get bummed about, but oh well...it didn't happen so life goes on.
  9. Nice...I knew somebody would eventually buy it....the right person.
  10. Ummm, long insteresting story, especially after today's incident. i will share my story when the time is right. At least I am in possession of my rig and all the stuff that goes along with it.
  11. Well, we'll have another go at a test ride with the sidehack rig....last time, the guy doing the 2wd conversion had to take it apart to modify it again....angle of the driveshaft / CV joints exceeded the max angle. Hope to be going out for a real test ride Tuesday.....more likely Wednesday August 2nd. If anyone wants to join me, let me know. From San Marcos, Out east to Nate Harrison Grade, up Palomar, down Palomar to 79n to Aguanga, Palomar Divide, then Mesa Grande to Black Canyon (time permitting), Ramona, then back to San Marcos.
  12. I don't agree about the cheap, mass produced dog food.....let's start s dog food thread ???
  13. I don't care what it says really....I prefer to use full synthetics. I had over 425,000 miles on my Ford F150...used Mobil 1 all its life, I'm convinced that had something to do with it. Didn't even burn oil at that mileage.
  14. Not good....didnt even go 200 yards...he's gotta fix the extreme angle of the driveshafy and CV joints....he screwed up on the design.
  15. In for one XXL....depending on when they're done.