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  1. Showed up today!

    Very nice! You did all the right things to that buggy! Hope folks see that too and that you get very close to the price that you are asking!
  2. Wow...what riding is all about! Nice, thanks for posting!
  3. First ride with a Recluse

    And on the eighth day god created the clutch...
  4. Great ride, and visit! Thanks! Went to the ranger station and reported the abandoned vehicle. Have a nice evening Bags! See you soon, Mark
  5. I'm in for Breakfast and a ride! Just had a flat Saturday, glad I had a Mousse waiting in the garage! I can show a way to get to the trailhead without hitting the pavement for more than a mile if interested.
  6. Going to miss you Van! Have a great explore!
  7. Hey Bags! I'm not too sure where Kelton's is?
  8. Golden Tyre 90/100-21 with Nitro-Mousse Results

    Thanks Robert! Tire soap seems to be the way to go!
  9. Golden Tyre 90/100-21 with Nitro-Mousse Results

    Good review. Yep, you can tell there is a difference in the sourcing of the rubber compound for the two different tires.
  10. Wonderful Dog! Thanks! Enjoyed the music! Peace, Mark
  11. Golden Tyre 90/100-21 with Nitro-Mousse Results

    Very good information! Thanks for posting!