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  1. Noobie from SD

    Welcome to SDAR Santa
  2. I get it. The 4T feels top heavy for the balance training exercises. I'm sure that your hill climbs on the 300 will be just as good if not better then thumper with proper gear selection (usually a higher one on the 2T) and proper clutch technique to impede wheel spin ie. traction. Bultaco Persang! Great bike! just didn't get used to the left hand kick start
  3. Oh my...Well I'm pretty sure that Mother Nature will bring herself back to her original glory in short order.
  4. How to you like the 300 xc verses the 500 so far?
  5. I enjoyed the Strawberry Creek area near Duck Creek.
  6. Wow what a nice trip! It was cool seeing the old homestead photo too! Thanks!
  7. Nice to see Mount Rushmore! Gives me a bit of perspective. Thanks!
  8. Dual sport vest.

    Thank you for your service Rob.
  9. Dual sport vest.

    Thanks Ken.
  10. Dual sport vest.

    Just bought one of the same Fox chest and shoulder protectors like yours Ken. It sure is beefy! Can't wait to try it out when I get back out (healing a broken clavicle) on the trail in September! Do you have any movement issues this protector?
  11. Rain in mountains

    Wish some of the rain would reach the desert!
  12. New Member

    Welcome! Glad that you found SDAR.
  13. Beautiful! Have fun!