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  1. ABDSP 2/21

    Good looking Bike Slaugo! Great scenery too. Sorry we missed you. Peace, Mark
  2. ABDSP 2/21

    What a great group of guys! Looking forward to our next ride! Thanks, Mark Paradise aka SoCalMule
  3. Hey guys, I am making a list of recommended updates and things to replace/check on my 07 KTM RFS 450 exc and would appreciate anyones ideas. My bike has 355 hours on the original internals. I going to complete a full engine overhaul. Here is some of the things I am planning to do: Freshen the top end, piston, rings, machine the cylinder, work with the head; install stainless steel exhaust valves, replace the chain, the guide, I have heard some people recommend installing aftermarket guides... not too sure why on this. What aftermarket guides are recommended? I'm going to replace the crank bearings and both connecting-rod end bearings. Are there better types of "crank bearings" then OEM? I remember someone saying use roller (ball) bearings vs needle bearings? I'm fuzzy on this. I'm going to replace the counter shaft bearings since they have over 9k miles on them, and there seems to be a little play. I figure since this is major surgery, that I should get an idea as to everyones experience so I don't miss anything. Thanks! Mark
  4. ABDSP 2/21

    Oh...Kick stands up. Guess I answered my own questions. See you Wednesday before nine!
  5. ABDSP 2/21

    I'm in. What does KSU mean? Will it be okay if I roll into the courtyard out front of Kendall's at 1/4 till nine?
  6. GPS Question

    Wow! I see what you mean!
  7. GPS Question

    just saw a new in the box Garmin "64" for a $100.00 on craigslist. Do you think the 64 would be similar to the 60?
  8. GPS Question

    Thank you! Will check this out too.
  9. S1

    Darren, you guys are number one! Glad you had a good time!
  10. GPS Question

    Great, it seems that this setup is the way to go! Thank you! Mark
  11. GPS Question

  12. GPS Question

    Thank you! Sounds like a good app.
  13. GPS Question

    Perfect! I will save this information to refer to. Thank you! Mark
  14. S1

    Great! See you there.