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  1. It sure did! Huge lightening over the house! Maybe 3/4" of rain. Sure looked like a lot of mud being removed from the desert on the jeeps leaving the area; noticed when I was driving back from Corral Canyon yesterday! Looking forward to a ride with you this week.
  2. R U Kidding Me!

    Friday... start at Kendal's?
  3. Carbon Up Clutch Covers for KTM/Husky

    Thanks Bp619!
  4. Carbon Up Clutch Covers for KTM/Husky

    Looks wider than the stock cover; but the bolt pattern was not the same as the stock cover. May add more oil capacity, but may need to widen the break arm distance. Any ideas?
  5. R U Kidding Me!

    Thursday would work for me...
  6. Sorry guys I haven't been near the computer much. No Bags I can't recall the name of the the project manager. They were all very nice and seemed to be happy to share a bit of their pride and joy. I noted as we were following their back trail that there were quite a few of the "big bike" sway outs in sandy turns. These guys new what they were doing on these bikes and still had to muscle them a bit to stay vertical. One of the 790's was fitted with a steering stabilizer and it looked so right (fitment) it may come standard.The 790's had a 3-4 minute lead on Bags and I before we decided to follow and we still arrived while there was a bit of their dust in the air. The blacked out KTM 690 was going to be the 2020 version. The 790's were going to be unveiled in November in Italy. I smiled at at Frantz the mechanic about installing the "Husky" side cover (camo). It was pretty nice to hear though that Frantz a KTM 790 project mechanic had the same bike as I have (2007 RFS 450 EXC) back in his garage at home. The RFS was getting their attention while we were giving their bikes ours! The 790 utilizes two very large front discs, and for this reason I feel it gives the bike a low slung front appearance. This is probably a Duke carryover. I feel it is a bit exposed for any possible rock work. I noted that they had some crazy big knobbies that may or may not have been DOT. The overall ergos on the 790 looked good. When the guys were riding them the bikes (even the 690) looked very rider friendly and pretty much predictable. And as Dave can attest, these guys were not small! The Austrians were built like 6 foot plus tanks, and Cody was 6'3" ? Living here in Borrego we see a lot of car commercials being filmed and prototypes being developed (ie the Ford Raptor, Swedish electric car called a Karma); Montezuma grade gets closed to traffic at times so they can shoot commercials; but this experience was one of the best! Seeing a pro level rider like Cody, and project developers/directors for KTM was a great story in the making. It was a great day of riding with my friend Dave!
  7. There is another tropical disturbance coming this way in a week that looks promising. The desert is cool right now, and the forecast is going to be the same for Wednesday. Why is there a "d" in Wednesday?
  8. See you all at breakfast Wednesday πŸ––πŸΎπŸ˜€
  9. XR650L versus 500 EXC-F

    Yes Bruce, Seat Concepts was a local company, they moved out of Southern California to Idaho due to economic reasons. They were and probably still are supporters of SDAR. I'm not too sure about the particulars. Seat concepts has a good website that you can check out the different versions of what you may like... I went to a lower seat height on my 450 since I am 5'11". Just seems to fit me better in the inseam. SC has a pretty long lead time, so expect after you make your order, a few weeks for them to create the seat and get it delivered to you. What a bummer that you missed the bike store hours! I took a nice first ride after a 13 week hiatus this morning. Felt like I hadn't missed a day! That was so relieving to me!