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  1. What a great ride! Thanks guys!
  2. Oh my gosh! Texas Toast! Awesome vittles! And all low carb!
  3. Had a wonderful ride today with Dave, Paul and Randy! Not many washouts, but the terrain sure was washed anew! Lots of grip today! The glass of tomato juice looked good!
  4. Thanks for sharing this adventure! Looked like fun. Mmmmm Pie!
  5. I'm meeting at Kendall's in 30 minutes (Wednesday). I'll ride with you on Thursday Paul. PM me.
  6. New member in El Cajon

    Welcome Etch! Look forward to meeting you!
  7. It sure did! Huge lightening over the house! Maybe 3/4" of rain. Sure looked like a lot of mud being removed from the desert on the jeeps leaving the area; noticed when I was driving back from Corral Canyon yesterday! Looking forward to a ride with you this week.
  8. R U Kidding Me!

    Friday... start at Kendal's?
  9. Carbon Up Clutch Covers for KTM/Husky

    Thanks Bp619!