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  1. Easy fix is....use another photo hosting site instead of attaching images to your post.
  2. Like I mentioned, Reputation is similar to "likes"....seems many people wanted that. You'll be able to click a little heart to "like" someone's post.
  3. More updated in the original post.
  4. Hey all, we (dog and I) will be in AZ mid May, then after the Overland Expo we'll do some stuff in AZ, then UT and NM, including Moab, and the New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route. We'll be in the sidehack, so pace will not be fast....but we still maintain a decent pace, depending on terrain. We want to do as much off-road as possible, excluding gnarly trails. Camp and cook as much as possible. Let me know if you'd like to join us, even if it's only for part of our ride.
  5. This most likely will not happen, since my 2 wheel drive setup is taking longer than planned and I'll need to get to Flagstaff quickly for Overland Expo, so I won't have time to go dirt riding on the way. BUT, we'll be going to Moab and the New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route in late May to Mid June, so if anyone wants to meet me out there, c'mon out !....Will keep y'all posted with details.
  6. Signatures, Avatars, etc.

    Thanks, that's fine.
  7. Signatures, Avatars, etc.

    A reminder...we have seen people with active links in your signatures....if you have an active link in your sig, please remove it....we established this rule a long time ago. Thanks for your cooperation !
  8. Hey all, we are in the process of making some changes, mainly regarding the benefits of being a Supporting Member, and other things regarding signatures (many other sites limit the length of signatures and the number of lines of text, we think that's a good idea also), etc. We want to give you a heads up before we implement the changes. So, here are some changes that will go into affect in a couple days: When you donate your minimum $20 per year as a Supporting Member, you will be able to: Access the Members Only Forums without passwords. Post items in the For Sale Section. Have no minimum of Personal Messages stored in your Inbox. Have up to 4 lines of text in your signature. Be able to send a Personal Message to someone even if they're Inbox is full. $10 off any SDAR organized dualsport event entry. Certain discounts on SDAR merchandise (hats, shirts, stickers, etc.) Discounts at participating Motorcycle Shops. Be able to use the "reputation" buttons, similar to "Likes". Can read and post in the "Good Karma, Free Gear" section. Can attach photos to posts, if they meet the specific attachment criteria. If you are not a Supporting Member: No access to Members Only Forums. Can't post items in For Sale Section. Have a maximum of 100 stored Personal Messages in your Inbox. Have only 1 line of text in your signature and limited number of characters. Won't be able to send someone a Personal Message if they're Inbox is full. No discounts Limited use of the "reputation" buttons. Cannot see the "Good Karma, Free Gear" section. Cannot attach photos to posts. These are just some of the things that will change at the moment....if we think of anything else, we'll let you know. Thanks to all of you for supporting SDAR and being an active part of our dualsport community.
  9. KTM 950 Adventure

    This is my friend Tony's bike....it's sweet !
  10. Oh man, this was fun a few years ago.
  11. Crazy good tire store

    Yes, great guys....they also threw in a tire for the Desert Dash raffle. They are very much moto enthusiasts and into supporting the moto community, including us.
  12. Hey, this isn't a Beemer crowd...no Latte jokes. Also, it needs some scratches...can I borrow it for Corral Canyon ?
  13. I probably can't make it...but it's always nice if someone from SDAR shows up....keep informed about current issues affecting our lands ! Folks, On Tuesday, May 2, SDORC will hold its monthly meeting and annual election of Directors. Nominations are now open and encouraged for the following positions: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Three Directors at Large All seven positions are voting positions, and holders of these positions are expected to actively participate in board meetings in order to help the board make good decisions for SDORC. Per our normal policy, nominations were opened at the April meeting and will remain open until immediately before the election at our May meeting. Nominations will be accepted from the floor immediately prior to the election. If you are interested in running for office, or would like to nominate someone else for a position, please contact Jim McGarvie at jim@mcgarvie.us or 619-890-7340. If you think you are interested but are not sure what a position entails contact Ed Stovin at info@sdorc.org. You must be an SDORC member in good standing (i.e., dues current) in order to nominate someone, run for an office, or vote in the election. The meeting begins at 7:00 pm at the Ranch House Restaurant in Lakeside. In addition to the election we will discuss current topics of interest to off-road vehicle users. Come early for dinner and bench-racing. For directions go to sdorc.org/meetings. Hope to see you there! Ed Stovin, President San Diego Off-Road Coalition
  14. Just an FYI....I will be on the sidecar rig with Doc as my co-pilot, so we will not be hauling ass...but we can still ride a decent pace.