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  1. Just a little FYI....if you ride in Anza Borrego State Park and get stopped by a Ranger, they sometimes check for DOT Tires....if u don't have them, they may ticket u or ask u to leave the park.
  2. You could call SDBMW, they used to sell them, but don't know if they will work on it.
  3. No, sorry...dont know.
  4. I've hosted quite a few German world travellers at my house...but on a motorcycle, there's no room for "in style"
  5. Time to try to catch up on this write-up... We got into Death Valley and had to explore the dirt route up to Aguereberry Point....WOW, what a view !! Met this German guy with a cool truck...he opened up his huge side window in the back and was taking a nap overlooking the spectacular view. Checked out the Eureka Mine.... Doc loves kids, and they're always attracted to him.... More to come, from Death Valley.....
  6. Welcome ! Hope u enjoy our community and get out there in the dirt.
  7. Welcome Carlos !
  8. It's up to u guys....Arnie had a lot of friends on ADV Rider also....do u want to share the ride with them ?
  9. Stickers available from Mike, ADV Bum.
  10. Rain cover ? Put eveything in zip lock bags inside, helps keep stuff organized seperately too.
  11. Cool....party time !
  12. BT....They're GREAAAAAAT ! As Tony would say. +1 on pigtails.
  13. Buells are good, fun bikes...know people who have had them.
  14. Jim, thanks for taking the lead and taking the photos...they look great. Can someone please contact Christie to get her an enlarged photo to frame...I or SDAR will pay for it. If u need her info, please PM me. Thanks to everyone who went to show support for Arnie, Christie, family and friends....wish I coulda been there.
  15. Thanks a lot to all who voted ! ....we won by a narrow margin.