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    Ride promoting, adventure riding, single track trail riding, fighting to keep our public lands open, exploring, riding, the outdoors, camping, riding, writing, photography, and did I mention riding ?

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  1. Thanks to you guys for sharing your stories also.
  2. Who is voting?

    It was a joke Paul.
  3. Who is voting?

    We can add a WTF button.😎🤣
  4. Who is voting?

    We have a new webmaster named Mario, he will look into fixing the LIKE button for supporting members only.
  5. Who is voting?

    There is heart shaped like button in bottom right corner of each post...at least for me there is.
  6. Who is voting?

    Paul, I made some changes...try logging out, then logging back in....let me know if you see the like button.
  7. Who is voting?

    There is a LIKE button if you're a contributing member...doesn't seem like anyone uses it. No Paul, we can't see who's voting for a reputation....sorry. That's all for now.
  8. FREE GEAR to Donate !!!

    Pyro.....a voice from the past ! How are you ?
  9. A salute to all our veterans, past and present. I'd like to take this moment to also thank my father for his service as a teenager in the underground, first against the Nazis, then against the Communist Regime in Czechoslovakia. He was a gunsmith for the underground, and he and his buddies blew up a Nazi train once, then had to hide in the farm fields for a couple days before going home. My brother was also a RIO in backseat of an F-14 for years, and flew the reconnaissance mission for our retaliatory airstrikes around the time of the Beirut barracks bombing in 1983. After WWII in Communist occupied Czechoslovakia, one day my father went home and the KGB was waiting to arrest him in the living room. Luckily instead of going to front door, he went to back door where his mother was waiting and told him to run. He then escaped to Germany before coming to America. He couldn't go back to Czechoslovakia for fear of persecution until after the fall of communism in the early '90's.
  10. EICMA Milan November 6, 2018

    Yamaha is down 20 HP.
  11. Flying with helmet (airlines)

    I bought a helmet bag and carried it on the plane....another time, I put it in a huge gear bag with my riding gear, took the sun visor beak off it.
  12. Bill Herold - Memorial Services

    What a heartwarming Celebration of Life. What a great family and friends, I felt honored to be a part of it. Even though I hadn't seen or ridden with Bill in a few years, he was on SDAR for years and I felt the need to go because he was a great guy. He also helped out a lot building the new Ranger Trail and doing trail maintenance at Corral Canyon..... glad I went and met his family and many of his friends. Over 115 people were there. I saw MC Trails from SDAR....if anyone else was there, sorry I missed you. FYI...his site name was racerbill. Godspeed Bill.