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    Ride promoting, adventure riding, single track trail riding, fighting to keep our public lands open, exploring, riding, the outdoors, camping, riding, writing, photography, and did I mention riding ?

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  1. BTW, it's not the Adventure model.
  2. Awesome ! Good job everyone, thanks for attending and thanks to Mike for organizing !
  3. Updated the list of people who have responded and ADV Bum has their contact info, is posted in first post. I know more of you have said you will be coming out, but please send ADV Bum your contact info : Name Email Phone # Thank you Trail Map and Google Earth Link posted in first post. 9am at 4 Corners Trailhead. Camping info where Mike will be is in first post. Looks like this may be a pretty good turnout, please show up if you can, and PM ADV Bum your contact info. If I wasn't 3000 miles away, I'd be there !!
  4. Charlie, it wouldn't hurt, if you want to bring your jeep out.
  5. Flyer Link is active...direct Link HERE
  6. It's so cool having my own personal alert system. We are camped in a field surrounded by woods and swamp...all kinds of critters out there. Doc growls, sometimes barks whenever he senses something...I shine my powerful light around and don't see anything, but I know Doc's keen senses tell him something's out there....can't ask for a better travel companion ! Nice fire tonight and my buddy by my side....life is good.
  7. We're working on it...but u can download the Flyer from the thread too.
  8. It's fresh and/or brackish. Tides ?....too long of an explanation....google Everglades swamps for full details😁😎
  9. Yeah, I've met him a few times. Just a normal guy when you talk to him....what a great guy ! Great story, thanks for sharing.
  10. Incredible, incredible last 2 days exploring the real deal Alligator Alley, a little 2 lane road that branches off Highway 41 and runs along border of Everglades National Park and thru Great Cypress Swamp.....parts of the road were completely covered with water. Yesterday we saw Crocodiles...today we saw lots of Alligators...largest one about 8 feet long. Sometimes I walked up to within 6 feet of them...when they see you, they run away from you to the water. Doc was barkin' at the Gators....almost jumped out the sidecar, wanting to chase one. In the Everglades, we went over a high pass....then another even higher !! LOL. For more recent photos and Gator videos, please go to our FB page Rad 'n Doc Travel the World.
  11. If you're looking for best protection...Motoport Kevlar Mesh....best pants and protection for $400 to $500....air blows thru, cool in summer. With pants underneath, no problem in colder weather...MADE IN USA right in San Marcos !
  12. SDAR has been AMA Chartered for 15 years now. Every one of our Desert Dash Rides has been AMA Sanctioned and Insured, except the first one 15 years ago. Thanks to those who are listed as our club officers also.
  13. Thanks for the tip. All State Parks and many areas closed due to storm damage.
  14. The old Bahia Honda Bridge, the newer bridge, and erosion from Hurricane below the new bridge.