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    Ride promoting, adventure riding, single track trail riding, fighting to keep our public lands open, exploring, riding, the outdoors, camping, riding, writing, photography, and did I mention riding ?

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  1. I've rarely had flats or pinches using heavy duty tubes, and I never patch a tube. Picking a good line thru rocks helps prevent pinches. Of course, you can't avoid the occasional nail or whatever.
  2. 79 to 271 to Anza to 74 down to Palm Desert, then back roads thru 29 Palms, Amboy, Cima and Kelso...drops you out by State Line...no freeway ! Such a better route...if u can't do all that, then 15 to 215 to 10e to the turnoff for 29 Palms, then continue on route I mentioned above. It might add 1 to 2 hours...but no traffic !
  3. Hope you take the back roads. so much better on a bike, but takes a bit longer.
  4. Trail riding in the Washington Cascades

    Florida is flat and no twisties, eh Dan ?
  5. October 13th...please come help out if you can. SDAR adopted 2 trails out there and we need to log some volunteer hours. Thanks !
  6. Fox tool belt pack

    Photo ?
  7. New Member from Lakeside

    I ride a 950 Adventure (just 1 of my bikes). Quite a few riders with big bikes here. We'll do a ride soon. Welcome to our community ! KTMrad, SDAR Founder
  8. New member from poway

    You should come to our club meeting tonight. LA-B-V Dualsport ride sign up is at d37ama.org Welcome to our community !
  9. Tonight ! Ed Stovin, President of San Diego Off Road Coalition will be there to talk about current land use issues affecting us
  10. We will have club stickers for sale, leftover t-shirts, and supporting member applications. Please bring cash if u want any of the above.
  11. We are in the process of upgrading the website, hosting, new web Administrator, etc. Please be advised there may be site outages starting about 3pm, may go on for a few hours. Thanks for your cooperation and support !
  12. My 950 started right up after a few cranks, it's been in storage for a year, but before I left drained all the gas out and it was on a battery tender the whole time (thanks to ADV Bum for storing for me). I'm a happy boy !
  13. New Member Intro

    Wassup youngster ! You should come to our club meeting next week. Welcome to our community.